Wezo23, why are you still on Koptalk?

There isn’t much going on at Koptalk these days but during my 5 minutes looking at Koptalk for any blog worthy material I couldn’t help but notice Wezo23’s popping up in the shoutbox.

[wezo23] 4-4 what a game, what a comeback

Why is Wezo23 still a member of Koptalk? He has been a member of Est1892 (the 59th to register!) since the 8th July 2006 (see his account). His last post on Est1892 was 28th Sept. He knows all about Koptalk and Duncan Oldham’s scams but still posts on the site. Why? Wezo23, why are you helping Dunk to scam other Liverpool fans?

41 Responses to “Wezo23, why are you still on Koptalk?”

  1. ZedLeplin Says:

    Bit of a shit article that, mate.


  2. superdan Says:

    If wezo gives an answer then it will prove to be ok. I’ve asked him 2 or 3 times on Est and never got a reply. Someone told me a story about him the other day and he doesnt sound like a nice person

  3. onefinalpush Says:

    @LedZeplin: There isn’t much on Koptalk to report so I thought I’d try to target individual members. Each member who quits Koptalk means £30 less for Fatty.

  4. chrispy Says:

    Come on mate it’s up to Wezo if he wants to post on KONtalk. No-one should be pressured or harrased into avoiding DunCONS site, it has to be down to the individual.

  5. seenthelight Says:

    i think the unfortunate thing is,theres people who know or have heard about this place and the allegations leveled at dunk,but simply dont care.

    i honestly think its a simple as that,they dont care about what dunk supposedly does with their money.

    but it will eventually cease to be because even tho they may not care what he does with the money,they wont hang around if the content is crap.

    wezo23 seems to like the attention tbh,thats only my opinion though.

  6. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Those who have followed the blog for a while knows that there’s more to the story about wezo23 than this. Have a look at this article: https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2006/12/20/is-1600-too-steep-for-2-fa-cup-final-tickets/

  7. scousenproud Says:

    wezo is fair game for being questioned as he is one of the few that continues to throw fuel on the fire. wezo must be satisfied with fattys explanation of where the money went for the cup final tickets. if so, wezo why dont you share that information with everyone. if a so called special bike was bought, lets see the pictures and lets see a reciept. lets see a thank you letter from the family for an awful lot of money. The admitted actions of fatty selling the tickets should have been well enough for the club to remove him as a season ticket holder and btw wezo, its all good and dandy that you have that much money for tickets but what about the average fan? do the right thing wezo and turn this fucker in. you were exploited like many many of us were but the worst thing is that you continue to let him keep on exploiting this great club and amazing fan base we have.

  8. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    This is the answer he got a few weeks back. Doesn’t look like he’s got any answer before:

    #30558 – September 07, 2007 15:05 Re: No holding Lauren back! [Re: Dunk]
    wezo23 wezo23
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: July 26, 2007
    Posts: 4913
    Loc: carrickmacross,co monaghan
    dunk did she ever get the bike? hope she is doing well

    #30563 – September 07, 2007 15:13 Re: No holding Lauren back! [Re: wezo23]
    Dunk Dunk
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: July 21, 2007
    Posts: 1322

    Yeh she’s got a special bike and loads of other specially adapted things including a car that she loves as it gives her independence

    #30564 – September 07, 2007 15:16 Re: No holding Lauren back! [Re: Dunk]
    wezo23 wezo23
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: July 26, 2007
    Posts: 4913
    Loc: carrickmacross,co monaghan
    glad to know i helped her out

  9. Saints Fan Says:

    You didn’t help her out wezo – thanks to thick people like you dunk survived for years.

    Read what he said.

    “Yeh she’s got a special bike and loads of other specially adapted things including a car that she loves as it gives her independence”

    That car was paid for by her DLA (Disability Living Allowance). Note how he worded his reply? “She has a bike”. Not “Your money paid for her bike”.

    All that money collected by various means went on getting dunk loads of gadgets, his mum more pissed and a nice chunk will have gone to lauren’s dad to keep him quiet.

    The whole family are con-artists. Except Dunk’s buggered off and left everyone else to face the music he’s too frightened to face.

    And dopes like Wezo are easy pickings for slightly-less thick dopes like Dunk.

    (If you are feeling a little embarrassed now Wezo, ask Dunk again. But say, “Did my cup final money get used to buy her a bike?” And read his answer properly. He’s a slippery bast*rd, keep at him until he answers properly)

  10. ZedLeplin Says:


    Yeah, I totally understand that, but I think it’s important to keep your focus on the one person who this whole thing is about…

    You start taking your eye off the ball (so to speak), then you start to dilute the message that you’re trying to convey.

    Oldham and his cronies (Steve, Katie etc) are ripping off Liverpool fans. Simple.

    Report on them if and when there’s news, and try and actively bring him to some sort of justice if possible, but I’d say avoid writing articles on faceless members of that shithole of a website.

    I long for the days when Rupert ran this show. As OTT as he could be, it seemed he was getting things done.

  11. kraptalk_addict Says:

    completely agree zed

  12. Toby Says:

    Me too unfortunately.

    Much as I admire the efforts put in by those now contributing, I don’t think the same damaging exposition of Duncan Oldham, his fraudulent practices and chequered history is there any longer.

    Unless it returns then I can’t see Duncan Oldham hanging up his breathing apparatus. He is the one needing to be exposed, not the few who are happy to tag along.

    But while the subject of Wezo23 has been raised, does anyone else think it may even be an alt created by Oldham himself to convince his members that their peers are affluent, charitable sorts who take the risk to trust Dunk and are rewarded for their efforts? The quote ‘sound bloke that duncan oldham. he told me i would see pics of the bike and hear from lauren. never happened. was great seats and a great fa cup final though’ used to throw doubters about his credibility off the scent while at the same time praising him. I’m not a regular on Est1892, but are there any posts on there openly criticising Koptalk?

  13. Homer_jay Says:

    Toby, exactly my thoughts!!
    Now Wezo can put Dunk and his dealings in a better light!
    What better way to convince suckers they aren’t beeing conned, than to be best buddies, with one who “supposedly” been conned.
    He’s problably hijacked loads of accounts of people who left, to be able to ask himself these easy question, and give an impression that even critical people are chucked at once. “oh Dunk, do you cheat and con people” “Well son I am happy you asked that question.”

  14. deiseach Says:

    Does that fat turd really believe – or expect us to believe – he was contacted by ‘Paddy Power’? The name was made up after a merger of a number of independent Irish bookies to sound sufficiently Oirish – ” little short of wrapping ourselves in the tricolour”


  15. paul g Says:

    But that was their prerogative as fans – to express opinions – and, to be fair; there was a minority on Koptalk who tried to oppose the dominant view.But this blog is not about Koptalk’s posters, it is about Duncan Oldham.

    The above extract is taken from the “get fowler” article. It strikes me as someone who is reading this blog to gain information that maybe you don’t occupy the moral highground as you claim to and maybe damages the aims that you have set out. I’m not saying I back Oldham or anything of the like but surely going back on what you say shows that maybe you are looking for things to write about rather than writing about the issues that need addressing.

  16. stu Says:

    The only thing I dont understand about this whole were the blog is now argument, is that I thought Insider Insider wouldnt let Rupert control it because he is the man who started it and was giong to post more. He hasnt posted for ages, so what was the point in all that?

    I appreciate he might not be well…but Rupert had Duncan nailed and now all he does is read this and laugh.

  17. Saints Fan Says:

    Insider Insider hasn’t posted for ages, but when that incident happened Rupert was about to start his own blog with some of his supporters. Rupert was not going to be dictated to about whether or not he should post photos of the new anfield and all kinds of rows ensued. But then rupert disappeared. My take on it is that Rupert’s supporters are now the ones running this blog, and Rupert and Insider have both left it for their own reasons.

  18. deiseach Says:

    People seem to getting a wee bit Woodward and Bernstein about this. This isn’t bringing down the President, it’s a blog to highlight a bandit ripping off LFC fans, and asking a prominent character why he/she seems content to perpetuate that ripoff seems legitimate.

  19. 1892 Insider Says:

    Rupert left for his own reasons, as was documented at the time. Insider Insider hasn’t been in touch for some weeks. However, the blog was never about just those two. While they did most of the writing, a large number of people contributed in the background and some of those have now come to the fore to author articles themselves. It’s not a case of being supporters of one or other of them or there being factions.

    As for Oldham, KopTalk in general and the man in particular are much quieter than even just before the summer. Posting is well down and limited in the main to a small group of regulars. We can only record and comment on what happens there, which has been very little in the past two months or so. Aside from the odd ridiculous claim of ‘insider’ information, which we continue to report, there’s been nothing on the scale of the past. It’s as if he’s losing interest in his site.

    For those who’d prefer to see more action, it’s difficult to know what more you’d have us do. Most of the major goals have been achieved: he closed his free forums, he was delisted from NewsNow and his membership numbers have declined dramatically (though this last is of course not entirely due to the blog; he does a good job himself of making people realise what a waste of money KopTalk is).

    The continued monitoring of his site is effective in that it discourages him from attempting repeats of the worst of his past transgressions and I do feel that we also fulfill II’s original aim of giving people for free the bull that he charges for, in order that no-one feels tempted to pay for his made-up rubbish.

  20. paul g Says:

    All that’s fine but why pick out a member and in effect try to bully them from not posting on koptalk? Surely if you think that’s a good road to go down then you’d have to do an article on all the long standing members? Just seems pointless to me and not really what you claim this blog is for. I think, if anything, it just devalues what you say about Koptalk and its owner and kind of makes it look as though you just have to have a beef with someone and when Oldham isn’t active you’ll look for your next target.

    Wezo23 hasn’t deceived anyone so why make it difficult for him to post on other forums if he ever left Koptalk which is effectively what you’re doing?

  21. 1892 Insider Says:

    I didn’t write this article. I was giving my general viewpoint on issues raised by several of the commentators above, especially with respect to our perceived lack of action.

    Do I think it’s fair to highlight individual members there? On the whole, no, and I wouldn’t choose to do so myself. I can see why onefinalpush did in this case, because the guy in question did purchase those Cup Final tickets, had his doubts about what happened to the money, and then still continued to post there. However, I think you raise a fair point which I hope will be taken on board.

  22. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    @paulg: “Wezo23 hasn’t deceived anyone so why make it difficult for him to post on other forums if he ever left Koptalk which is effectively what you’re doing?”

    He is aiding and abetting.

  23. paul g Says:

    @koptalksucks.com – He’d only be aiding and abetting if he knew for a fact that Oldham had committed criminal offences. Looking at the whole picture I doubt Wezo23 thinks that which you no doubt would think qualifies him as a dumb tw@, but this ain’t a blog about dumb people.

    And anyway how does posting on a website confirm he’s a&aing? Is he active in promoting the site or defrauding anybody? No, so it’s a witchhunt and something that does nothing to benefit the message of this place.

  24. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Koptalk today is only alive because of a small group of members who posts a lot. More than half of the members haven’t posted since the server move, and only about 125 of 2600 have reached 100 posts in two months. Why do you think the other 2500 are members of KT?

    The lurkers are there not because it’s a great community or something. They don’t participate. They’re there to read the news and the gossip. If the few significant posters left the site there would be nothing to lurk for and no reason to renew. Therefore I think it’s fair to attack the few members that are keeping KT alive, even if they’re not directly part of DunCons scam. Maybe we should ake your advice and write an article about this? There are more than wezo who should know better.

  25. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    And the last time I checked, wezo had posted 110 posts the last 24 hours.

  26. wezo23 Says:

    hi, its me wezo23. no im not duncan oldham. im the real wezo. i choose to log onto koptalk because i like it. there is some decent posters on there. its my choice to post wherever i want. i dont see myself as a dope or a dumb twat , and i dont get called that on koptalk (not like here) . i am a happy 27 year old guy with a fiance and a 3yr old boy,my own car and a family run business. sorry if it annoys some people that i post on koptalk but at the end of the day i choose to post there.

  27. Scouse Says:

    Wezo23 if you run your own business you should be well aware of tax and VAT. Koptalk only needs 2000 paying members to be over the £60k threshold so why has he not registered in the 10 years of running the site? You must know that from running a business yourself that even if you don’t hit the threshold if you spend regular outgoings and purchases it is very much in your interest to do, the only reason not to, and to deal in cash is to avoid doing anything above board and declaring income.

    What figures do you think Koptalk declare for their year end? Whilst you are paying personal and employers national insurance and corporation tax Koptalk is paying a big fat zero.

    I think people understand you can do what you want but if you were genuine and had read all the posts on this blog you would understand the disgusting treatment of LFC fans koptalk has given over the years. Why doesn’t one (yes not one) LFC site link to Koptalk any more? Does that not tell you something? Let me tell you that not one ‘banned’ member or ‘rival’ is jealous of Koptalk, I’d hate to ‘support’ LFC and be scared to go near Anfield knowing that I may be exposed as the conman who runs Koptalk.

    There are decent posters on the many other LFC forums out there, some of whom have real insider info not made up speculative stuff with the sole intent of trying to extract money.

    For someone who is old enough to understand and respect things like the boycott of the s#n you should know better…..

  28. paul g Says:

    @scouse. Why then has he not been done by HMRC? I’m not saying you’re wrong I’m just interested as to how he’s got away with it as I’m sure there’s quite a long list of people that have grassed him up.

  29. onefinalpush Says:

    @paul g: The blog has been in contract with many orgs like the Police, HMRC, Trading Standards etc about Duncan Oldham of Koptalk, but what you must realise is that none of us can do anything more than pass on what we know.

  30. deiseach Says:

    The authorities are seriously lax when it comes to the Internet. They probably are of the opinion that they have enough on their plate dealing with banditry in the real world without opening a can of worms like getting people to pay the VAT on their eBay earnings.

  31. paul g Says:

    @onefinalpush – that doesn’t really answer my question but thanks for the reply

    @deiseach – maybe that’s a decent explanation, I’m no expert on tinternet.

  32. onefinalpush Says:

    @deiseach: Your spot on, even though its 10 years or so since the internet went mainstream, most people still don’t take it seriously.

    If a granny was robbed of her bag in the street, chances are they’d atleast investigate. But if you reported a theft of £30 over the internet I want to be, they’d laugh at you for being stupid.

  33. seenthelight Says:

    wezo proved the point i made earlier on,some people simply dont care,its very unfortunate,but its true.

    i also think theres a touch of defiance in that they feel they wont be told what to think or do,kinda felt that way myself when i was still there.

    one thing is for sure tho you will eventuall seen sense wezo,trust me mate,at some point you will see sense.
    it may even take you being banned for it to happen,but it will eventually happen.

  34. Tom Says:

    Go on Wezo ask him “was the money I gave you used SPECIFICALLY to buy a bike for Lauren”

  35. onefinalpush Says:

    “Go on Wezo ask him “was the money I gave you used SPECIFICALLY to buy a bike for Lauren””

    Do it Wezo23. I dare you.

  36. onefinalpush Says:

    And if your feeling really tough as to see a picture of Lauren and the bike.

  37. Saints Fan Says:

    Wezo won’t do that because Wezo knows, in his heart, that Duncan Oldham is a lying cheating conman. But Wezo wants the chance to jump the queue again and get tickets for the next big game. EXCEPT DUNCAN OLDHAM NO LONGER HAS ACCESS TO GET TICKETS FOR BIG GAMES. He’s not got a season ticket any more.

    Perhaps Wezo is a bit of a conman himself, and sees Dunk as a bit of a hero. Maybe Wezo wants to be a successful conman too.

    Anyone who knows how Dunk has used the S*n in so many obnoxious ways, then still supports him, is not a Liverpool fan. He’s a Dunk fan. It’s that simple. But then you add the conning of fellow Reds, constant thefts from charities, lies, slur campaigns AGAINTS OUR OWN PLAYERS including Crouch and Fowler, and well – if you think that’s all ok then you deserve Koptalk.

    There are a few on there who know all of this, and for whom it would be easy to leave Koptalk quietly. Mr X, Wezo, RichT71, JD… Just some of the people who are perhaps as much scum as Oldham himself is.

    It’s easy to set up a hotmail or gmail account and join other forums with a new username. You don’t have to join under your old name. And if you’ve been a t**t using your earlier username you deserve to be slated if you choose to keep that username elsewhere.

    Wezo – if your wife-to-be lied to you the way Oldham has you’d fire her off straight away, unless you’re a mug. Yet you let Oldham do all this to you!

    Stop being a Dunkite, and become a Red, it’s a much better hobby.

  38. Garland Says:

    I remember posting on this website quite some time ago, where that weirdo Rupert claimed I had been banned from another site for posting under this name. I challenged him to prove it, which he couldn’t. However, that didn’t stop him from calling me a liar.

    I watched with interest as he was ‘banned’ from this site. One trick he did teach me was how to look up historic web pages. The inital post from Insider telling you all about what a bad boy Rupert is is still available if you care to look for it. Jolly funny reading.

    Interesting to note that Insider has given up the ghost too.

    Why am I posting this crap? Well the thing is that if this blog didn’t obsess with shaming, naming, lying, using circumstantial evidence as proof and encouraging posters to be abusive to other posters, then perhaps it would still have its original contributors, and might have achieved some of those more ‘legalistic’ aims that it has boasted. As yet, the fat one has still not been prosecuted. Why is this?

    Whoever Wezo is, I suggest you leave him alone. His only crime is to post on a website that you don’t like. Frankly it is none of your business where he chooses to post.

  39. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    “I watched with interest as he was ‘banned’ from this site.”

    As far as I am aware, Rupert left.

    “Interesting to note that Insider has given up the ghost too.”

    I havn’t spoken to him in a long time now but I assume he is busy in real life.

    “As yet, the fat one has still not been prosecuted. Why is this?”

    There is only so much the blog can do. It is not the judge, jury or executioner.

  40. Andy Says:


    I’m sorry if you have been treated unfairly on here in the past and I agree with you that Wezo should be left alone.

    But I don’t think it’s at all true to say this blog is obsessed “with shaming, naming, lying, using circumstantial evidence as proof and encouraging posters to be abusive to other posters”.

    Articles such as the one above about Wezo are very unusual on the blog nowadays. I can think of only two of this kind over the past three to four months.

    The focus is squarely on the words and actions of Duncan Oldham. If I’m missing something, please feel free to show some more examples.

  41. 1892 Insider Says:


    Posters are certainly not encouraged at all to be abusive to others. The blog does, however, have a policy of not censoring debate and so comments remain here, whether they agree with us or not, and whether they are to the taste of others or not. That is a stark contrast to the approach taken by KopTalk.

    You may not have agreed with Rupert; some didn’t. Nonetheless, he was not banned from here. He had already made clear that he intended to curtail his involvement. Insider himself has laboured under illness throughout his involvement with the blog and does not owe readers any explanations when it comes to his absence. Those of us who write now do so in our own leisure time, for free, and I have a responsible job that occupies a lot of my day. I know I’m not alone among the bloggers in this regard. We devote what we can, but we do have other interests in life, surprisingly enough.

    You talk about lies and circumstantial evidence, yet you curiously fail to cite instances of these. Whenever we make accusations, there is plenty of proof to substantiate them. We have patiently and methodically detailed Oldham’s cons here. If you refute what’s presented, then you are clearly in a small minority, as many have left KopTalk in the past year and half for the same reasons, whether or not they are ‘fans’ of the blog.

    Why has no-one been prosecuted? It’s true that allegations have been reported to the authorities. What they choose to do is up to them. The problem is often that the public in general and regulatory bodies in particular fail to take the online world as seriously as ‘real life’. Would anyone hand over their bank details to someone who knocked at their door? Very few people, presumably, are that daft. Yet phishing e-mails and other online frauds enjoy considerable success.

    Oldham has benefitted from this complacency, but that isn’t to say that he will escape the consequences of his actions in the long term. Indeed, in as much as his site is in terminal decline, it’s arguable that he hasn’t escaped. For those of us whose aim is merely to rid our football club of this parasite, he and his life are of no interest to us once he moves on from exploiting it.

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