KopTalk members hear about the Ayesteran story from other free LFC sites

We predicted that KopTalk’s trip to Melwood would end in humiliation and Duncan Oldham did not disappoint. It turns out Oldham had lied about his trip and wasn’t even at Melwood. But he didn’t admit this until he had made a complete arse of himself, yet again.

This is how KopTalk’s members first heard about the Ayesteran story:

30/08/07 08:47 PM Pako to leave?
Dave69 Loc: Alcatraz
From another site….
Sorry to report this but I have it from a very good source that the great man is on his way out.
Whether its his own move or he’s being made to leave I’ve yet to find out, but as soon as I know I’ll post it.
I’m [oops] gutted

30/08/07 08:53 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Dave69]
do you know what the argument was about?

30/08/07 08:56 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Momo22]
Dave69 Loc: Alcatraz
nope – just being reported on a few sites now….

In other words, the only reason the news about Ayesteran reached KopTalk was because one of its members has the good sense to check out other Liverpool sites – free LFC sites which have genuine “insider” contacts.

Chris Bascombe, who Oldham had the temerity to criticise on Wednesday, revealed yesterday that the confrontation with Benitez which led to Ayestaran’s departure took place at Melwood on Thursday. So did Oldham have even the slightest inkling that the pair had fallen out on Thursday? Of course not. He had nothing to say about his Melwood trip at all. After Benitez and Parry effectively ruled out any more big signings early in the day, Oldham neglected to make any reports from Melwood whatsoever.

Eventually, after being pressed by his members, Oldham came out with this lame nonsense to explain why KopTalk was again the last LFC site to hear about a big story:

30/08/07 09:00 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Pob]
Dave69 Loc: Alcatraz
Dunk/Ste – you seen/heard anything?

30/08/07 09:06 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Dave69]
Paul Ray Loc: Orange County, CA, USA
If it was that big of a row then Dunk and Ste should have heard it 🙂
I hope it’s not true

30/08/07 09:08 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Paul Ray]
Dave69 Loc: Alcatraz
so do i – Duncan?

30/08/07 09:18 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Dave69]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
I think it’s best to only post things like this if you have heard it yourself. Otherwise you start panic and uncertainty even without such intention 🙂

Realising that he was beginning to look very silly indeed, Oldham fell back on his usual ploy – a bit of mindless speculation:

30/08/07 09:26 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Dave69]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
I think a few players would be chuffed if he did go

30/08/07 09:32 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Dunk]
FT9 Loc: 298 Miles From Anfield
any names?

30/08/07 09:33 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: FT9]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
No I just mean because his fitness schedules are very hard 🙂

The following day, unrest with the KopTalk members’ ranks was growing. It was at this point that Oldham decided it would be advisable to admit that he had lied and had never been at Melwood in the first place. In other words, he would try to deflect the humiliation Steve’s way.

31/08/07 09:56 AM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Dave69]
Shaun33 Loc: Home of the Ressies
This is seriously doing the rounds at the moment mate, not just on the internet. C’mon Dunk, if you’re at Melwood get on the case big man and (hopefully) put this rumour to bed.It’s unbelievable how these things snowball if allowed to.

31/08/07 10:56 AM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Shaun33]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Steve asked him today about this and he just laughed and said he loved Liverpool FC. He aint going to tell us mind. I’m not at Melwood, Steve is

That afternoon, somebody finally had some inside news on the Ayesteran situation. That’s right, a member copied and pasted the Echo’s report:

31/08/07 01:31 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Shaun33]
From the Echo:
LIVERPOOL Assistant Manager Pako Ayesteran is set to leave Anfield after a series of disagreements with manager Rafa Benitez.
The Anfield No. 2 is understood to have left club on immediate leave after matters between the two men came to a head yesterday afternoon.
It is understood tensions between the pair – who have been close colleagues for the last decade – have been brewing for several months … The back room staff which Benitez brought with him when he arrived from Valencia three years ago has now effectively broken up, with former coach Paco Herrera and goalkeeping coach Jose Ochotorena also recent departures for entirely different, amicable reasons.

31/08/07 01:40 PM Re: Pako to leave? [Re: Kirkpatrick]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Bin him

And with that, Oldham locked the thread – without a word of explanation. But LFC were still to make one signing later that afternoon, so did KopTalk redeem itself by scooping the other sites with the news of French youngster Damien Plessi joining from Lyon? Of course not. A full two hours after the offal announced his signing – “Reds sign French youngster Liverpool FC – The Official Site 16:21 31-Aug-07” – KopTalk finally ran the story:

06:29 PM Liverpool complete signing
KopTalk Team Administrator
Liverpool have completed the signing of French midfielder Damien Plessi from Lyon.

Unfortunately for Oldham, the worst was yet to come. In the absence of any reports from KopTalk, one of Oldham’s own members decided to pop down to Melwood himself – and he was unable to see anyone from KopTalk there.

05:45 PM Melwood..
Are you still at melwood Koptalk?
Just been there, no-one was there, not a sign of anyone hanging around.
Rafa was still there though

05:58 PM Re: Melwood.. [Re: SenorButch]
they didnt inform us of the french kid anyway

05:59 PM Re: Melwood.. [Re: SenorButch]
Katie Administrator Community Manager
They are still there Bernetini but are not permanantly stood outside as they have a ‘base’ within viewing distance of the main gate so if they see anything then Dunk can easily tell Steve to drop his pie and get over there

06:19 PM Re: Melwood.. [Re: Katie]
Course they do Katie, it’s called Sky Sports News! 🙂

06:25 PM Re: Melwood.. [Re: Bernetini69]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Nobody is supposed to see Steve be he indoors or in the van

06:26 PM Re: Melwood.. [Re: Dave100]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
No sign of Vinny or the OB unit. The camera guy who comes in his own car just to moan each deadline day isn’t there either.

06:29 PM Re: Melwood.. [Re: Dunk]
He is….i’m watching him now on SSN! 🙂

06:32 PM Re: Melwood.. [Re: Dave100]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Dunk Knows Best.

Of course you do, Dunk. Of course you do.

13 Responses to “KopTalk members hear about the Ayesteran story from other free LFC sites”

  1. The Oracle Says:

    How pathetic!!

    Oldham says he’s not at Melwood, but Steve is.

    Then, Katie comes on and says they’re both at Melwood, just ‘within viewing distance of the main gate’.

    So which one is it?? I’ll go for the 3rd option, that they are both in Alicante on their fat arses.

    Remember, Koptalk members, you’re paying this idiot £30 to provide you with proper info on LFC, not made-up bullshit from his tiny mind.

  2. Yorkie Says:

    Incisive coverage there from the corpulent twosome. Here’s hoping the heart attack/type-2-diabetes-complications kick in soon

  3. Jocky Says:

    Anyone on Koptalk now is either very naive or extremely stupid.When I was there at least there was insiders who actually broke stories before the rest.Now they are being treated like hams by Michael Jackson and his kids.
    The oracle makes a hilarious point about what Katie says.
    They keep tripping over there lies.
    Yorkie the fat bastard will surely get one of them diseases.
    You could not sympathise with him.

  4. Dr Proctor Says:

    Yet more lies, it’s so comical.

    He locks the thread after being caught out again spinning bullshit.

    Was Steve hiding up a tree or was he in a wheelie bin?


  5. Jocky Says:

    Steve was slobbing on his knob in Spain

  6. deiseach Says:

    “I’ll go for the 3rd option, that they are both in Alicante on their fat arses.”

    What about a 4th option: they’re both in Wallsend pulling their puds while eating Cheesy Wotsits and wondering why their respective knobs are orange. Assuming Jabba can find his knob.

  7. Carras_boot Says:

    I would go for a 5th and more plausible option.

    Fat Dunk is upstairs in the bedroom with his “Brother”….aherm….. playing hide the sausage and Fat Steve is loving every little bit of it.

    Pair of fat knob jockeys.

  8. Paul Heron Says:

    Having read many of the posts here, it seems like KT is heading down and that they’re grasping at straws these days.

    Good to see a site like this one provide much merryment and amusement though 😉

  9. bazza76 Says:

    The more I read about Dunk, the more offended I get.
    This fucking swindler has to be stopped.
    I am astonished people still visit the site, especially if they know about this site. I am sure there are alot still on there that are aware of what is going on. I just don’t get why they still fund the site.

  10. scousenproud Says:

    The trend is now shifting that his lackees like Dave69 rip all information from various sites. I have never thought that individual members on koptalk should be scrutinised but Dave69 needs to have a good look at himself and understand that whilst he probably gets a free ride on koptalk, he is helping to suck the dues out of other members pockets.

  11. Concorde Says:

    It probably doesn’t need saying but there was no sign of him at the Derby game.

    How come none of his members are suggesting meeting up with him pre-match after he said he was going to all the games or do none of the current crop actually go to the match? I don’t suppose many match going Reds would be left on that sham of a site.

  12. sweenicepower Says:

    You’ll never walk alone! Swee Nice POWER!

  13. Flagpole Corner Says:

    The fat bastard’s clutching at straws now isn’t he? I wonder how long it’ll be before another LFC incarnation is set up after this one goes to the dogs. Give it up and come out of the closet Jabba and while you’re at it shut down your sham of a website because when those in the Far East know about you ripping them off they’ll bomb your respective residencies in Wallsend, Alicante and yer ma’s gaff in one of the biggest acts of blanket bombing since Pearl Harbour.

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