Bank holiday bullshit from KopTalk

The bank holiday has seen Duncan Oldham return to his bullshitting worst. He seemed to have lost interest in KopTalk completely over the past month or two. You could hardly blame him.

We were beginning to suspect that he was trying to bore us into submission. Even someone as thick as Oldham must realise that being shown to be a pathetic, repugnant liar every day for more than a year can’t be good for business. So he had really been trying to behave himself lately – but we knew it couldn’t last…

Now KopTalk’s “Melwood sources” have once again reported a story which has already been on NewsNow for 24 hours. A full day after the appearance of this article – “Liverpool go for Leiva pal Carlos Eduardo TribalFootball 11:39 26-Aug-07” – Oldham came out with the following laughable nonsense:

27/08/07 10:13 AM Interest in target increases
KopTalk Team Administrator http://www.koptalk.coN
Liverpool’s interest in Gremio ace Carlos Eduardo appears to be increasing.
The link returned again over the weekend and according to KopTalk sources, Eduardo is a player that the scouting department are monitoring on a weekly basis.
At 20 years of age, Eduardo is one of Brazil’s top prospects. He is a left-sided attacking midfielder who is also attracting interest from Real Madrid.
A source at Melwood, Liverpool’s training ground, told us: “Eduardo is a player that the manager rates highly.
“The scouts have been watching him and continue to do so whenever he’s in action. DVD reports of his progress have been dropping in on a regular basis but there hasn’t been an approach [from Liverpool].”

Next we were treated to another Oldham favourite – we may or may not sign someone, depending on whether or not we make a bid for them. Well worth £30.

10.36AM Re: FAO Dunk, could you help ease our worries…………… [Re: builder]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
There’s only a few days left to conclude any summer business. From what I hear we were working on a deal last week for a defender. Whether that will lead to a bid I don’t know. I don’t see Rafa flapping but I do think he will sign someone if the deal is right for us. Yes he is trying to strengthen before the window closes but at the same time he will not be held to ransom.

Oldham kicked off the weekend with the most brazen piece of bullshit we’ve heard from him in months. He and Steve, who both claim not to earn a wage from KT, had been for a big day out at the races in York. Oldham claimed he met up there with Lauren’s parents.

He knows that the unanswered questions about his lucrative 18-month YNWA Lauren appeal have been very damaging to KT. All he has to do to remedy this problem is to prove that all the money donated went to its intended recipient. But Oldham continues to refuse to take this simple step.

Instead, Oldham insisted that he and Lauren’s parents had decided to make a video in which they would lay to rest all concerns over the way the appeal was run. But – would you believe it – they decided at the last minute not to waste their time doing so.

In place of this cancelled message, Oldham gave us a video of a middle-aged couple dancing in a club. We only have Oldham’s word that they are Lauren’s parents, as they don’t speak to the camera at all. Whoever they are, we wish them all the best.

A couple of other points to keep in mind when reading Oldham’s words below: the main concern isn’t “that Lauren never received a penny”. People want to be sure that every penny donated went to Lauren. There is no good reason why it shouldn’t have.

Also, it has been demonstrated on this blog and elsewhere that Lauren’s family would have received government assistance as soon as the tragedy befell her. So there was never any danger of them losing their house. This was pointed out to Oldham at the time of the appeal but he conveniently chose to disregard the information.

Hangovers & Cash Withdrawal Receipts = Ebor Week!
24/08/2007 by Dunk.

Yesterday I had a blow out, it was fantastic! Both Steve and myself met up with my Aunt and Uncle – Lauren’s parents – for a day out on the lash. We picked plenty of winners (and losers!) at the Ebor meeting and afterwards headed to a club until the early hours of Friday morning.

It was the first time since Lauren was paralysed that we’ve had the time to meet up for a proper day and night out. We obviously touched on the subject and also the subject of my stalkers who claimed that Lauren never received a penny in the donations and gifts that she received from numerous KopTalk members, who ran their own fundraiser when Lauren was taken ill.

We all decided to do a video response for these clowns but later on her mum and dad decided we shouldn’t even waste our time on them. I was gutted because it would have been class, especially as we were all in such a good mood. During the night they spoke of the genuine appreciation they had for the people that supported them during the hours of need. It was a difficult time for the family, it still is, and yes they said it was very sad that some Liverpool fans on the internet had had to lower themselves into dragging a young girl’s life into their playground campaign against me, all because they had been axed from our website.

They sent everyone a thank you card that supported them so if you didn’t receive one, you should let me know and I will pass this on as they’d be devastated if someone missed out. They said they would make a video one day but at the moment they are prevented from doing so because of an inquiry into how Lauren was paralysed while in hospital but once that concludes, they can explain the full details of the paralysis and so on. They haven’t forgotten the support that complete strangers gave them, they certainly didn’t walk alone. Those Reds should be proud of themselves, they put those Reds who stalk myself and my family to shame.

It was, at times, an emotional night when we talked about what had happened to Lauren, their little girl. But they did manage to spend some quality time together and they admitted that the inspiration Lauren gives them, enables them to remain strong. They also said that if it hadn’t of been for KopTalk they would have lost their home during the first year that Lauren remained in hospital. They’d already said “thanks” a million times in the past but last night it was quite an emotional thank you. I was proud to be associated not only with them but also the members who supported them, they made the difference.


10 Responses to “Bank holiday bullshit from KopTalk”

  1. stu Says:

    Ducan Oldham,
    Its quite clear that you read this blog and its comments. You really are a pathetic waste of time. Who do you think you are still kidding with this stuff – honestly – reason with yourself. You are not well – I have a friend who is a compulsive liar like you – he lies that much now that he believes his own lies. You must do as well – and – to boot, you think we are all stupid.

    I suppose now you come out with this shit, you have to keep coming out with it. Do yourself a favour. To have conned so many people for so long a time as you did, you clearly are a deviant conman who is relatively good at conning people. You, after all have a mercedes (which makes you succesful) – were as I only have a family who actually love me and a much worse car (i digress). My point is, you were succesful at cheating people – and thats clearly the only way your ever going to make money – if your living in spain now you cant even claim ill health benefits from the goverment. Why dont you, with all this conman genius – fuck off somewere else and stop using Liverpool football club as the basis for you to fleece people. You are not a fan – you cant be…you know that, we all know that…so please, please just leave this club alone. Your probably sat there reading this laughing as another stolen £30 hits your account – but one day sunshine, you will get your come uppance.

    I would have said go and fleece the man united fans by setting up strettalk or something…however…I dont even believe they deserve to have a parasite like you hanging on. I am just so fed up now of reading the shite you churn out day in day out that shows what a pathetic waste of time you are. Its no wonder, no wonder at all, that your wife left you. I would imagine she was the only thing good that ever happened to you. Even those strippers that you had on either arm last week were thinking what a fat repulsive dickhead you are, and you probable paid them to be there.

    Please, please – leave us alone.

  2. 1892 Insider Says:

    Some more of what passes for ‘insider’ information over on KopTalk. With the end of August approaching, it seems that everyone wants in on the act.

    #21217 – Today at 07:11 PM Latest!
    legin1973 legin1973 Online happy
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: 19/08/07
    Posts: 25
    Loc: Harrogate
    Ok things are getting quite frantic apparently (just like at any club with last-minute business to conclude) with things all coming together we are very confident of one signing and another looks likely..wether of these one is back up for the other is unclear…(so, we’re confident of one, another’s likely, but maybe we only want one after all). Still there has been no names been given (I bet!) which my mate suggests COULD mean a bigger name than he expected..
    With the Heinze deal falling thru and Arbeloa’s form on the left it has prompted Rafa to re think (people really do thank him for this stuff later in the thread) and we are now not just looking at LB/CB but right across the team..
    Rumour has it things arent rosy for Benny (rumour = quotes from his agent in last week’s Guardian) and we may bring in another player to compete with Penant…That is just a suggestion that has been mentioned nothing concrete.. (nothing ever is concrete on KT; otherwise, it couldn’t later be spun to justify the ‘insider’ claims)

    Basically something is definately a foot as soon as he hears what it is he will let me know but he know feels (has no info) (at last, some honesty!) it could be a major signing..

    Villa , Quaresma , Alves???…
    I through those names at him and the only one he ruled out was Villa…Unless we sell Crouch before window closes..


  3. irishgeo Says:

    i dont remember getting a thank you card and donated to the “appeal” and dunk had all my details.

  4. Ron Nasty Says:

    I was a member all through the Lauren appeals. I never gave money, I actually couldn’t believe there were ‘stickys’ about paying her mortgage, it just wasn’t right. Along with everything else that wasn’t. Many of the KTers who gave money were then kicked out, being an old get, I’d say it was Stalinist. Proper weird times.
    At the most nowadays you just get bullshitted about being on holida or moving somewhere , then they (him) were really after your money big style.

  5. MrH Says:

    I checked the Koptalk website the other day, apparently it is going to take until next year to update it. What a load of bollocks. Oldham just cannot be arsed anymore as you said. He is ripping his members off, but we already knew that didnt we?

  6. morpheus Says:

    I won a life long membership to koptalk a few years back and used to frequent the site on a regular basis. I never really looked at other lfc sites, partly because i’m lazy and partly because I didn’t think i needed to, I thought koptalk was genuine.

    Last year during one of dunks infamous upgrades, all those who had won life long memberships had to pay to stay a member. Life long apparently doesn’t mean life long. I actually considered paying to get a membership then i started looking at other privately run lfc sites and discovered that koptalk was offering nothing that could not already be found for free else where.

    I only recently came across this site and i must admit i was relieved I hadn’t payed for a koptalk membership and all my concerns are apparently justified. I would say to anyone thinking about paying for koptalk to seriously consider it. I’m not saying it’s wrong, all i’m saying is that I have found everything that koptalk offered me else where for free.

  7. when will they learn Says:

    Whatever happened to the koptalk van. Was supposed to be a mobile media centre that would allow them to take koptalk on the road. Wasnt it already bought? strange how that never gets mentioned and gets locked in the koptalk vault with items such as the infamous crouch tape

  8. SKamp Says:

    The Sun banner is back on his welcoming page…
    I do not know how to take a screen shot so i’ll leave that up2U

  9. Ian C Says:

    I cant understand how Jabba’s webshite is still up and running.
    I had hoped it would be closed and the fat one bankrupt by now.

    What goes around, comes around and one day soon the world around Duncan Oldham is going to cave in big time and no amount of ‘hitmen’ will be able to save him.

  10. Armchairkopite Says:

    I sent a €50 cheque from Ireland and it was never cashed maybe he didn’t want the cashiers account name to come up on my statement why else wouldn’t it have been cashed?

    THis is another thing to look into, anyone who sent cheques where they lodged?

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