Johnny Vegas pictured with conman (Steve)

So why have their been a lack of updates over the last few days?

I was out on an all night bender with Mike (AKA Johnny Vegas) recently hence my low profile. We were out all night and day with no sleep so I’ve been recovering ever since. Lauren (and Steve) had never met Mike before and as she’s a big fan she was stunned when she saw him sat having a cooked breakfast at home. I’ve got some class photos and video footage but I think it’d be best to edit down the video footage! I’ll add something later today (hopefully). Above (The Blog Ed: Below on the blog) is a snap of Mike with Big Ears!

Ah so thats why there have been no updates. Always makes my day seeing Fatty and his sidekicks “investing” all those £30’s back into the site, must make Koptalkers happy too.

18 Responses to “Johnny Vegas pictured with conman (Steve)”

  1. Homer_jay Says:

    Looks like Steve has very specific taste in regard to his boyfriends.

  2. Tom Says:

    obviously still in a mediterranean country if the tiling on the roof in the background, Steve’s tan and general light quality is anything to go by.

    Vegas is doing a spanish situated sit-com at the moment isn’t he?

  3. onefinalpush Says:

    @Tom: “Steve’s tan”

    That could just be all his foundation? lol

  4. tubby Says:

    anybody notice a resemblance?

  5. onefinalpush Says:

    Dunk seems to be deleting old enteries from his blog so for reference I have screenshots incase they are need in the future ( might not catch them):

  6. tubby Says:

    Who on earth would want to read that fat bastard’s blog?

  7. tubby Says:

    Notice a resemblance?

  8. deiseach Says:

    Johnny Vegas’ blog might be fun, and aren’t you being a bit harsh calling him a basta . . . oh, I get ya!

  9. ZedLeplin Says:

    That photo looks fake (photoshopped).

  10. MZ Says:

    it defiantly looks photoshopped

    the show Johnny Vegas is doing is called benidorm see IMDB website for details

  11. Saints fan Says:

    You can contact Johnny at – is it worth someone from the blog warning him about what he’s been made part of. I don’t think he or Saints RLFC will be happy to see him associated with the robbing fat bastard.

  12. stu Says:

    Its a fake that, and clearly made to dupe the blog into posting about it….not to dupe readers who surely cant be that stupid. Oh well.

    Id remove this post to be honest, not even worth giving such bollocks the time of day.

  13. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Actually, such bollocks might make some of his few remaining members open their eyes. Especially the lurkers, who have more or less nothing to lurk for anymore, as there’s not much going on in the forums these days.

  14. Raftastic Says:

    I wouldn’t be so quick as to call it a fake lads,i’ve met, JV before and he’ll pal up with anyone who’s up for a good old fashioned piss up.

  15. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Check out he’s got a vid with JV.

    Listening to the fat cunt falsely laughing in the background made me quite ill.

  16. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    The pic does still look false as fuck though. He probably just met him in a boozer in Benidorm but decided to knock up the pic to make the tale/encounter more interesting.

  17. Aaandy Says:

    Gotta be a fake – it doesn’t look right. Where could you take a picture from that would have the roofs at that angle? 5 ft tall houses?? What an utter, utter pair of tossers Oldham and Steve are

  18. sten Says:

    Johnny Vegas is a fat fucking cunt – i hope he gets run over by a steamrollerm then we could use all the fat to feed half of bangladesh.


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