Defoe Bull And Yet Another S*n Ad At KopTalk

Does Jermaine Defoe, the Tottenham Hotspur striker, want to leave his current club for Liverpool? It’s been rumoured in the past, as has reciprocal interest from the Club, but I don’t know, so you certainly won’t find out here.

Duncan Oldham doesn’t know, either, but such considerations rarely concern him. What he knows, he’s often taken from elsewhere; what he doesn’t know, he’s quite happy to make up. I logged into KT earlier and found the following gem.

#42061 – Today at 12:09 PM Premier League striker’s agent wants Reds to bid for client
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The agent that represents Tottenham striker Jermaine Defoe is hoping to secure his client a move to Anfield during the January transfer window.

Sky Andrew – who also represents Liverpool winger Jermaine Pennant – has been instructed by Defoe to find him a new club in time for the start of the 2008-09 season and Anfield would be his preferred destination.

Rafael Benitez is a fan of Defoe and according to KOPTALK sources, the boss has been kept informed of Defoe’s situation at White Hart Lane for some time.

Defoe was left out of the Spurs squad for their Premier League clash against Bolton at the weekend and was hauled off against Middlesbrough in the League Cup last night much to the disgust of the Spurs faithful and Defoe himself.

Although Rafa has previously failed with his attempts to sign Defoe, he could be tempted to return with an offer during the January transfer window or at the end of the season when things may become a little clearer.

A source told us: “Peter’s [Crouch] future is unclear and there has been talk of an exchange involving Defoe before so you can see why his agent is making some moves.

“Sky [Andrew] has had more than passing conversations with the boss whenever he’s at Melwood with Jermaine.

“Nobody here would rule out a move for him if the asking price was less than £8million.”

Ah, yes, Sky Andrew. The same agent to whom Dunk supposedly spoke last summer when someone painting the railings at Anfield put him on the mobile.

Do agents meet up with their clients at the training ground? It does seem a strange place for it, considering the free time footballers have on their hands. I struggle to imagine Rafa allowing such distractions on ‘his time’. I can’t be sure, though; perhaps someone better-informed can shed light on that.

What I do know is that no-one in a position to be party to such conversations with Rafa would rush to betray them. In the unlikely event that a trusted individual had secrets to sell, surely he would go to a national journalist, and not the owner of an increasingly obscure website, based many miles away from Liverpool, and run by someone who never attends home games?

Perhaps the most amusing thing about the quotes is that they read just like Dunk from a mile off, but he’s too thick to realise that.

So, I then popped to the main KopTalk.coN front page, to see how he was touting the story to non-members.


Exclusive report now available, includes quotes.

And what did I see above but yet another advert for a free £10 bingo play with The S*n newspaper.


Well done, Dunk. This point has been debated many times on here and he issues responses, of sorts, via his own KT blog. Our information is that banner adverts work on an opt-in basis, which means that you manually select those ads you want to run, enabling you to prevent unsuitable campaigns from appearing. For example, if you ran a mail-order clothing firm, you wouldn’t want ads for M&S running on your page.

Oldham claims that he has to manually deselect his, which means that offending ads can appear until he’s told about them. Even giving him the benefit of a pretty large doubt, and with him being fully aware that they have regularly appeared on his site, is it really too much to expect him to access the control panel a few times a day to prevent this sort of thing? I don’t think so, personally. With the site supposedly financing itself from membership fees, is there even a justification for running ads on a page that is, essentially, one big ad itself?

Finally, it seems that there’s another podgecast due tonight. After the aftermath of the last one, I’m rather surprised he’s doing a follow-up so soon. As of when I last logged in, over 8 hours after he posted notification of it, a grand total of 18 people (1 of them being me) had viewed the post. So much for his claims of that feature’s popularity. Keep them coming, Oldham — your inarticulate ramblings only serve to show the non-members what they’re definitely not missing on your site.

11 Responses to “Defoe Bull And Yet Another S*n Ad At KopTalk”

  1. Scouse Says:

    Even if the Sun ads were somehow appearing on Koptalk without their consent he should have stopped using that advertiser altogther until a proper solution was found.

    I saw the screengrab posted previously where they had tried to make it alright that the ads crept in but any other normal LFC site would pull the plug on valueclick/doubleclick/whoever it is straight away.

    Just goes to show the lying conman doesn’t give a flying f#ck about LFC and the ban of the Sun. If any other respected LFC site did this they would be totally embarassed yet Koptalk think it’s ok to say ‘we have opted out of these Sun adverts we can’t help any more getting in’

    If Koptalk chose to run their site properly and show some respect there’s a chance they woudln’t have went downhill in the way they have done but the outright greed has proved to be their downfall.

    It’s about time the club shut this con down once and for all

  2. tubby Says:

    Haha, made up bullshit that’s not even any good. At least be original Duncon, you fat fucking baboon.

    Those arteries are slowly closing, day by day. Keep chugging fat fella, chug, chug, glug, glug.

  3. Ron Nasty Says:

    He should have revamped his banner when the ‘expensive’ refit of the site happened, 4 of the players aren’t at Liverpool anymore.
    As for the scum ads, he’s deffo doing it on purpose now. He can not allow himself to back down on anything. Buffoon.

  4. deiseach Says:

    “a grand total of 18 people (1 of them being me) had viewed the post”

    Will those 18 people be banned now, to maintain the purity of the Volk?

  5. bazza76 Says:

    what more can I say.
    Another day in the life of a fat greedy con man, just goes to show what is important to him, yet again, money and lies, whatever way possible he can get it from LFC fans. he has no respect for LFC fans, I must say, I am somewhat bemused by how some can still log onto that site. The likes of Wezo etc, I mean, WTF?

  6. Saints fan Says:

    Wezo comes across as an idiotic loony looking for whatever friendship he can get. He probably spends the rest of his spare time talking to pigeons. He’s got more money than sense, but judging by his sense levels he’d only need 10p for that.

    RichT and JD are still getting their moderator favours. RichT also comes across as a nobody with no friends in the real world. He probably really does think big katie will be his woman one day. The one who changes his name all the time, like Kop and Mr X and X, is another without real friends. He loves the chance to be appreciated, even if it is by a fat loner who only tolerates him because he does most of his cutting and pasting for him, saving him a job.

    As for the fat greedy bastard himself he doesn’t want to see his site eradicated of the s*n. We know he reads this blog every day, like he reads the s*n every day. But he’s still got the ads on there.

    This was taken today at around 5pm.

    How many members has he got left now?

  7. Flagpole Corner Says:

    At Shankly Gates we had the odd advert for that rag cropping up on our site so I got in touch with our editor who in turn contacted Rivals advertising dept who have opted out of any ads for that scrap of shite so it won’t appear again on SG.

    That was eradicated almost immediately so why after all this exposure of the rag having big fuck-off adverts on his site has fatman not taken them off? I’ll tell yer why, cos it’s more money into his back pocket and morals don’t come into it when it comes to DunCon and money. FACT.

  8. deiseach Says:

    “Watch the goal” – pay to get a link to some site in Thailand, I presume

  9. 1892 Insider Says:

    Disgraceful that the ad is still running. He’ll have seen this article by now, so he could have nipped it in the bud quite easily by accessing his control panel. It just shows how much he cares about it.

    deiseach — Probably. People would be better off subscribing to the e-season ticket on the official site, for not much more than he charges, where they can watch goals, highlights or now even the entire match, I believe.

  10. ex-Koptalker Says:

    I used to be a member of KrapTalk until recently. When the switch to the “new servers” was happening they wanted a whole load of info on members which I wasn’t prepared to give so I let my membership die.
    If this is the sort of drivel he’s still coming out with then I’m please I did what I did!
    Luckily, I only paid one sub as I’d won a “lifetime” membership for a pound……Even then I feel robbed!

    The s*n advert is not a surprise. The man clearly has no morales…… and even less interest in LFC :o(

  11. Concorde Says:

    The S*n ad is still showing. This was taken about 15 minutes ago:

    The fat cunt really wants a smack. I really hope the bastard shows up at Anfield soon though I know I will be disappointed….the lard-arsed coward will never show his obese face there again.

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