Review: Kraptalk podcast 1st Aug

The first 4 minutes of the video contain nothing of substance. Some camera staring and hideous laughing. Around the 5th minute references are made to Duncans “friends”, he suggests Googling his name to find them. He’s probably on about us so lets all say “Hi” to Duncan. Another minute of crap follows before we are provided with a meaningful update on the Kraptalk site;

Dunk: If you want to be moved over to the new site, you will be soon
Steve: D’ya think?
Dunk: (See pic below)

The two mention a couple of names Le Tallec etc. nothing of note. Then a little dig at the blog who exposed Dunkons artificial inflation of his podcast iTunes figures, “Loads of people downloaded this on iTunes”.

A 2-chin comparison competition between Dunkon and Steve follows as does the revelation that 8 people are moving the profiles over to the new site.

Another revelation follows some more crap, Dunkon and Steve will be doing a “KrapTalk Radio” feature for LFC’s first game, and there was me thinking he would be using his season ticket to watch Liverpool at Anfield. Maybe he’s sold it again this year?

Rating: 0/5
Comment: Very poor even by Dunkons standards. No substance, mindless shit chat and hardly nice to watch.


10 Responses to “Review: Kraptalk podcast 1st Aug”

  1. chapeau du soleil Says:

    haha that second pic is Jabba the Hutt without doubt

  2. MrH Says:

    Why is Steve ALWAYS wearing a Liverpool shirt when you see him in the podcasts?


  3. tubby Says:

    IF the blog doesn’t get Dunk, the artherosclerosis will.

    Fat bastid.

  4. Glenn Hysen Says:

    ha ha ha, “artherosclerosis”, ha ha. good one!!

  5. Jocky Says:

    He is seriously fat.He is destined for an early heart attack.
    I think the blog has really effected his site.Must be nobody there these days.

  6. 1892 Insider Says:

    If 8 people are working on it, then they’re the laziest 8 people who’ve ever turned in a day’s work.

    He’s now appointed yet another teenage moderator; this one doesn’t even need to pretend to be a Liverpool fan.

    New Moderator
    by Dunk on Fri 03 Aug 2007 17:33 BST
    I have appointed ‘SeaDog’ as a moderator on the site. He’s Lauren’s younger brother and my cousin. He’s 14 and he’s a Leeds United fan but he has a lot of respect for Liverpool and he always watches our games as his sisters are Reds. His dad is a Bluenose!

    SeaDog will be making his debut today hopefully. He is new to the site but I am sure you will welcome him and make him feel at home.

    I’m hoping that he will chip in with unbiased comments, especially about our players and performances. He’s a keen footballer himself and he’s pretty clued up about the game whenever I talk to him!

  7. RJ Says:

    Desperate Dunk, 14 yr old leeds fan,

    Time to turn it in Dunk?

  8. sospanred Says:

    Dunk’s rate of expansion seems to be accelerating. I fpredict that he will achieve perfect sphericality sometime during the summer of 2009…if he doesn’t burst first, of course.

  9. 1892 Insider Says:


    Maybe he thought that paella was a type of pie.

  10. Flagpole Corner Says:

    very fat both of them aren’t they?

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