Oldham's blog pulled

Well it didn’t take Duncan Oldham of Koptalk.com (A scam Liverpool Football Club website) to take his blog (duncanoldham.com) down after a couple of posts I made today with information from his blog.

Duncan is a regular reader of the blog () and no doubt believes keeping friends close and enemies closer is a good policy. Oldham was proactive in his scamming of Liverpool fans but is now merely reactive to the blog. He would love to get rid of the blog and continue with his conning. The blog will not allow this to happen.

And to Dunk: Karma will catch up with you my friend. Keep an eye over your shoulder.


7 Responses to “Oldham's blog pulled”

  1. Redneck Says:

    Have you seen the drunken bollocks that is now in place under the ‘Dunk’ domain??


  2. blondinsider Says:

    How much does it cost to view his blog now?

  3. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    For the unedited videos of Johnny’s visit to my crib along with the rest of my blog entries, please log in below with
    username: dunkknowsbest password: my nans first name, my grandads first name, with no spaces e.g. paulastan”

  4. Aaandy Says:

    I’d rather watch my dog being sick

  5. Heron Says:

    Unfortunately I think the main page of his blog says it all really, in that he has already won. When you think of how many people over the years paid £30 annual membership fees, the guy must have made millions. There’s no way all that money went towards the running of the site, no chance at all 😦

  6. tubby Says:

    Oldham is deluded. Even if he has money it means fuck all and in and of itself is not something to claim superiority or success.

    Take away the cash and houses, Dunk, and what’s left? Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism, no wife, no brain, fat kids, an 18 yo toy boy, tax evasion, history of conning, no education, a failed website, can’t travel to Anfield, … the list goes on.

  7. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Lets play fat cunt bingo.
    How many of the following phrases will he use in his next sermon?

    Jealous ex-members
    targetting family
    comes with the territory
    feel like packing it all in
    shame on you
    Chrissy Waddle
    I’m rich
    I’m poor
    I’m ill
    big plans for next season
    the suits

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