Johnny Vegas says sorry

Following yesterdays article Mr Vegas’ assistant has been intouch again.


I’ve spoken to Johnny, and I just wanted to confirm what I said yesterday. Johnny met Duncan Oldham whilst filming in Benidorm. He told Johnny that he ran a Liverpool Supporter’s Website, and as Johnny had no prior knowledge of his alleged offences could only take him at face value, like he would anybody else.

I have made him aware of Mr Oldham’s background, and he wanted me to let you know that it was not his intention to upset any of the Liverpool supporter’s with any innocent comment that he made.


18 Responses to “Johnny Vegas says sorry”

  1. Saints fan Says:

    Good on you Johhny.

    Actually you should read this blog and see if you can use it for material for a future sitcom. Duncan Oldham is pretty funny without meaning to be, it could make you rich!

  2. deiseach Says:

    Fair play to Johnny Vegas, he won’t have been the first celeb to have a microphone shoved under his face for a soundbite and gave them what they wanted to get them out of his way.

  3. Saints fan Says:

    Looks like Fatty’s been told to remove the vids and so on too – they’ve gone from his chunk dot org dot uk site and from his koptalk dot com site from what I can see.

    How will the wounded deluded hippo (Dunk) respond to this?

  4. lfc_1892 Says:

    Everywhere Duncon turns, there is the blog. The blog is really doing a great job. Keep up the good work blog men!

  5. tubby Says:

    Ye, good idea, Johnny would play a perfect Oldham – dodgy football-website owning conman who is unable to visit the home ground for fear of a belting, and whos only friend is an effete 18 yo. You couldn’t make it up.

  6. chrispy Says:

    Yet another nail in DunCON’s coffin. Well done to all involved.

  7. superdan Says:

    Great news this and fair play to Johnny. Just shows how easy DunCON can fool people

  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Well we all know what Jabba the Dunk would have told JV.
    “I run this website right and people are dead jealous of me. A few even banned themselves and the rejects have since targetted my kids. It comes with the territory doesn’t it Johnny”

  9. Dr Proctor Says:

    Haha brilliant…

    The blog wins yet again, suck on that Duncon and leave our club ALONE you fat watse of space!

  10. 1892 Insider Says:

    This whole episode was typical of Oldham. He manages to scrape a passing acquaintance and then spins it out as if it’s far more.

    It’s quite reminiscent in that sense of his trips to Montreal and, more particularly, to Dallas. He used both of those as a platform to imply far deeper connections than he actually had, including claims that he was in receipt of privileged information about the new stadium and transfer policy.

    Even the other day, he was claiming to have had a text from ‘above’ about unrest over Rafa’s team selection against Birmingham. Those who believe his stories recall them when he makes such outlandish assertions and take his word as gospel.

    He enjoys milking the most out of any positivity or praise. Who remembers him still using favourable reviews from newspapers and other websites, 5 or more years after they were written?

    This time, though, as with Gillett and Hicks, the truth of the matter has soon come out.

  11. Flagpole Corner Says:

    Oldham is shown up again for the lying conman he is and all you can say for Mr Vegas is fair play to him and his assistant for clearing up any misunderstanding.

  12. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Anybody know De Niro or Pacino? If so, try and get a clip of them saying “F*ck off Oldham you fat thief”

  13. Ian C Says:

    It would make my day if he was living in Benidorm.

    I have numerous friends and family living in Benidorm who have been made aware of this blog so hopefully his (fat tw@ts) mugshot will end up in a bars everywhere.

  14. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Ian: Could you make some of them pay him a visit?

  15. sospanred Says:

    I hear the bottom of the Med is lovely at this time of year!

    Only joking 😉

  16. The Oracle Says:

    This is what happens when dumb shits like Oldham try to be clever…they invariably end up looking even more foolish than before.

    Keep it up, Oldham, I enjoy watching you embarass yourself even more!

    Excellent work by the blog. Keep it going!!

  17. red from oz Says:

    probably the most pro active thing the blog has done since rupert has gone.well done.
    looks like the blog is slowly starting to get back on it`s feet again.
    your honeymoon period is over oldham.

  18. turnstileb Says:

    someones got to ask him on his forum

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