Johnny Vegas in Koptalk corner vs THE BLOG

(Conman Duncan Oldham left, Michael Joseph Pennington aka Johnny Vegas right)

Looks like Dunk is dragging Johnny Vegas into his “battle” with the blog. Seems like Dunk has not told Johnny Vegas the whole story and the real reason he is in Spain. As a result Vegas issues a warning to “all you other Liverpool sites to stop embarrassing yourselves” on Koptalk’s latest podcast.

It won’t do Johnny Vegas any good when it is revealed he is associating himself with a career conman and for his benefit the story has been passed onto media outlets who will hopefully be able to warn Mr Vegas while exposing Duncan Oldham for the fraud that he is.

Have a listen to the Koptalk podcast from Johnny Vegas:

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6 Responses to “Johnny Vegas in Koptalk corner vs THE BLOG”

  1. The Real Will Robbo Says:

    Johnny Vegas is an utter utter prick. That pair look like twins.

  2. tubby Says:

    Vegas has gone WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down in my estimations.

    Please can someone fill him in on Dunk.

  3. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    So are we thinking JV just met DO in the boozer and recorded the vid and a phone message then? Thats what both the video and sound clips sounded like to me.

    I dont really know much about JV but from comments here he just seems like a bloke who’ll talk to anyone when they’re pissed. If Im right, its still Dunk who’s the cunt for using a couple of throw-away remarks by a drunken Vegas, and painted him out as a close personal friend.

    This may have been cleared up in Dunks latest wankfm broadcast but I dont listen to ’em.

  4. Jono Says:


    Love the blog, I’ve been reading it for a while but have never posted a response. I’ve been bitten by Oldham as well.

    As an Australian I didn’t know who Johnny Vegas was so looked him up on wikipedia…..

    ……… Didn’t take too long!!

  5. deiseach Says:

    Tsk. I quite like Johnny Vegas’ self-deprecating schtick, so it’s disappointing to see him being suckered by the first big fat conman to come along and offer him a pint to endorse his big fat con.

    We’ll have to protect that Wikipedia entry, Fatso will be all over it like a pair of plastic titties at a strip club.

  6. The Legend of Tom Ross Says:

    Emabarassing eh??

    Well there’s FUCK ALL more emabarassing than being seen with Duncan Oldham. Or Johnny Vegas!

    Fat fuck jamooks.

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