KopTalk plans another humiliating Melwood trip

Duncan Oldham is planning another of his Melwood trips. It seems he hasn’t learnt the lessons of last year’s humiliation, when he stood by the gates with a bunch of kids and all his efforts produced was a 30-second video of Salif Diao’s car. If any other LFC website owner did this, it’s doubtful anybody would bat an eyelid. But if an LFC website owner who has been claiming for years that he has contacts inside Melwood, on the board and within the first team squad does this, he looks like a liar and a fool.

Oldham has wisely removed the video of his 2006 Melwood debacle from YouTube but you can read all about it here, here and here.

Oldham seems to be entering into another of his depressive periods. We’d be pretty depressed if we were Duncan Oldham.

02:29 PM One more sly dig at Houllier
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Maybe Ged should have died when he was seriously ill, maybe then he would receive a little more respect than that he gets today.

That bizarre statement was part of Oldham’s ranting response to a comment criticising Houllier made by Bascombe in today’s Echo. It was followed by this jaw-dropping hypocrisy from the man who has made a living out of bashing LFC players and staff for the past eight years. The man who hounded Fowler, boasted he could end the Liverpool career of Crouch, who he referred to as “Lurch”, and fabricated a story about a Bellamy training ground bust-up to generate hits for his site.

03:13 PM Re: One more sly dig at Houllier [Re: Dunk]
Not meaning to be controversial but i don’t see a lot wrong with what Bascombe has said really.
Its not a personal attack, he isn’t saying Ged achieved nothing, just that we had some poor nights in Europe under him which is true no matter what you think of Houllier.

04:03 PM Re: One more sly dig at Houllier [Re: johninashed]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
I don’t base my opinions on one off comments. Dunk knows best 🙂

04:05 PM Re: One more sly dig at Houllier [Re: Dunk]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Ged bashing, Souness bashing, McManaman bashing..

04:09 PM Re: One more sly dig at Houllier [Re: Dunk]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Owen bashing

Re: One more sly dig at Houllier [Re: Dunk]
Steve Administrator
He is always bashing somebody it’s his nature.

See these articles for an explanation of Oldham’s bitterness towards Chris Bascombe:


thankyou chris

13 Responses to “KopTalk plans another humiliating Melwood trip”

  1. chrispy Says:

    In all fairness it was me who first started calling Crouch Lurch on KONtalk. It wasn’t meant in a nasty way, more comical, but the shear size of the guy reminded me of Lurch off the Addams Family. I know Dunk picked up on it after i’d made the initial post but I hold my hands up to calling him it first on KONtalk and will accept any criticism sent my way. Appologies to all (except that fat, worthless bag of shite who runs KONtalk that is).

  2. Tubby Says:

    has anyone thought of getting Kontalk onto http://www.rip-off.co.uk/

  3. 1892 Insider Says:

    This Melwood stunt serves to emphasise the vast difference between Chris Bascombe and Duncan Oldham, and explains some of Dunk’s bitterness towards Bascombe.

    While Dunk has to send his teenage lackey to spy on our Club and its staff, Bascombe has authorised access to players and officials, as well as enjoying the respect of most Liverpool fans. His writing is informed by his close, genuine insider contact with the Club, but he remains professional and is able to offer constructive criticisms when necessary. He has a position that Oldham envies.

    Bascombe is a proper journalist who prides himself on getting the story right, whereas Oldham’s motivation has so often been just to encourage hits, hence the criticism from Bascombe in 2001 for Oldham’s lies about Fowler. Oldham is so stupid that he can’t see the contradiction between claiming just a few days ago that his ‘sources in Melwood’ have told him who the scouts are monitoring, then needing to stake out the training ground to know what’s happening. Have the sources gone quiet again? The pity is that none of his paying members ask him this. Are they just too subservient or are they laughing behind their hands about it?

  4. 1892 Insider Says:

    For anyone interested in exactly what Chris Bascombe wrote, I’ve dug the full article from the archives of the time:

    October 15, 2001, Monday

    SECTION: SPORT; Pg. 13

    LENGTH: 338 words


    THE positive news from Tuesday is Vlad is back.

    It means I can deliver the latest newsletter for the Smicer Appreciation Society.

    I like Vladi. Always have. He’s a wonderful player. When he’s playing well he adds a new dimension to Liverpool’s attacking play.

    Like a few others he’s due a contract extension soon. One hopes a few great performances and an injury-free rest of the season, will make a new deal a certainty.

    There were probably more crosses into the six yard box in the second half on Tuesday than there have been in the last 12 months.

    Sadly, there were no poachers on hand to finish off Vladimir’s good work.

    Ironically Robbie Fowler, who thrives on that kind of service, missed out because he was ill.

    He admitted Smicer’s deliveries would have him licking his lips in anticipation “I think it was just one of those days on Tuesday, ” said Robbie.

    “There were chances which were created which the likes of me, Michael Owen and Emile Heskey thrive on.”

    Fowler had a chest infection earlier in the week and those who read his in -depth interview in yesterday’s ECHO will have found remarks about the publicity he receives interesting.

    As he said, he only has to breathe these days and someone somewhere is writing about him.

    This week, when Robbie wasn’t even playing, we saw another example which shows how, more than any other player, he is the target of rumour.

    I was sent an article this week by a reader which appeared on one unofficial Liverpool website which I won’t name because it doesn’t deserve the free ad it probably wants (Okay, I will.

    Apparently it’s called Kopchat or Koptalk or something like that). They wrote an outrageous lie which dared to suggest Robbie’s absence on Tuesday wasn’t because he was ill.

    As Robbie explained: “I woke up on Tuesday and felt really lousy and light headed. I was about to come into training in the afternoon and I called the doc. The doctor came round to my house, examined me and told me to go back to bed.”

  5. when will they learn Says:

    dunk has his finger on the pulse as usual. As his “source” claims melwood is on standy-by (sounds like some cheesy american war film) for a flash medical, rafa publicly claims there will be no more new faces at anfield. what a complete and utter fat prick this guy is. Who will believe any of the slurry that spews out of his gargantuan cake hole!!

  6. Dr Proctor Says:

    Koptalk should be on http://www.blagger.com

    Would come up there in Google searches as well.

  7. Flagpole Corner Says:

    While Gérard Houllier isn’t my favourite person in terms of former Liverpool staff, this fat Geordie is bang out of order with his comments and it woud be advisable for someone to contact the club about his latest exploits so that they can act and request him to stop using their good name to promote his money-making scheme.

    As has been said in the article, Bascombe in a proper journalist who writes a mixture of truth and opinion and does his utmost to get the facts straight, something which he is credited for several times over every season. As a fellow journalist I do the same albeit with a lesser appeal. What Oldham has produced is bona fide bullshit and he needs to be taking down a peg or two very soon.

  8. Worried? Says:

    Was last with the news about Pako leaving as well…..What a loser.

  9. Concorde Says:

    No sign of Dunk at the Toulouse game*

    Has he put up any claims that he was at either of the home games after his claim that he would be attending all matches at Anfield? Have any of his members asked him about his match experiences this season? Maybe a good subject for a suicide post.

    * Disclaimer: not a scientific study. Results obtained by scanning several thousand faces in the Main Stand, “near the dugouts” where the lard-arse said his new spec is, for five minutes before kick off.

  10. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    This may have been covered elsewhere but has anyone visited the “koptalkblog” recently? Hes been saying they have had another S*n ad outrage. I haven”t seen it mentioned anywhere, anyone believe it?

    Is this kt attempting to drum up a bit of controversy/attention? Remembering that kt is dead as dunks dick.

  11. 1892 Insider Says:


    He’s not mentioned either the Chelsea or Toulouse games in any detail and he certainly hasn’t made any comments about attending them. Nor has anyone asked him. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s at the match in a few hours… As if.

    Red Lion Landlord,

    I did receive a report from someone last weekend about an ad running, among other comments, but they didn’t respond to my reply when I asked whether I could quote their mail in an article.

    It seems he never learns. We’ve had admins come here telling us that banner ads are opt-in campaigns. Even if his somehow weren’t, it’d hardly be too much to expect him to check regularly to ensure that no offensive ads appear. With such a scaled-down front page, I see no need for him to run any at all.

  12. Toothache Says:

    I saw what Fatty wrote on his blog. He actually tried so hard to prove he didn’t deliberately select the s*n ads that he cocked up and proved he did select them.

    Basically you tick a box if you want that little ad campaign, deselect it if not. Now it’s pretty obvious that you don’t automatically get a tick in the box if a new ad campaign appears. Why? Well all the newspapers carry banner ads. How would it look for the Daily Mirror or the Star if they suddenly started showing ads for the S*n?

    Any doubts I had, as little as they were, that fatty really was being honest when he said he couldn’t stop them before they appeared are now blown away. The evil git has done this on purpose all along.

    The sad thing is – there are still loads of reds who trust the fat barstard.

  13. felix Says:

    when asked why there are no match photos on the site fatty replied :

    “I thought the last feature was abit dull and it limits us to one supplier. I’m still working on what format to use this season.”

    As LFC fan I never find looking at our match day photos dull !!
    Last year fatty would borrow the photos from the offal or rawk.

    Hopefully more people will realize the truth about this conman.

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