Oldham begins to admit the truth about KopTalk

Duncan Oldham has finally begun to admit what the rest of us have known for a long time: KopTalk is about gossip rather than actual “insider” information.

This is probably Oldham’s way of trying to cover himself against the legal action he fears is coming his way. But please rest assured Duncan, this summer we’ve taken screenshots every time you’ve lied about having spies inside Melwood, contact with the board and all those other familiar delusions. That includes the Mancini medical which never happened, the Torres medical which hadn’t yet happened, and KT breaking the Babel story mere hours after it had been reported by the Echo.

You have to wonder how his site’s members must feel about this sudden bout of honesty. They’ve been duped into giving him money by those teasing headlines promising inside info, only to now be told they won’t be getting any after all.

Some of them had already begun to work out the truth about KT for themselves:

Next weekend very important
just cant be bothered to comment anymore as there are too many idiots who have no info at all but seem to enjoy ripping everyone else’s opinions, hence the lack of insider info this site ow contains compared to a few seasons ago.

That should read “genuine insider info”.
It seems there is an awful lot of supposed insiders knocking around at the moment, many of them seemingly just recycling the WWW, before bigging hemselves & each other up.

After making a complete arse of himself with his big scoops about the medicals that never were, Oldham eventually had this to say:

Re: fixing a video clip help

Davros 12:01 PM

I don’t have, and am unlikely to ever have, any inside info but I’m happy to help out with other things where I can

Dunk 04:43 PM

Great! The site’s a lot more about gossip mate, wait until the season starts, then the real fun will start


Re: Count please….

10:32 AM


I’ve tried to take the site away from the ‘insider’ tag because it was attracting some right divs who think people have a direct line to Parry’s office.

What could possibly have given people that impression? Could it be these comments made by Oldham last July:

Dunk KopTalk Editor

Reged: 20/08/04 Posts: 8113

Parry Meeting #1534354 – 08/07/06 09:35 AM Reply Quote

I’m meeting Rick Parry at Anfield soon. I have told him I will try and get in before the season starts. We’re actually negotiating for something. He wants something I have, I want something he can give me.


Dunk KopTalk Editor

Reged: 20/08/04 Posts: 8113 Re: Parry Meeting [Re: kingofkop]

#1534375 – 08/07/06 09:48 AM Reply Quote

Quote: go on , ask him the burning question, th eone all koptalkers want to know – where DOES he get those ties!

LOL I tend to avoid him like the plague. They’re always trying to get me in, him or the official site top director

Or could it be this quote, which was on the website for Oldham’s non-existent book for the best part of three years:

“Rick Parry has himself invited me in for a chat after I have him a rough idea of what I was up to.”

(Click here to see the original page)

So when Oldham says only “right divs” think he has contact with Parry, he actually means “paying members who believe my lies”. Yet another addition to the long list of insults he has thrown at the people who line his pockets.


5 Responses to “Oldham begins to admit the truth about KopTalk”

  1. Jocky Says:

    Shambolic sums it all up.Keep up the good work lads

  2. chapeau du soleil Says:

    The brazen-ness of the fat thief is breathtaking. He trips himself up more times than an “It’s a knockout” giant. “And here come the Belgians”

  3. Skamp Says:

    A link to the highlights (i figured if just 1 fan doesn’t sign up for fatty because we gave him a link it’s worth it)


  4. bazza76 Says:

    Good work insider.
    Lets hope he gets what he deserves soon.

  5. Larakin15 Says:

    Having been critical of the previous style of reporting on the blog (Rupert), can I congratulate the new breed on recent blog posts, including this one. Sticking to factual events and tripping up Dunk on his lies, rather than speculation and tabloid-style ramblings, is the way to go. Cheers from a Kt “cultee”…

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