Dunk's lies is all that's left

The old koptalk.coN forum is dead. Posting there is down to under 100 posts a day even on match days. The only real activity there is Dunk posting his “cut and paste”-stuff from various media, and a few members wondering if they’re the only ones left.

Despite nothing going on in the forums, Dunk manages to trip himself up with more lies. Yesterday he posted this message to the remaining members.

#259494 – 14/08/07 10:13 PM STILL LEFT ON THIS SITE?
Dunk Dunk
Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 22362
If you’re still here, firstly let me apologise for the delays in moving you to the new server. We really, really do appreciate your co-operation and patience.  (What co-operation? They’ve paid £30 to be part of a forum, and now they’ve been stuck in a dead one for almost three weeks.  I think they are entitled to a refund.)
It is going to take at least another week to complete the move but don’t worry, we are working flat out to get this completed as soon as possible. (How come you need a month to move your members when it could be done instantly like the last time when you moved from koptalkinsider.coN?)

News items etc will continue to be added here along with anything else of interest. (That won’t replace the discussions that the about 2000 remaining members are left out of though.)

If it drags on for much longer and you are one of the last left, I will see that you are looked after when your sub is up. (Back to the refunds I mentioned earlier then?)

Members are moved across every couple of minutes which is why it is getting quieter each day. (That’s a barefaced lie. You haven’t moved more than just over 100 members at most any day. The last member right now was moved 14 minutes ago, and the one before that 35 minutes ago. Sometimes there is more than an hour between each member is moved. How do you explain that to the members that are still waiting to be moved, when you claim to have eight people working on this?)

You can call us on 0151 324 1617 or 0151 324 1615 between 6am and midnight daily if you are desperate to be moved across. Failing that you can open a ticket at http://www.kopta1k.info but I would ask you to hold off doing that if you can so that we can clear the existing ones. (After waiting for three weeks they probably can’t be arsed anyway. They’ve probably found other LFC-sites while waiting to be moved. Don’t expect many of them to renew. You’ve really made a mess of this just to get rid of us. And you’ve failed. We have access to the new site, and new fed-up members continue to donate log-ins to keep the blog inside.)

Today DunCon had to come up with another lie to please his still waiting members:

#259540 – 15/08/07 11:38 AM Re: How many of us are still here? [Re: Taffy]
Dunk Dunk
Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 22362
Another couple of hundred will be moved today

Since this statement another 30 members have been moved. Here’s the list if you don’t believe me:

Oat User   0 Today at 12:10 PM
* musakhan73 User   0 Today at 12:13 PM
* samuelkpw User   0 Today at 12:23 PM
* PaulG User   0 Today at 12:24 PM
* elstob User   0 Today at 12:37 PM
* aliboy User   0 Today at 12:38 PM
* kaz01 User   0 Today at 01:40 PM
* aussieRed17 User   0 Today at 02:30 PM
* Christoph User   1 Today at 02:57 PM
* WoolfsonD User   0 Today at 03:16 PM
* MMA2T User   1 Today at 03:38 PM
* Bolthead User   0 Today at 03:45 PM
* bob_nelson User   0 Today at 03:51 PM
* rimps User   0 Today at 03:59 PM
* Redfrm User   0 Today at 04:11 PM
* dennibobler User   0 Today at 04:17 PM
  macca_09 User   1 Today at 05:02 PM
* scouseinexile User   0 Today at 05:02 PM
* seanlfc User   0 Today at 05:12 PM
* keemo1927 User   0 Today at 06:12 PM
* rix007 User   0 Today at 06:22 PM
* dacyroad User   0 Today at 06:22 PM
* howardsutcliffe User   0 Today at 06:35 PM
* redfan User   0 Today at 06:44 PM
* y_coch User   0 Today at 07:58 PM
* Percy_French User   0 Today at 08:22 PM
* Rock User   0 Today at 08:36 PM
* weerab User   0 Today at 08:49 PM
* roland5575 User   0 35 minutes 40 seconds ago
* scott_mason User   0 14 minutes 41 seconds ago

7 Responses to “Dunk's lies is all that's left”

  1. Scouse Says:

    Still the last userID there is 1874

    Even if you take off 100 for the fake aliases this still leaves:

    1774 x £30 = £53220

    That’s getting close to the UK VAT threshold

    If they have just over 2100 members they have to register for VAT by law. Wonder what HMCE will have to say about this one, especially when they go back through the ‘books’ for previous years…

  2. Tam Says:

    What I don’t understand is what it is that he is doing that results in it taking so long to move people over. Is he simply incompetent, lazy or deeply disinterested in his members – because as you have said before, the www is so fast moving that during the delays people will have gone off and found alternative sites to use – or is he doing something that in his mind is worth losing fee paying customers for?

  3. chrispy Says:

    I’ve requested my refund but my e-mails are ignored after Katie told me she’d get it sorted. I had an e-mail off Steve asking for my memorable word (which katie had already asked me for) and it’s been days since i’ve heard anything. It’s funny, coz when i’ve refunded money through paypal in the past it’s been done in less than five minutes.

  4. Toby Says:

    I still love seeing the Skype phone numbers created to fool the idiots into thinking he’s based in Liverpool.

  5. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    One more member was moved just a minute after I posted this article. That made the number of members moved yesterday end at 51, not ‘a couple of hundred’. So far today 43 has been moved. It looks like it’s drying up.

  6. Tam Says:

    Koptalk Outsider, is it possible for someone like me (ie with no great IT expertise) to see the statistics, sources of information etc you are using for your comments above? I would love to have a bit of a dig around.

  7. Clem Says:

    I’m still in KT……my membership expires in a month or so and I’m not renewing. Was gonna cancel but instead I’m waiting to see if they contact me to arrange my move over…..just curious, really!

    I’ve no plans to give them all the info they’ve asked for cos I don’t think it’s at all necessary.

    I’ve not posted for ages, and just watching on here what happens………………..

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