Want to meet Dunk in person? Locations inside

Dunk has kindly posted his travel itinerary for us (whether it is true or not I doubt) but if anyone wishes to “have a word” he claims he will be at Anfield this Sunday. He’ll also be having a meal at the Albert Dock on Saturday night. Read on…

From Duncan Oldham’s blog on Duncanoldham.com (http://duncanoldham.com/2007/08/16/on-the-road/)

Liverpool & York Dates
16/08/2007 by Dunk.

Just a quick update to let you know that I’ll be in Liverpool from Friday 17th. We’ve a table booked down Albert Dock on Saturday night and then it’ll be the footy on Sunday as Liverpool take on Chelsea.

On Tuesday 21st the Ebor race meeting starts so we’ll be staying in York until the 24th. Hopefully we’ll be filling our boots!

7 Responses to “Want to meet Dunk in person? Locations inside”

  1. stu Says:

    Ambigous as ever. A table booked “down the albert dock” – i didnt know you could book a table in the albert dock? he surely means one of the resteraunts. So, if anyone who reads this on here is a member – ask him which one. Est est est? The blue bar? There are about 10 places he could book down that way.

    I bet if someone asks him were he will be he simply doesnt answer or swuirms his way out of it.

  2. when will they learn Says:

    come on fellow reds, die hard fans, lets give oldham the kicking he deserves when he gets to liverpool

  3. deiseach Says:

    He won’t be going to Est Est Est. Might remind him of a ‘rival’ website. Ba-boom-tish!

  4. chapeau du soleil Says:

    I’ve got one of the restaurants in that area covered tonight anyway

  5. Tony Beep Beep Says:

    Had no idea there was a KFC/Maccy’s/Burger King at the Albert Dock? I wonder what Mr Creosote will be dining on tonight, hopefully a mouthful of broken teeth.

  6. Flagpole Corner Says:

    the fat bastard has his own personal website as well as kraptalk? more money than sense.

    if he’s in anfield on sunday he won’t last 5 minutes.

  7. chrispy Says:

    And then off to the races. I wonder if he’ll be using the £30 of mine he refuses to refund to place a wager?

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