Oldham declares himself the winner

Duncan yet again reacts to my recent posts on the blog with an outburst on his dunk.org.uk website.

He tells us how he has already won and we are too thick to realise.

I’ve already won but you’re just too thick to realise…

If that wasn’t enough he has a nice big image saying;

“Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters”.

Are we haters? Is Duncan Oldham successful. I think the answer to both questions is a unanimous, NO. Your a conman Duncan, if you define that as successful then there is something wrong.

If that wasn’t enough Duncan treats us to the definition of a “Boss Tycoon”. Wealthy or powerful leader; Top executive; Dominator; Tends to be saucy; Crunk; and Captivating. Is he implying he is a Boss Tycoon? If he is we certainly have one deluded man on our hands.

Keep taking the meds Dunk. Maybe see if your doc will up the dose. Those pills clearly aint working.

26 Responses to “Oldham declares himself the winner”

  1. Tom Says:

    How weirdly self-aggrandisising is that? Me thinks you protest too much dunkin.

    Typically, like everything else he does, he’s nicked someone else’s work. The graphic isn’t even his:


  2. Tom Says:


    more nicked content eh dunk?

    It revolts me that he flaunts his crookery in our faces. some of us have become successful in our lives, for our famillies without stooping to ripping people off. I don’t know how the fat nauseating fat cnut can face himself in the mirror.

  3. Saints fan Says:

    What’s “capivating” (sic) ?

    Or “crunk” for that matter?

  4. onefinalpush Says:

    @saints fan;

    “capivating” Don’t even think thats a word.

  5. Ritchi3 Says:

    He is successful, is he not? He’s made a living out of this for years, and has plenty of things to show for his success. Now his success may not last very long, but there’s no use denying he’s had it.

  6. onefinalpush Says:

    @Ritchi3: He’s made loads of money scamming Liverpool fans. That doesn’t make him successful though. A successful conman but is that really a success?

  7. Ritchi3 Says:

    Whether you see it as legitamately or not, I don’t see how there’s any doubt he’s been a success. He’s set out to make money from Liverpool fans, and he’s done it. For years. I doubt his success is paralleled on other football fans forum.

    suc·cess (sək-sĕs’) pronunciation

    1. The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work

  8. deiseach Says:

    What Fatso is saying is that “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters”. This is patently not true.

    As for achieving his ‘goal’ to “make money from Liverpool fans”, Leeds United have made money from their fans for years yet no one would label them a success.

  9. onefinalpush Says:

    He’s been a success in his own eyes. In my eyes he is a conman who has made money from LFC fans, but a success is he fuck.

  10. Ritchi3 Says:

    Meh, it’s just an inaccuracy. Or at least a blinded opinion. He’s a successful business man, you can’t deny that. You should stick to things that are undebatable.

    Carry on…

  11. tubby Says:

    Ritchi3, you have very low standards of success. Money is one criteria, but there are many against which this needs to be balanced. Such as physical and mental health, contribution to society, acting in good faith, being respected and admired, having a loving partner, having a clear conscience (if Dunk has one at all), giving back to the community, being welcome by the people who made you wealthy.

    Apart from cash (and even that is questionable, I think Dunk lives beyond his means) Dunk is a wretch in all other departments, and any supporter or apologist is either too dumb to see it or is on the take as well.

  12. onefinalpush Says:


    “He’s a successful business man”

    No he’s not. He a fucking conman. Not a businessman.

  13. Ritchi3 Says:

    He set out to make money at any cost. He’s done that. He’s been successful, I don’t really get what’s so hard to understand. Are you afraid to admit that he’s been successful at what he does?? No sane person can deny that he’s done what he’s set out to do, and probably exceeded any expectations he’s had be a long way. Criminals CAN be successful, unless you want to petition the people in the Oxford dictionary place, that’s not going to change. Anyway I’m boring myself at this stage. Carry on making stuff up….

  14. onefinalpush Says:

    @Ritchi3: Like tubby posted above, money isn’t the only measure of success. He made money yes. Lots, yes. But hes a conman and no matter how much money he makes he’ll never be successful. If you judge success only by money then you’ve got a problem too.

  15. Ritchi3 Says:

    I’ll refer you to this again:
    suc·cess (sək-sĕs’) pronunciation

    1. The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.

  16. onefinalpush Says:

    My idea of success would be what tubby said.

  17. Saints fan Says:

    So Dunk’s a successful conman, or a successful criminal. A successful thief. He used to be more of a success than he is now, because he used to be able to make enough money to buy all his material goods, however it was he did it.

    To go on the last couple of years what’s he achieved compared to what he wanted to achieve? He wanted the blog dumping but didn’t get it to happen. He clearly isn’t making any money of not now out of his site, and hasn’t done that at all this year. Looking at his member lists the maximum number of real paying members he has had this year is 200. So that’s still a nice sum of 6000 quid but it’s not enough to live off. And if you knock say a grand off that for hosting it’s even less.

    He made some money out of selling his share in LFC if he had a share and he will have made some money selling his house and also his mums and his bird’s house, but not a lot really. I hear living in some parts of spain is cheap for property so he’s probably got money left over to live off.

    He made a lot of money out of Lauren, was it 30 grand or more? I bet he’s left a lot of unpaid bills back in England as well and they won’t go looking for him in Spain, they’ll write it all off.

    In his own mind he’s won because his target once he knew the blog had ruined his previous life was to get his hands on as much money as possible and clear off. And so that means he’s won. I say in his own mind – but he knows he’s not really won because his knackered version of Koptalk is still sitting there as proof of his failure this last couple of years.

    I don’t know how much money he’s made in the last 3 or 4 months, but I bet it’s peanuts.

    His name is hardly ever mentioned on other LFC websites now, because nobody is interested any more. LFCwonderboy gets more attention with his funny wallpapers.

    I think it’s funny that he says “you are too thick” – who is the “you”?

    And forget about success – what about happiness?

    He can’t come back to England at all now. He ran away from his troubles, and is fairly safe there because as fat as he is he’s only small fry, a petty criminal. He just daren’t step foot back in the UK, otherwise he’ll be found out.

    And that’s where his happiness goes. His wife dumped him a long time ago and so he shacked up with some tart. Can you imagine what kind of quality she is if she has to resort to knocking off someone like Oldham? She’s related to Katie as well, but older. Imagine? No don’t, not if you’re about to eat.

    His mam’s probably on so many different types of medication that she rarely speaks to him in a way anyone can actually make out the words. Especially now she’s in the land of cheap booze and fags. Steve’s probably living it up too, so all Oldham has left is his kids. EXCEPT THEY ARE IN ENGLAND WHILE HE IS IN SPAIN! They are back at school, with their mother, away from him. He’ll not be able to see them as much as he’d like. For now he can get cheap easyjet flights for them here and there, but those flights aren’t so cheap at half term are they?

    He tells himself he’s won, because he knows he’s lost. He’s lost his wife – and she only went after this blog started didn’t she? He’s lost his kids. He’s lost his odd chum Steve. He’s lost his mam. His dad got out a long time ago. He’s thinking about his nan and granddad – who are also dead and let’s face it, if they could speak to him now it would be just to tell him not to speak to them again.

    His wife’s probably got another fella lined up, one who’ll certainly start to become a father-figure to little Robbie if not to Charlotte. Charlotte’s upbringing at least from Dunk is to shit on anyone who gets in your way. Well I can imagine what sort of scum she’ll grow up into. And she’ll shit on Dunk too.

    He’s probably running a bar in Spain – but how good will life be over the winter when the weather turns less pleasant and less customers turn up? And when his mam is drinking more ale than they are selling?

    He wanted to close Koptalk down too, after taking some final money off his members – but he wanted to close it down in style. Instead he missed the boat, and when it goes nobody will notice.

    What a mess.

  18. onefinalpush Says:

    @Saints fan: Nice post there mate. And lets not forget that he is still being investigated by Trading Standards and HMRC so while he may be “Ok” at the moment, it just takes a few officers to carry him back to face up to what he has done.

  19. 1892 Insider Says:

    I don’t think there’s any sense in becoming bogged down in semantics. Oldham clearly has experienced success according to a narrow definition of the term. Perhaps he believes the material assets he now possesses are adequate recompense for the negative aspects of his actions. That really is a decision for him.

    The real question is whether KopTalk is a success now. It undoubtedly was in the past but, as the cliché tells us, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. He has only himself to blame for the decline of his KopTalk, which genuinely once was the busiest unofficial LFC site. Many people left because of his heavy-handed approach; others figured out for themselves that he has spent many years lying about the Club we all love. The blog has merely provided a focal point and a record in posterity for those who object to his activities.

    His latest outpouring, as reported here by onefinalpush, bears the hallmark of his usual deluded arrogance. Once again, he seeks to convey the impression that his critics are simply envious of his ‘achievements’. Contrary to his inflated sense of self-importance, I doubt that anyone hates him. I certainly don’t: he’s too insignificant. I have no interest in him as an individual person. My articles and comments here are almost solely devoted to his lies, past and present, about ‘insider’ contacts at our Club. If he desisted from trying to profit from us in that way, then I would be satisfied, because those claims have provided the platform for much else that he has done wrong.

    He’s repeated the line about ‘rejects’ and ‘jealous rivals’ so many times that perhaps he now believes it himself. If so, he’s surely the only one who does. In truth, most people who contribute here or even just read the blog have rejected him and his site, not vice versa.

  20. Giles Says:

    FLMAO@Boss Tycoon

  21. Scouse Says:

    You know what the worst thing is? If he didnt charge for membership and went down the ‘begging for donation/covered in adverts’ that every other ‘rival’ seems to have he’d pprobably have kept the respect and have a thriving site.

    I can’t believe he thinks people are jealous, I feel sorry for him can you imagine how paranoid he must be to visit Anfield knowing that 99.9% of fans know that Koptalk is a pack of lies and ran by a Geordie conman.

    When will this parasite leave LFC alone?

  22. Jonno Says:

    How is it that a “Boss Tycoon” is an adjective and not a noun?
    Long time reader, first time poster – keep up the good work guys.
    I never quite got around to joining Koptalk, but was close a few years back. Thanks for the heads up.
    Saints Fan: according to Websters online dictionary, Crunk means to cry like a crane. Go figure

  23. CapedCrusader Says:

    Do we have to argue about whether he is was or ever has been a success at any point? Can’t we just all agree he’s a lying, thieving cock?

  24. Jop Says:

    I dont believe the bollocks talked on some posts here specially someone claiming Oldam is a businessman.

    Taken from the Oxford Dictionary;

    Businessman = A person who works in commerce especially at executive level.

    Success = An event that accomplishes its intended purpose

    Conman = A confidence trickster

    Liar = A person who has lied or lies repeatedly

    Cheat = To Act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage

    Thief = A person who steals another persons property

    So if you wish to call the fat fuck a successful Thief, Cheat, Liar and Conman then you would be correct but to call him a successfull businessman it complete bollocks!!

  25. scousenproud Says:

    if you think you have won skunk erm i mean dunk, then i dare you to show up at the ground. announce that you will be meeting any members at the shankly statue for a meet up. you wont just like you havent won fuck all because winners move about with freedom. you run a liverpool website from behind the curtains and dont have the guts to show up. instead you have that other little (well fat) shithouse do all your dirty work . take a good look at yourself in that johnny vegas video, you are a disgusting wannabe celeb that cries about attacks on your family but you are the first one to put them in the spotlight. johnny vegas is a cunt and is about as funny as cancer. you are a cunt and you are also a cancer on our club. announce that your showing up at the statue, i dare you.

  26. tubby Says:

    The blog should issue a challenge to Dunk, and promote it wide and far:

    Dunk , show up at Anfield and show us all how much of a success you are.

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