Duncan Oldham campaigns for world peace

In yet another desperate attempt to divert search engine traffic away from this site, Duncan Oldham has launched his very own WordPress blog. Although he tries to kid the world that all publicity – even the sort which shows him to be a compulsive liar and a serial con artist – is welcome, Oldham’s actions tell a different tale. Why would someone who doesn’t care about this blog decide to start two of his own?At first, it’s impossible to tell whether or not duncanoldham dot com is a Duncan Mitty-esque spoof. We all know Oldham has many talents – lying, cheating, stealing, conning LFC fans, bullshitting, eating, making a complete tit of himself – but few of us suspected he was also a heavyweight political commentator who was working to bring about world peace:

About Me
If I could change one thing in the world it would be to stop all that suffering which obviously includes world peace.

16/07/2007 by Dunk.
I wondered if the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown would do something dramatic when he took over from Tony Blair. I wondered if he’d pull our troops out of Iraq for example.

World Peace

Even Oldham himself seemed to have become bored with this unintentionally amusing nonsense. But yesterday he posted another bulletin – and it was news the whole world had been waiting for

Laptop Audio (Crackling) Problem
03/08/2007 by Dunk.
Every time I tried to record some audio via the integrated webcam on my HP laptop, when I played it back, I could hear a random crackling which made the presentation unusable. I discovered after several days of trying everything, that it was wireless that was causing the problem. Once disabled the crackling noise was no longer evident.

Nobody has left any comments on his posts yet, unsurprisingly. You have to register to leave them, alas, but please don’t let that put you off. After the failure of Oldham’s transferwhispers dot com gossip site, footy4free dot com streams site and footyandbirds dot com porn site, he must be used to his new ventures dying on their arse.

Even more embarrassingly for Oldham, he hasn’t yet mentioned his latest blog on KT. That means that he honestly expects the world to care about his halfwitted opinions on Gordon Brown, the NHS and millionaire philanthropists.

The contact number he leaves is based in Wetherby, Yorkshire. Oldham recently claimed in one of his peculiar, pre-rehearsed routines with RichT that he was living in Wetherby. He dropped the subject as quickly as he took it up. This was a few days before he decided he was living abroad until September.

Oldham’s NHS post on his blog was a precursor to a new charity collection he’s starting up. Oldham knows that his failure to prove that any of the money he previously collected in the name of his cousin Lauren actually went to her has been very damaging. He’s also conscious that even his most trusting members are too aware of the Lauren scam to ever donate money directly to KT again.

Please see Red Insider’s excellent recent blog article for evidence of other lies Oldham has told about his alleged “charitable” activities. It shows that Oldham failed to provide receipts for the goods KT donated to Alder Hey last year. The article also demonstrates that two charities which Oldham claimed to make monthly donations to on behalf of KT members – Plan International and Cancer Research – in truth never received a penny from him.

The details of the Oldham’s latest collection can be found at www dot justgiving dot com/koptalk. Just Giving have assured the blog that there is no way in which Oldham can personally profit from any donations made to this appeal.


You’ll notice that Oldham has a great deal to say about cousin Lauren on that page. But he conspicuously fails to demonstrate that the money he collected in Lauren’s name between 2004 and 2006 went to its intended recipient. Just over a year ago, he was still running this infamous, unregistered YNWA Lauren appeal. He closed it down as soon as the blog began to focus on it. He has still yet to provide public accounts for that “charity” collection – despite the many requests for them from the people who gave him money.

Disgusting as Oldham’s continued use of charity appeals to try to obscure his criminal tendencies is, it is also another sign of the blog’s success. He’s now having to use to use charity collections primarily as PR campaigns rather than a means to line his own pockets.

When KT began, Oldham used charity appeals to give his site an air of respectability. This was an attempt to conceal his site’s biggest con, namely the false claims of “insider” information, as well as his own criminal past. He used his children and promises to donate to the Hillsborough campaigns for the same ends. It took years for him to feel confident enough to demand that donations be paid directly to his his own immediate family.

The blog has put Oldham back to square one – in terms of both membership numbers and his freedom to commit additional frauds on these members.


Oldham has come up with another ruse to try to counter the negative publicity caused by the questions still hanging over the Lauren collection. No, he hasn’t offered any evidence of where the money really went:

by Dunk on Fri 03 Aug 2007 17:33 BST

I have appointed ‘SeaDog’ as a moderator on the koptalk.co.uk site. He’s Lauren’s younger brother and my cousin. He’s 14 and he’s a Leeds United fan.

Please bear in mind that the first sentence of KT’s subscription blurb is: “If you’re a mature, die-hard Liverpool supporter become a KopTalk Member today”. How will the mature die-hards who paid £30 for this service feel about being told what to do by a 14-year-old Leeds fan?


11 Responses to “Duncan Oldham campaigns for world peace”

  1. Jop Says:

    Dunk you are such an ass you really are. FFS you expect your members to be moderated by a 14 year Leeds supporter…….F*****G Idiot.
    I live in Asia so i could be easily confused as one of the vunerable but i am not, i’m not Asian i am an expat living out here and i will pass the word around the Signapore, Thailand, HK, and Malaysian Lads what a F**KWIT you really are.

  2. silent but deadly Says:

    the image is too small to view

  3. Cum insider Says:

    14 leeds fan HA HA HA 🙂

    FFS when will people on that site finally realise what a numpty he is and leave, 30 for forum banter isn’t worth it!!

  4. Superdan Says:

    Has anyone noticed on the new site that it says who the top posters are? Ive seen it and theres only 8 people who have over a thousand posts, 1 is Katie and 1 is RichT. Surely Dunce moved the highest posters straight over to get the banter going, which means that theres only really 8 people who are with the site for years and are on the site all the time. thousands of members my arse.

    Im taking bets to see how long until the “top posters” feature is deleted

  5. phil_mcavity Says:

    Once again DunCON shows what a complete turd he really is by appointing a 14 year old to moderate a mature, die hard lfc fan forum.

  6. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Come on, Superdan, you can’t expect them to enter the correct post number and join date now. Remember they are only 8 people working on this, and they are moving about 80 members a day over. How on earth will they have time to get those details right?

  7. Superdan Says:

    Good point outsider. Excuse my ignorance. I forgot how amazing they are at running a website

  8. blondinsider Says:

    I see he has comments turned off – wonder what he’s worried about?

  9. jon Says:

    He refers to Sir Tom Hunter as ‘Sir Hunter’…

  10. Carras_boot Says:

    Typical bullshit from that fat cunt.
    And notice how he has the bare faced cheek to say –

    “loads of brave people hiding behind aliases and keyboards”

    Ha ha ha. Is that why he doesnt go to Anfield in case he gets his fat arse well and truly kicked? Because he would.

    And Oldham, if you want my Address, email the blog and we will soon see who the brave people are? PRICK!!!!!!!!

  11. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    So what makes a 14 year old Leeds supporter say “we” when talking about Liverpool?

    #39805 – September 24, 2007 19:59 Re: from official site – “Rafa to make changes for Cup clash ” [Re: vince]
    SeaDog SeaDog
    Junior Moderator (14)
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: August 03, 2007
    Posts: 380 as long as we win it don’t matter

    Did you forget who you were logged on as, Dunk?

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