The unremarkable truth behind those KopTalk front page headlines

As we wait in vain for anything of interest to happen on KopTalk, we thought we would look back at the teaser headlines which have appeared on the KopTalk front page over the summer.

With KT’s free forums closed and its stories banned from NewsNow, these intriguing headlines are probably now Oldham’s principal means of duping fresh victims into joining his dying site.

Please rest assured that paying him £30 would only have led to reports which you had already seen on NewsNow, icLiverpool,,,, Google News and others. Apart from the stories which Duncan Oldham had made up himself, of course, like this little gem from May under the headline of “Parry and Benitez meeting”.

Rafa, Rick Parry plus one unknown (older) gentleman have just concluded a 3 hour meeting. We have no idea who the 3rd person is. We are trying to find out.

Well worth £30. Below is a list of some of this summer’s KT front page headlines, the stories they led to and the way they also appeared on NewsNow. It hardly needs saying that the NewsNow reports always appeared before those on KT.

So if you want to save yourselves £30, just visit NewsNow, icLiverpool, walkon, lfcpost, lfcwire, Google News or any of the fan sites a few times a day. And we promise to keep you informed here about the laughable crap Oldham makes up himself.


One of the most intriguing current KT front page headlines,

DOOR SLAMS SHUT ON DEFENDER With just over 3 weeks left until the transfer window closes, Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is still trying to strengthen his defence ahead of the new season.

doesn’t lead to anything. It was probably meant to be a reference to Baines going to Everton but it’s impossible to be sure – there is no article on KT with a title bearing even a slight resemblance to that headline.

REDS IN FOR RONALDINHO KID Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid are all locked in a transfer battle to try and land the player that is dubbed the new Ronaldinho. Item just in including quotes.

—leads to—

“Reports today claim that Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid are all trying to land Brazilian youngster Luiz Marcelo Morais dos Reis, AKA ‘Lulinha’.”

as earlier reported by the NotW and then on NewsNow

LIVERPOOL AGREE TRANSFER Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has agreed to allow one of his defenders to leave the club.

—leads to—

“Liverpool defender Miki Roque has signed for Xerez Club Deportivo, a Spanish second division side, on a season-long loan.”

as reported on NewsNow by the official site, Sky Sports and others

TRANSFER TALKS IMMINENT As stated above, the window closes at the end of this month and Rafa needs to iron out a few things before it’s too late for the new campaign.

—leads to—

“Liverpool target Gabriel Heinze will hold crunch transfer talks with his manager Sir Alex Ferguson on Monday.”

as reported on NewsNow by Tribal Football, Setanta and others

NEW NAME ENTERS THE FRAME Liverpool have today been linked with a fresh name as the boss looks to continue strengthening his squad ahead of the new season. Full report just in

—leads to—

“Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has listed Diego Placente as a possible target, should the proposed signing of Gabriel Heinze collapse.”

as first reported on NewsNow two days earlier

NEW £17MILLION TRANSFER LINK Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has been linked with a £17million winger today following yesterday’s suggestions by the chief executive that the club will continue to spend if the right players become available.

—led to—

“A very brief snippet in today’s Mirror newspaper suggests that Rafa Benitez would like to sign Arjen Robben for £17million but that it is unlikely to happen as the player favours a move to Real Madrid.”

NEW LIVERPOOL RAID: Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez hasn’t finished spending his transfer kitty with details of new activity in the market starting to come in.

—led to—

“Liverpool are trying to sign Javi Garcia from Real Madrid. The 20-year-old highly-rated player is represented by Manuel Garcia Quilon who also represents Rafa.”

as reported on NewsNow by The Mirror, Sky Sports and others

TARGET OPENS TALKS: Following interest from Anfield, agent Peter Harrison has confirmed that he’s trying to sort out the future of one of his clients after his club offered him a new deal due to our interest.

—led to—

“Liverpool target Michael Johnson has opened contract talks with Manchester City.”

as reported on NewsNow by Sky Sports, Tribal Football and others (the story had first appeared in that day’s edition of The People)

NEW COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR: Liverpool Football Club are close to appointing a new ‘commercial director’.

—led to—

Tom Hicks, speaking this afternoon [on Sky Sports]:
* Working very hard to hire a new LFC commercial director – announcement could be made within next week

this was part of a summary of an interview Hicks had given to Sky Sports.


HICKS COMMENTS ON TRANSFER: Liverpool FC co-chairman Tom Hicks has commented on a transfer the boss is trying to pull off.

—led to—

“Liverpool FC co-chairman Tom Hicks says he hopes Rafa Benitez can pull off a deal to bring Gabriel Heinze to Anfield.”

as reported on NewsNow by Sky Sports and others

LIVERPOOL SWOOP AGAIN: Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez continues his policy of recruiting experienced players for today with a mix of highly-rated youngsters for tomorrow.

—led to—

“Liverpool have tabled a £400,000 bid for Millwall goalkeeper Preston Edwards.”

as first reported on NewsNow by Tribal Football five days previously (in a report taken from that day’s Daily Star)

REDS PREPARE FOR BIDS: Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is bracing himself for a number of bids from other clubs this week as other managers believe he’s ready to move another player or two on.

—led to—

“Aston Villa, Manchester City and Newcastle are all reportedly interested in signing Peter Crouch.”

a mere 14 reports on NewsNow about this one

BOSS – MORE SIGNINGS COULD COME: Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has admitted that his summer spending may still continue despite the signings of Ryan Babel and Yossie Benayoun.

—led to—

“Rafa Benitez has admitted that his summer spending may still continue. Speaking after today’s 3-0 friendly win over Crewe, which saw goals scored by Peltier, Crouch and Putterill, the boss refused to rule out more signings.”

as reported on NewsNow by the official site and others

TRANSFER BID REJECTED: Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has had his latest transfer bid rejected. The Reds have also been issued with a hands-off warning in the hope that we don’t return with a new offer.

—led to—

“Cardiff City have revealed that they have rejected a bid from Liverpool for Aaron Ramsey.”

as reported by Sky Sports and others on NewsNow

TARGET HAPPY WITH REDS LINK: Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez will welcome comments made by one of his summer targets this morning.

—led to—

“Liverpool target Gabriel Heinze says he’s flattered to be linked with the Reds. The Argentine defender has a host of contract offers on the table including one from Rafa Benitez but as yet he hasn’t made a decision about his future.”

as reported on NewsNow by Sky Sports, The Echo and others

LIVERPOOL LAND STARLET: Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has added another youngster to the ranks. Details of the deal are just starting to come through but the fee hasn’t been disclosed as yet.

—led to—

“Liverpool have agreed a deal with Millwall to sign striker David Amoo.”

as reported by Tribal Football and others on NewsNow


Even existing KT members have been bewildered by Oldham’s front page headlines:

“We’ve some exciting news today.”
red7 July 5th
I read this on the homepage, but I can’t find out what it is. Does anyone know? have I missed something?

Donaldinho July 24th
Guess there was a glitch earlier as this disappeared without being answered.
What was the Rafa Raid Update referring to on the homepage?
Surely not Garcia or Heinze because nothing has really happened – mayb e it was a ploy to snare people.
Anyone help?

Dunk July 24th
Click on the link from the front page. If you need help clicking on the links please open a support ticket.


11 Responses to “The unremarkable truth behind those KopTalk front page headlines”

  1. outsideinsider Says:

    By extraordinary coincidence, Oldham has completely changed his KopTalk front page within half an hour of this article being posted.

    The first five headlines detailed above have now been removed.

    This summer, Oldham has also used his front page to advertise links to web streams of LFC matches as part of his £30 subscription package. The links KopTalk provide merely lead you to the myp2p site – which is freely available to all.

  2. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    If you need help clicking on the links please open a support ticket.
    He hasn’t a problem with insulting his paying members, has he?

  3. bigfoot Says:

    The decline in quality is a large part of why I do not intend to renew, it’s just not worth the money. This server move has been a farce.

  4. 1892 Insider Says:

    The stories have always been misleading, misappropriated and garnished with Dunk’s finest bull. Perhaps he just isn’t as good at making things up any more!

    The server move has been ridiculous and it makes me laugh to see people thanking Dunk/Steve/Katie after being moved over. It’s amazing there hasn’t been more discord about the time taken. Why couldn’t everyone be moved in, however slowly, but with the new site not going ‘live’ until the transfer was complete? He’s even lied about that, saying he transferred in 200 on one day last week, when the real total was under half that. Interestingly, I’ve yet to see anyone mention dealing with one of the other staff members from the supposed team of 8, though I’m prepared to be shown otherwise.

    The redesigned front page proclaims a ‘100% moneyback guarantee’, so maybe you should rush now and claim it!

  5. Trichin Chubbylobes-O'Bese Says:

    Another quality entry in the blog which proves Dunk is nothing more than a charlatan trying to grab a few quid from unsuspecting LFC fans. It just shows the blog dictates Dunk’s next move every time. Reactive not proactive, that shows how thick Oldham is.

    I hope koptalk goes under soon, it’s likely Mr Oldham will have a heart attack being in the heat of Spain and carrying all that weight.

    I’ve never, ever, seen anyone so fat they have little punchbags full of fat for earlobes. There can’t be any space left in his Jabba-like overstretched skin for the blubber and it’s depositing the excess lard in his earlobes. Imagine what his arteries are like lol

    We could be on for a Mr Creosote episode if he carries on like this. A waffer fin mint Dunk?

  6. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Poor old kt. Its a mess of links to nowhere, desperate puff and hollow promises of great schemes and golden tomorrows. Any enthusiasm -money- that drove him to give the site some attention seems to have withered and died.

    He does seem to be plugging away only because of this blog and his own fat-headedness. I think he will carry on til the money runs out or he has ill-health, mental or physical.

    You just know if the blog were to stop, he would come crawling out again like some cockroach after a nuclear winter or something.

    Nice article as well, it must get right on his tits when the evidence is as stark and damning as that is.

  7. 1892 Insider Says:

    You just know if the blog were to stop, he would come crawling out again like some cockroach after a nuclear winter or something.

    Funniest line I’ve read on here in a while and so true. It’s the main reason we need to keep up the scrutiny, because he’s just waiting for his critics (not ‘rivals’) to go away so that he can take advantage of some more unsuspecting fans.

  8. raftastic Says:

    All his links just lead to pages full of Adverts even though his members pay so he doesn’t have to use advertising.
    Fucking laughable.

  9. Scouse Says:

    When will this scumbag just leave Liverpool alone. It makes more sense for him to target Newcastle although no doubt he’ll move out of Wallsend if he does so.

    Why not move to Liverpool Koptalk since everyone here loves you so much?

  10. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Who says he lives in Wallsend?

  11. ForeverRed Says:

    I reckon some of the people who subscribe to the bull that he puts up there are the type of people who would check to see if “gullible” is in the dictionary if you told them it wasn’t. And all that “exclusive news” that has already been put up on mainstream sites like Sky Sports etc, for £30 when you could get it for free elsewhere? Bloody rip-off I swear. It’s just reported news that he makes sound “interesting” or “new” like it’s something we haven’t heard already.

    And just looking at the “good feedback” they’ve recieved, I can’t help but think how many people they’ve duped into writing such crap. And “mature die-hard fans only”? As a 14-year-old I can’t help but think that that was directed at people my age. I feel insulted, not all of us are immature. Not that I’d want to subscribe to such pointlessness anyway when I could get it for free on better websites than that.

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