Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

A few weeks ago I found a very interesting article on Wikipedia, that I think you should all read. Yes, you too DunCon. Actually you in particular, as I expect you’d like to know more about your new neighbourhood 😉

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (Seville, December 31, 1617Cádiz, April 3, 1682) was a Spanish painter, one of the most important figures in Baroque painting in Spain. He excelled in the painting of light clouds, flowers, water, and drapery, and in the use of color.

Murillo was born in Seville, the youngest son in a family of fourteen. His father was a barber and surgeon called Gaspar Esteban, and his mother’s name was María Pérez Murillo; it was her name which he used to sign his work. His parents died when he was still very young, and Murillo was largely brought up by one of his older sisters, Ana, who was married to another barber-surgeon, Juan Agustín de Lagares, with whom the young Murillo maintained a close relationship. Murillo married Beatriz Cabrera in 1648, and they had nine children.

Murillo began his art studies under Juan del Castillo in Seville. Murillo became familiar with Flemish painting; the great commercial importance of Seville at the time ensured that he was also subject to influences from other regions. His first works were influenced by Zurbarán, Jusepe de Ribera and Alonso Cano, and he shared their strongly realist approach. As his painting developed, his more important works evolved towards the polished style that suited the bourgeois and aristocratic tastes of the time, demonstrated especially in his Roman Catholic religious works.

In 1642, at the age of 26 he moved to Madrid, where he became a pupil of Velasquez. He returned to Seville in 1645. In that year, he painted thirteen canvases for the monastery of St. Frances the Great in Seville which gave his reputation a well-deserved boost. Following the completion of a pair of pictures for the Seville Cathedral, he began to specialise in the themes that brought him his greatest successes, the Virgin and Child, and the Immaculate Conception.

After another period in Madrid, from 1658 to 1660, he was involved in the founding of the Academy of Art in Seville, sharing its direction, in 1660, with the architect, Francisco Herrera el Mozo. This was his period of greatest activity, and he received numerous important commissions, among them the altar piece for the Augustinian monastery, the paintings for Santa María la Blanca (completed in 1665), and others.

Although he is best known for his religious works, Murillo also produced a considerable number of paintings of contemporary women and children. These lively, realist portraits of flower girls, street urchins, and beggars constitute an extensive and appealing record of the everyday life of his times

14 Responses to “Bartolomé Esteban Murillo”

  1. Alan Says:

    Whats this got to do with an overweight geordie twat who cons liverpool fans along with a teenage sidekick and makes paedophile jokes?

  2. stu Says:

    Very clever – oh hang on, no its no. What does this have to do with bringing that fat con man to justice, nothing. Come back Rupert.

  3. Ron Nasty Says:

    I take it this means Dunk is now in Seville.

  4. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Not Seville, but you’re on to something there.

  5. Red Lion Landlord Says:


  6. Flagpole Corner Says:


  7. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    I didn’t intend to start a competition here 🙂 It was just a hint to DunCon, who is one of our most frequent readers, that we know where he lives. And it’s not in Wetherby, as he wants us to believe.

    He was supposed to be back from his summer “jolly” on september 1st. Yesterday he showed a video of Lauren, who is visiting them in spain, claiming that she will be there for a fortnight. That brings us at least to the end of september before he’s back in England.

    He’s also using this opportunity to hit us with claims that we target Lauren. We’ve never targetted Lauren. We’ve just tried to get DunCon to pay her all the money he’s collected in her name. He’s the one using Lauren for his own benefit.

  8. Carras_boot Says:

    Message to DunCon –

    Fuck off and die you big fat evil swindling shithouse.
    And tell your abuse victim, erm, i mean “brother” Steve to fuck off and die too.

    Pair of Knobheads.

  9. tubby Says:

    If Lauren was in on the scam then she is a target imo.

  10. Toothache Says:

    I agree Tubby. Either her and her family and friends are extremely thick and gullible or they’re in on it. There’s no way that she wouldn’t know about this site, unless she isn’t really an LFC-supporting heavy internet user. And that myspace page she had showed she was on the net a lot.

    Whether dunk’s done anything legally wrong I don’t know, but morally wrong definitely.

    I wrote to insider once and he told me that you can find Lauren’s address by searchin on google. You search for the news story talking about her illness in the local press round her way. Then you go to directory enquiries or and you find it. Her dad is called Andrew or Andy. When i looked a few months ago it had her phone number on it too.

    It’s time someone from the blog got in touch with her and asked her directly, or her dad, why they’ve been part of this massive scam.

    And I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her – she’s quite strong willed, happy to go out and get plastered or stoned as many days as possible a week.

  11. Toby Says:

    Sorry, but regardless of whether or this is intended to infer that Duncan Oldham is living in or near Seville, this article is totally irelevent to what we are trying to achieve here and if anything deflects from the focus.

  12. Tom Says:

    Its a coded message to dunkin. That’s all. Can’t see how it deflects from what the blog is doing. It’s keeping him on his toes (tows) 😉

  13. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    It’s not only a message to Dunk, but also to those who thinks he lives in Liverpool, Wallsend, Scarborough or Wetherby.

    We will follow up this in due time. There are lots of other indicators that Dunk has moved to Spain. One of them of course being his continued no show at Anfield.

  14. Alan Says:

    Dunks latest story: Pennant involved in bust up. ONE guess where the story originated from? thats right, the fucking s*n.

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