More Bull from the KopTalk Lie Factory

Long-time readers of KopTalk or, indeed, of this blog will be only too familiar with Duncan Oldham’s outlandish claims over the years that he has friends or contacts among Melwood staff, the ‘top brass’ at Anfield and among the players. Who could forget the supposed phone calls from Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler? How many of you sniggered behind your hands as he boasted of being invited to meet Rick Parry or having ‘tea and biccies’ with Gérard Houllier?

Individual members or even the owners of other independent sites may or may not have ‘insider’ information from various sources, but none cynically boast that they do in order to draw visitors to their sites. Perhaps that’s because no others are run as the full-time occupation of the owners and no others so desperately chase cash from their members. Despite his protestations to the contrary, many blog articles have adequately demonstrated how KopTalk has for many years been run on a business model, peddling negativity to increase hits.

This is usually achieved simply by reading other sites and watching Sky Sports News to use their stories, and reporting them in a sensationalist, tabloid fashion. Why would you pay £30 for that? Perhaps Oldham realises this himself, so he likes to garnish his ‘borrowed’ news items with the implication that he has access to privileged knowledge. It’s a shame that he then betrays the lie in that by having to stoop to stunts such as staking out Melwood and standing on wheelie bins.

Take the departure of Ayesteran. It has been widely publicised in the press that changes were made to pre-season training routines, which contributed to disagreements between the assistant manager and Benitez. Oldham speculated the other day that some players would surely be glad to see Ayesteran depart, due to his harsh training regimes. At the time, he was remarkably coy when asked if he knew this; he clearly didn’t.

#24873 – 30/08/07 09:26 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Dave69]
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Originally Posted By: Dave69
no probs big man……

I think a few players would be chuffed if he did go

Re: Pako to leave? [Re: FT9]
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Originally Posted By: FT9

any names?

No I just mean because his fitness schedules are very hard 🙂

6 days later, perhaps after a tip-off from the Anfield Mole, we were treated to this news item:

#29411 – Yesterday at 02:44 PM Pako exit welcomed by players
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The exit of Pako Ayesteran from Anfield may have come as a shock to some but it didn’t come as a shock to several core members of the first team who are happy to see him leave.

Ayesteran was a well-liked man and nobody had a bad word to say about him, but it was his high intensity training schedules that weren’t popular with the first team players, especially the English lads who often complained of feeling “totally knackered” after just a morning session.

A source in the first team squad told us: “Pako was a top bloke. Everyone had time for him but sometimes it felt like he was killing us.

“Everyone likes to do their best in training. Ok some players train better than others but everyone knows it’s a requirement to keep fit and sharp.

“Some lads would come back in an afternoon or evening complaining of not recovering from a morning workout. A lot of us didn’t want to turn in.

“Compared with other clubs we were doing a lot more fitness work yet the manager’s results [computer tracked monitoring, projections etc] showed that we didn’t need to step it up any more.

“I’ll miss Pako and I know the other lads will too but the current training programme is much better. It’s still hard but you don’t feel destroyed at the end of the day.”

Barking mad. Does anyone still seriously think that players are taking time out to break confidences and betray club secrets in order for Duncan Oldham to sell it as news on his site?

Clearly, at least one member doesn’t. I’ll let his words speak for me.

#29834 – Today at 09:40 AM Re: Pako exit welcomed by players [Re: redmick84]
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I don’t think you can make that headline out of that quote.

What are we now, some sort of cheap tabloid reporters?

There’s no way everyone like Pako just the same as there’s no way everyone likes Rafa. Remember Baros having a swipe at Rafa?

Take it with a pinch of salt. An unnamed source….. oh please.

17 Responses to “More Bull from the KopTalk Lie Factory”

  1. deiseach Says:

    Not only is he on first name terms with the biggest names in the club, they practically BEG him to have meetings with them. Oh Dunk, please come to Anfield so we can pick your brains on website design. Oh Dunk, please don’t use that tape of a player being naughty that you have locked in a vault surrounded by man-eating piranhas and guarded by eight-foot tall Valkyrie warrior maidens. Oh Dunk, please stop eating, if you get any fatter your gravitational pull might drag the Moon down on top of us.

    Only one of the above is remotely plausible.

  2. Bobby Says:

    100% bullshit. Fabricated nonsense!!!
    He made up every single word of it. The man is a disgrace.

  3. tubby Says:

    Do a Google search on “I’ll miss Pako and I know the other lads will too” (including the quotes) and guess what, NOT ONE RESULT! Not even the S*n would print such utter lies (not in this case anyway).

    Dunk, you have stopped to a new low, which was almost possible to believe. More proof he is desperate for attention.

    Existing KT member should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to support this gutter snake. Please just have a heart attack and go away.

  4. tubby Says:

    Just as a test, here’s a part of a quote from Yossi the other day:

    “they are better than us so any result less than a win for England will be a surprise”

    Do a google search on that, and see just how many hits you get. Why are there no other sources of your quote Dunk? Because they DO NOT EXIST.

    This quote was fabricated by Dunk, pure and simple. It smells like shite and it certainly is a great steaming pile of just that.

  5. deiseach Says:

    But tubby, don’t you realise that Steve was at Melwood (having been let in by a friendly security guard) and one of the players called him over and said “hey, you’re from Koptalk, I know you’ll fearlessly report off the record the quotes that other media outlets won’t touch” . . . yadda yadda yadda. Ah, who am I kidding, you can’t even parody this crap.

  6. tubby Says:

    deideach, Dunk has become a parody of himself, and it is obvious he no longer cares if his lies are transparent – in fact I think he thinks this is some kind of clever strategy to play up to people’s view of him. It is far from clever, it smacks of narcissism. But that’s ok, so long as he keeps contributing to his own downfall (and all the while thinking he’s in control) that’s fine with me.

    Oh, and Dunk, players don’t give exclusive access to anyone as by default all news spreads eventually. Even if they did by some miracle speak to your or your chubby boyfriend on-the-McLeesh no news agency would reprint it because: 1) you are not a credible source, not even for the tabloids, and 2) your stories are locked inside your failure of a website that noone even visits.

    Thank goodness for small mercies.

  7. Ian C Says:

    I know for a fact that NO PLAYER at Liverpool FC would even consider giving an ‘exclusive’ to anyone connected with fat man’s webshite.

    The word ‘koptalk’ is taboo at melwood and anywhere else connected with LFC and the very mention of that webshite sparks laughter among players & staff past and present.

    Dream on Oldham, your lies are getting funnier all the time.

  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Wonder if Yozza has just banned himself

  9. Trichin Chubbylobes-O'Bese Says:

    The drivel he is writing now is pathetic, even by Duncan Oldham’s standards.

  10. blondinsider Says:


    I’m worried about you, it’s time to google Type 2 Diabetes.

  11. Jocky Says:

    That is a cheap shot.Time for the club to step in and distance themselves from anything to do with this con and his site.He did’nt even know about it last week and all of a shot a first team “insider” is giving him the low down.
    He is only fooling twits and kids at this stage.

  12. Toothache Says:

    Remember his La Manga trip that time! What a mess that was. Filming the players training from the sort of distance that will soon separate Everton from Goodison!

    Yet he was claiming how he’d been chatting to the palyers before and after training.

    How many members has he got left now anyway? I wonder how he’s surviving out there?

  13. Dr Proctor Says:

    After a while you get to know Druncon’s style of writng and it’s clear as day that it’s his and it’s been made up.

    You can imagine him laughing as he’s writing it and thinking some soft cunts are going to fall for this.

  14. honestred Says:

    It just maybe true, perhaps someone did actually tell him this, he did get the exclusive about the new stadium from Gillet and he did get him to join his site.

  15. tubby Says:

    honestred, use your brain.

  16. Homer_jay Says:

    tubby, I’m afraid he just proved he hasn’t got one!

  17. Carras_boot Says:

    I think honestred is either taking the piss or is in fact one of the fat k.unts who work over at shitalk.
    You really cant make this shit up. Can you imagine that fat fucker at school? He must have got ripped to fuck over his lies. I bet one of his lies was –
    “Yeah, my dad caught Myra Hindley and Ian Brady” or “Yeah, it was my dad who tracked down Peter Sutcliffe” or, “I lost my virginity in the summer to a blonde Italian stunner.”(one that a mate used and we still take the piss out of him 15 years later)

    Look up Tom Pepper on wiki and you’ll find the definition ‘Inspiration for Duncon Oldham’

    Fat bastard.

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