Call for Duncan Oldham to provide video evidence of being inside Anfield on Sunday

A few weeks ago, Duncan Oldham had a rush of blood to the head and made the following statement:

Dunk 21/07/07 05:42 PM
I’ve set myself a target of attending every home game next season and have accomodation booked up for the first half of the season … I’ll be back in the UK from around September 1st once the transfer window has closed.

But the owner of the website for “diehard reds” had forgotten the small matter of our first home match of the season – the league game against Chelsea on Sunday. Oldham would have already failed to meet his “target of attending every home game next season” when he arrived “back in the UK from around September 1st”. He is so thick and lazy that he hadn’t even bothered to check the fixture lists before lying about the games he would attend.

Now Oldham has remembered that the season begins in August and has declared that he will fly in to Liverpool today and attend the match on Sunday, as pointed out by onefinalpush earlier. For reasons known only to himself, Oldham chose to make this announcement on his shoddy blogs, which are accessible to all, rather than on his subscription-only website. Perhaps he’s worried that his KopTalk members will want to meet up with him. Take a look at this article to see how Oldham made a complete fool of himself avoiding meeting up with KT members at last year’s Community Shield match.

Liverpool & York Dates
16/08/2007 by Dunk.
Just a quick update to let you know that I’ll be in Liverpool from Friday 17th. We’ve a table booked down Albert Dock on Saturday night and then it’ll be the footy on Sunday as Liverpool take on Chelsea.
On Tuesday 21st the Ebor race meeting starts so we’ll be staying in York until the 24th. Hopefully we’ll be filling our boots!

We’re sure he’ll be attending the race meeting but it has been a fair few years since he dared turn up at Anfield. He has too many enemies there and he’s hardly inconspicuous. Oldham hasn’t even had the courage to attend games at the Nou Camp or the Millennium Stadium. He was in Barcelona for the match in February but, although he posted up several tedious videos of bad Spanish street theatre, he provided no evidence that he had been inside the ground. And who can forget the laughable charade of Oldham pretending to be in Athens in May.

So we’d like to remind him of our earlier challenge – we want to see video footage of himself inside Anfield with a copy of one of that day’s newspapers. Having found time to make that bizarre, pointless and downright weird video of Steve showering this week, we’re sure he’ll be able to spare a minute to prove to the world that he’s been to Anfield. And we want another video for each game he claims to attend. Surely that isn’t too much to ask?

This is a strange moment for Oldham to be going on one of his “jollies”. KopTalk’s server move still hasn’t been completed. It is now weeks behind schedule and continues to cause needless aggravation to his paying members. Yet Oldham still refuses to help transfer members over to the new site himself.

Dave100 02:08 PM
Dunk, where are…..
Red_4_ever and pool78?
Have they been moved across yet?

Dunk Site Editor 02:16 PM
Re: Dunk, where are….. [Re: Dave100]
Sorry but I have no idea. I’m not dealing with the transfers.

So what is he spending his time doing? Enjoying the Spanish sunshine? He certainly isn’t devoting it to KT’s paying members – he made a grand total of 12 posts yesterday and 15 the day before that. And he still hasn’t finished updating the database for his SMS alerts. He initially promised to have it sorted by the time the season started. Then he said it would be done for the Toulouse away game. But some members still aren’t getting the service they paid for.

Whats happened to the text messages.
penderp Loc: kildare, ireland
Hey guys just wondering why the text messages have stopped coming my way. you know the ones with team selection, goal alerts and full time scores. Has it stopped for everyone or is it just me.


Still no team text??
Mars0634 Loc: Born Liverpool but working in …
My mate who is also a member and sits approx 20 feet away from me received his team text about 25 mins ago, but I got nothing?
Are you still transferring over as you said you expected to be finished in time for the Toulouse game

7 Responses to “Call for Duncan Oldham to provide video evidence of being inside Anfield on Sunday”

  1. 1892 Insider Says:

    I’ve set myself a target of attending every home game next season and have accomodation booked up for the first half of the season

    Is that kipping on Chris Waddle’s couch or is he booked into the KopTalk hotel?

  2. Concorde Says:

    I’m looking forward to Sunday when Dunc will be sat right by me in the Main Stand near to the dugouts. 🙂

    What odds would you give that there’s no sign of the tub of lard? I reckon 1-100 is generous.

  3. scousenproud Says:

    He will be visited today if he sits in his usual centennary seats.

  4. Trichin Chubbylobes-O'Bese Says:

    I’ll stick my neck out and make a guess that he isn’t in the UK and merely wants a couple of days away from the keyboard in Spain.

    He’ll use the “we don’t make any money from this we’re not a big outfit” if anyone complains of no updates while simultaneously banning a few members and double charging them on paypal.

    If he still has the tickets he’ll have given them to a family member or send Steve so they can take photos (or have an agreement from to pay someone inside the stand to do so)

    If he goes near Anfield he’ll be in serious trouble. He’s pasted his big fat face all over the place and someone that obese will be easy to spot. It’s not like he can run away from trouble.

    He may be a vile, conning, thick cunt but he’d require the intellect of an amoeba to go near Anfield on a match day.

    The simple fact is his arse would be too wide to fit in a seat.

  5. tubby Says:

    Anyone spot the fat dope?

  6. when will they learn Says:

    So the fat one hasnt produced any pictures of his anfield visit. Could it be that he didnt make it after all and it was another publicity stunt to make himself look like a liverpool supporter. Surely he would have been bragging to all who will listen if he actually did make it?
    What happened to the promises on the blog aswell? Perhaps it was deleted because he refused to “tow the lin”!!

  7. Concorde Says:

    Surprise surprise, there was no sign of him in the Main Stand near the dugouts where he claimed he would be.

    Now I accept that scanning a few thousand faces in the five minutes before kick-off isn’t an infallible method to spot a person but I would have thought that if the fat fucker was there I would have at least spotted the small planets that must be orbiting his vast bulk.

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