Discontent Grows At An Emptying KopTalk

As many of you know, we bloggers don’t pay Duncan Oldham a penny to monitor his sorry excuse for a site. Instead, we continue to rely on donated accounts from disgruntled KT members. It says something about how many of those there are that we’ve had continuous access now for over a year.

There are some still on KT who should know better; I won’t name names, but they’ll know who they are, they know the situation and they probably read this blog. However, the vast majority of old-timers have left and the remainder are departing. With his site starved of the publicity it used to enjoy on NewsNow and shunned by all other unofficial sites, with his free forums closed due to lack of patronage and his inability to police them effectively enough to stop his members discussing his cons, Oldham now struggles to attract new members to replace those who leave.

In recent times, we’ve had comments on the blog from chrispy and bigfooty to say that, in one case, they’d left with a refund and, in the other case, wouldn’t be renewing. On Est1892, I’ve also lately seen a few familiar names who’ve decided to get a better service for free than they were paying £30 for at KopTalk. Indeed, that would be true whichever site they moved to; I’ve no wish to promote one over another and there’s a list of excellent alternatives on the right-hand side of this page.

A few days ago, yet another concerned KopTalk member contacted me by e-mail with some of his complaints about the site. He kindly gave me his consent to use the text of his mail. Remember, we never publish any information sent to us without permission.

My mate was desperate for a signed shirt by any of the players. I asked one of them to meet me outside Melwood to help me get it signed or could i send them the shirt to get it signed. This went on for months before they eventually said ‘no’. Surely, with all their contacts they could have got me ONE signature on the shirt? Luckily, my best mates uncle lives in the close with all the players so he got me it done , NO THANKS TO THE LIARS KOPTALK.

Who could blame our correspondent for thinking they might be able to arrange a signed shirt? After all, KopTalk used to sell supposedly signed merchandise with certificates of authenticity. They also claimed at one time to be able to obtain signed Fowler shirts from Melwood.

The fact is that KopTalk, despite claims both in the past and recently, have no contacts at Melwood or Anfield. I do wonder if there’s anyone left on the site who seriously believes otherwise.

I asked if they want to meet up with me in Athens. ‘Ye sure’ was the answer. Gave them my number, did i ever receive a phone call? Do pigs fly…. Where they even in Athens? I highly doubt it.

In fairness, Steve was certainly in Athens; he appeared on a few ITN reports, supposedly looking to buy a ticket for £600. Oldham said he was also there, but it’s obvious that he must have been back home or elsewhere, since he hasn’t offered the slightest proof of his presence, despite subjecting everyone to lengthy videos from La Manga, Dallas and Montreal. It isn’t the first time he’s made excuses to avoid meeting members, either. He did a similar thing in 2006 for the Charity Shield.

When Oldham was quizzed on the forums about the lack of videos from Athens, Steve claimed that Oldham had their video camera with him in ‘Valencia’ (ahum), while Oldham himself pondered why anyone would want to see videos of a trip for a match we lost. Well, I’m sure we wouldn’t have minded seeing a video of Steve and Dunk meeting Luis Garcia. We’re still waiting.

Dunk posted a video of lauren lately in HIS swimming pool. AHA this is where are £30 goes to, HIS SWIMMING POOL, NOT to the site where he promises it goes too….

Oldham periodically claims that he and his staff work unwaged on the site and that all revenue is invested in the running costs, but how many other members feel this way?

I asked if they would like to sponsor my local football team..£150 i asked for..hardly much for the money he brings in considering he drives a merc and has a swimming pool. He ignored my suppprt ticket, so i emailed him..ignore that..posted on the forum… ignored that … finally i email him again and get a reply saying were really busy we will look into it soon..3 months later have i heard back? Not once!

The issue here is not so much the money, because it’s perfectly reasonable for KopTalk to refuse a request. It’s more the way Oldham has treated a paying member with contempt by ignoring his attempts to initiate contact. Hardly the way to keep your customers, Dunk.

He comes out with such bolox, i am so annoyed. I stay there to read the bullshit and i am not renewing again. I go on news now..read the headlines and funnily enough its exactly the same news on koptalk.

Some members do ask for refunds — and remember, Dunk was promising 100% satisfaction or your money back — but plenty of members seemingly are just biding their time, much like my contact here, reading the bull and laughing or else feeding us information from the inside. It’s all very much appreciated. He’s clearly doing a fine job on his own of alienating Liverpool fans, without any help from us; though, as he recently pointed out, he welcomes that.

on transfer day, they said on koptalk that they were outside Melwood all day and night, by the gates.

Now, I went down to Melwood at 4pm and not one person was there, the security man told us no-one was around the gates and there certainly wasn’t a sign of any merc or van which supposedly belong to koptalk. I said would you like to meet up outside melwood…no reply

Was anyone there from KopTalk? They claimed to have spoken to Ayesteran, but their only advance news on that story was broken by a member who’d seen whispers on another site. That hasn’t stopped Dunk spinning lies since about players telling him about the harshness of the former assistant’s training regime. His contradictions are as amusing as they are transparent. I’d be surprised if this is the last mail I receive.

Of course, perhaps they were there and they were just hiding out in Chris Waddle’s house. Or maybe Rafa invited them in for ‘tea and biccies’, like Gérard Houllier. Which was it? We need to know.

(With thanks to the member in question for contacting me. If anyone else has a story to tell, either in confidence or for publication, please do get in touch. It’s better to copy mails to all of us, in case any one of us is occupied for some reason.)

7 Responses to “Discontent Grows At An Emptying KopTalk”

  1. deiseach Says:

    We must be nearing the endgame for the long-running con that is KrapTalk. Does anyone have any informed (as informed as they can be when dealing with a crook) opinions on how it’s going to end? Will Drunk just fade away – yeah, I know – or will he go out in a blaze of ‘glory’, letting us Reds know how he’s been feeding us bullshit and ripping us off for years, basically flicking the bird at us all?

  2. chrispy Says:

    It boggles the mind people are still using the site to be honest. He’s been caught out so many times he’s an absolute laughing stock. I thank god for the day I discovered the blog and e-mailed ‘The Insider’ who filled me in on all of DunCONS scams. Thanks mate, you’ve saved me a few quid.

  3. Toothache Says:

    He’s not got the nads to flick the bird at us, to own up to what he’s done. It costs buttons to run a site of the type he has, using software he’s unlikely to have paid for. He can keep it going for a fiver a month if he wants to. And that’s what he’ll do, speaking to his few members who still love him, Rich T, Kop and so on.

    Has anyone phoned his cousin’s parents up yet using that number I left?

  4. 1892 Insider Says:


    Please e-mail me at the address on the left when you read this message. Thanks.

  5. Superdan Says:

    If anyone has just come to find out about the blog and you are a member of Koptalk I urge you, for your own sake, to take the time out to read at least 4/5 articles on the blog.

    I once was a member on Koptalk and when I found out about the blog I was a little pi$$ed off that I had been fooled by Dunk so I refused to believe it.

    I set up two email addresses just to try remain anonymous and I attacked the people who run the site. Having then gone on to read some of the blog I realised I was in fact a twat for believing it and within a week or two I was asking Dunk for my money back.

    Basically, the blog saved me £30 and if you act soon it could help you save it too.

  6. chrispy Says:

    I felt the same Superdan but I was a little more than pissed off. Insider filled me in and told me to read a few articles on the blog and then make my own mind up. He put no pressure on me whatsoever but told me to listen to my own common sense and in the process he saved me £30 and pointed me to all the FREE LFC ‘fan run’ sites that won’t ask me for a penny and will supply GENUINE information.

    Many thanks Insider and all the others who opened my eyes. I hate being treated like a prick and that’s exactly what DunCON has been doing to all the members of KONtalk for a long time now.

  7. LFC1394 Says:

    To be honest I think Dunc has done a great job. He is responsible for some of the best LFC websites around, like Est 1892 and 6CM. He has managed to make me laugh many times and looks like he is running his site in to the ground. Dunc i thank you from the bottom of my heart, how about we meet up next match day so I can buy you a pint?

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