More on DunCon's spanish adventure

A few days ago I posted an article about the spanish painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Some of you probably wondered what thats got to do with anything, and Kraptalk in particular. Our avid reader DunCon Oldham, however, realized that we know where he now lives.

So what did he do. As usual, he couldn’t resist answerering our claims. This time he used his own blog to tell his few readers, most of which are us, about his new home(s):

During the last year I’ve been travelling all over the world – mainly due to following Liverpool FC and the various things that Steve and I add to the site. We’ve been to America, Canada, France, Malta, Portugal and Spain. Each country is very different, each country has something unique to offer, but at the end of the day you can’t beat home, home as in England.

One of my favourite interests is horse racing… obviously I don’t ride them lol! My favourite race track is Wetherby which is why I recently bought a property (above) there. It’s ideally situated for both Scarborough and the north east in general. It’s spot on it really is. I had to move following a personal (family) matter, friends and family know what that is, it’s no secret, I just wanted a new start and I needed to be somewhere new to clear my head.

I’m fortunate in that I also have family overseas (me mam). I recently bought a lovely pad (below) close to where me mam lives so when England’s getting too depressing and cold I can **** off on a flight and escape things for a few days. For me this has been a dream come true, especially as those down the generations in my family had **** all. It’s not only made me happy but it has also made the dreams of several others come true. I have been able to make various members of my family happy – and not just the kids – and that’s all I live for.

It’s great getting away but every day I touch back down in the UK, I like to feel that cold air biting at your neck. The UK is ****ed in many ways but it still boasts some lovely countryside. I feel for those people who live in the city and who rarely get to experience places like the North Yorkshire moors…. God I’m starting to sound like my late father!!

At the moment I tend to do a week or two home and then a week or two away depending on Liverpool’s fixtures. I don’t like to leave the house for long even though it’s like Fort Knox lol! ADT and a couple of GSD’s may be a detterent but I’d be gutted if someone broke in and nicked my Old Spice

This was followed by pictures of his new home in Wetherby and his new pad in Spain.




These pictures might or might not be of DunCons properties. It could just as well have been copied from somewhere on the Internet. There is no evidence that this belonges to DunCon, or that he has even been close. How about a few pictures with you in front of the houses, DunCon? It’s just like when he was in Barcelona earlier this year. He showed a few pictures of a lobby from some posh hotel in Barcelona (or was it even there?), but not a single one from the room. Anyone could walk in there and take a few pictures if they wanted.

Another problem with the pictures of the house in Spain, is that the pattern of the tiles in the pool doesn’t match the ones in the video he showed of Lauren swimming there. How do you explain that DunCon?

17 Responses to “More on DunCon's spanish adventure”

  1. lloyd27 Says:

    “America, Canada, France, Malta, Portugal and Spain”

    No Greece then?

  2. stu Says:

    Dunc – you bought all this stuff – but you dont take a wage from koptalk. I earn loads of money in the job I do – and I clearly take a wage…yet I couldnt afford such luxury. Im cleverer than you, I work harder than you, and I actually genuinely care about my family more than you ever have yours – yet I cant afford this. Your unwaged and you can.

    Your full of shit. And the sad hing is that now you must clearl believe your own bollocks. Honestly.

  3. Jop Says:

    Two houses like that ( yeah right!) from a guy who claims to have no income and is spending every penny to keep the shite… sorry site up and running. Beats me how this guy has not been invited for a word by the bizzies ……. or from someone else for that matter.

    Just on another point of course associated with the prat but i believe he is now taking the piss. I do not believe for one moment the pics are his houses but by posting this shite its like he is putting two fingers up to the blog. There is a real danger of the blog becoming something that he will regard a just a nuicance which is something the thick moron can cope with. Is it not time for something special to hit the guy with, that knockout punch!! …. surely if we dont have it by now its unlikely we ever will.

  4. Scouse Says:

    I truely hope he isn’t lying and that he does own both of those properties.

    Because if so there is no way he could have earned that money through Koptalk without registering for VAT and declaring his income.

    Those days of accepting cash and paypal will come full circle when HMCE go knocking on Koptalks’ various cottages and Villas.

  5. Ron Nasty Says:

    ‘No Greece then?’ that made me laugh Lloyd. Of course he’s probably even forgotten that LFC went to Greece.

  6. Flagpole Corner Says:

    Welcome to my web said the spider to the fly….

    Does he realise that the game is up and that he’ll need to go into hiding very soon? Or doesn’t he see that?

  7. tubby Says:

    Dunk, stop walking over the lawn and leaving your fatprints. Dopey cunt.

  8. Jocky Says:

    The neighbours would be fuming that his family of white trash would be moving into the area if he really bought these.He has no class and is a spoofer.More lies from the fatman.He is only fooling himself and the few morons left on his site.

  9. deiseach Says:

    Dunk: “The UK is ****ed in many ways”

    Is this the precursor to a “they’re taking all the jobs!” rant?

  10. Spud Says:

    The UK is ****ed because of scum like him

  11. Toothache Says:

    Another point as well. Someone once found out his real address by asking the post office I think for the real address behind the po box number. is he still using po box numbers? if he is then maybe that could be checked out as well.

  12. Toothache Says:

    Just found he’s changed his po box number it’s now PO Box 441 YO11 9BZ

  13. RedinSweden Says:

    I had a quick look at house prices in wetherby and even a conservative estimate would put the price of a house like that at half a million. As for the spanish one, I don’t even have to look anything up to know that that is a huge pile of bollocks. Drunkan, give up, shut up and fuck off.

  14. chunkydunky Says:

    and the rest that property would be neareer 700k in wetherby what a load of crap. as if thats his

  15. Flagpole Corner Says:

    Is Lauren part of the DunCon empire or is she merely a manipulated pawn in his game?

  16. Dr Proctor Says:

    He’s so paranoid he has to mention; “it’s like Fort Knox lol! ADT and a couple of GSD’s”

    Remember to switch them on Dunc as it’s that one time when you forget the buggers break in.

  17. Tom Says:

    Those pics are taken with a wide-angle aperture, of the type commonly used by estate agents when they put together publicity material. I doubt very much that they belong to dunkin. Still I’m sure the tax office will be interested considering his claims to penury.

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