KopTalk's new 'insider' source and other bull

It’s been oh-so-quiet lately, which has given me the chance to lurk on some decent (and free) forums in the time I normally set aside for KopTalk. The only exclusive Dunk’s had has been the appalling video of Steve taking an outdoor shower, a rather disturbing development that should raise questions in the minds of the few still on KT, but probably won’t. Apropos of absolutely nothing, see this Usenet post, then this one from the day before, and this one from the month after. Aren’t PO Boxes useful things to have?

I decided to follow the example of Outside Insider and investigate the deliberately misleading front-page headlines.


Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has taken a new swipe at Liverpool.

That leads to Mourinho talking about Chelsea breaking the record for consecutive unbeaten home league matches:

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has had a sly dig at Liverpool after setting a 64-match record for being unbeaten at home in the league.

Liverpool were unbeaten at Anfield for 63 league games between February 1978 and December 1980 but the record has now been lost.

Jose said: “The previous record belonged to top players such as Kenny Dalglish, Phil Neal, Alan Hansen and all those great Liverpool players.

“Now it belongs to Chelsea, it belongs to Terry, to Lampard, to Eidur Gudjohnsen and to all the players who gave a contribution over the last three years.”

Whatever you think of Chelsea or their manager, it would take a sensitive soul to construe that as criticism of Liverpool. Not much of a dig, really, except if you’re in the market of hyping stories.


Liverpool get off to a good start so it makes sense for those with bad intent to try and rock the boat. Brace yourself!

I happen to know where this came from, because it’s in the BBC’s gossip column and has since been mentioned on Sporting Life, though only as a third party. Where does this lead?

#10077 – Yesterday at 11:58 PM Reds ace furious with Rafa
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Brace yourself for reports tomorrow (Tuesday 14th) that will claim Liverpool striker Peter Crouch in in a “rage” with Reds boss Rafa Benitez over team selection.

We spotted the item on the back page of the newspaper that we shall not name during this evening’s review of tomorrow’s backpages on Sky Sports News.

Obviously we’d prefer to ignore the rag but we cannot as there may be quotes included. We’ll investigate on your behalf in the morning and check the better reads for anything similar.

There you have it. Dunk once again admits that he’s prepared to consult The S*n for LFC news if no other papers are carrying it. Not only that, but he’s giving credence to a rumour only they’re publishing by using it as a teaser on his front page. Aside from it being ludicrous to suggest that Crouch would be demanding talks after missing one game, the fact that no other paper has this, when LFC staff and players do not talk to that paper, means that it can easily be dismissed.

I sometimes wonder if he’ll ever learn what the boycott is about. It means that site editors have a responsibility to do just what you refuse to and ignore stories that appear in that rag, instead of using them as exclusives for your site. You won’t even see it discussed on other LFC sites, never mind reported as a newsworthy story. By doing this kind of thing, and quoting them last week as he did with Warnock’s autobiography, he undermines the spirit of the boycott and sends out the message that it’s ok to read their stories if no-one else has that piece of gossip.

Meanwhile, it seems that the forum software, despite the move to a new server, is not exactly top-of-the-range.

Note Regarding Passwords
by Dunk on Mon 13 Aug 2007 23:14 BST
When you receive your new password for the new server, please do not change it.

Some members are logging in with the password provided and are then changing their passwords. (How dare they?) However, several of them are reporting problems after changing their passwords. If you change your password and are locked out as a result, you will then need to contact us for support and due to the server move, your support ticket will not be answered for some time.

If they haven’t initially chosen their own, then one of the first things people generally do on a forum is to change their admin-generated password, usually because they want something more memorable, but also for security purposes, especially if their original passwords have been e-mailed to them.

On KopTalk, however, it takes weeks on end to be transferred over, then they’re being told they can’t even do that. I’ve never seen a forum like this before. We’ve already had one member commenting here that he won’t be renewing, due in part to this incompetence. I wonder how many others Oldham will lose from this? Keep it up, Dunk.

Never mind, because at least everyone should be getting their SMS updates soon…

We are starting to move people over from the old SMS database to the new SMS database today. It is unlikely that everyone will be moved across today but everyone that received updates last season will be included for the Toulouse match.

Once we have updated the existing SMS database, we will then invite all new members and people who never received SMS alerts last season, to contact us for inclusion.

From this season we have introduced a dedicated SMS support line which is +44 (0)151 324 1616. Members will be able to call this number for Monday for all SMS enquiries i.e. inclusion, non-receipt reports and so on.

All members are reminded that if they request to be included that they should ask for a test message to be sent. We can not guarantee delivery of messages because it all depends on your network provider. People in the UK should be fine and 99.99% of our overseas members have no problems.

The magic number returns, but with an extra digit this time. It doesn’t take a degree in Mathematics to work out that he’s saying that only 1 overseas member in 10,000 should encounter problems. As he doesn’t have even close to half that many in total, then I find that hard to believe.

Dunk’s finally given up running charity appeals directly. That’s something we’re very glad about, because it’s reassuring to know that good causes can benefit, without any doubts over the collecting. He now uses Justgiving, so the donations definitely do go straight to the nominated charity. Nothing wrong with that at all. I do, however, feel slightly uneasy about his latest initiative to drum up support: offering what should have been a simultaneous part of the server transfer as an incentive to donate, by hinting that it could otherwise be ‘months’ before his members have their original post counts and join dates.

#10566 – Today at 02:14 PM Have you donated to Spinal Research?
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If you have requested a custom title under your member name along with the transfer of your ‘postcount’ amount and ‘registered on’ date from the old server, you will have made a donation to Spinal Research of £1 or more at http://www.justgiving.com/kopta1k

If you haven’t yet had your details updated here after making a donation to Spinal Research, please could you open a support ticket at http://www.koptalk.inf0 to inform us.

Thanks very much for taking part in this fun fundraiser

PS: You do not have to make a donation to have your postcount and original registered on date copied over but these will not be updated for several weeks, maybe months. If you make a donation of £1 or more via http://www.justigiving.com/kopta1k we will update everything for you now and also give you a custom title of your own choice.

The custom titles I can accept being an ‘extra’, but he has time to restore post counts and join dates now if he has time to do it after a donation. It smacks of trying to force people, especially as it’ll be easy to tell who has and who hasn’t donated — why?

And finally, it seems Dunk can’t even prevent his unconscious mind dreaming up (literally) new exclusives. His new source; you read it here first.

#10165 – Today at 06:07 AM Voronin
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I had a dream last night that Voronin picks up a knee or ankle injury… I can’t remember. Just letting you know

4 Responses to “KopTalk's new 'insider' source and other bull”

  1. Cadmium Says:

    A Dream! Well I never!

    i had a dream we won the league once, and then one I won the lottery, get it! We’re going to be champions and I’ll be rich!

    The fat idiot!

  2. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    He needs a new source for inside info, because none of his latest “Insiders” (pool78, legin1973 and red4ever) have been moved over to the new site.

  3. The Oracle Says:

    I had a dream…

    that Dunk had a brain cell, then I woke up and realised that it could never happen, he’d always be a moron.

    Good article, 1892 Insider.

  4. Tom Says:

    desperate scraps from Dunkin. What at truly awful site.

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