The Sun Rises On KopTalk Yet Again


This morning, I fired up my browser and, as usual, headed to the BBC website, my first port of call for news in both the general and footballing sense.

I always read the football gossip column; I’m sure most of you reading this now do the same. It contains rumours from all newspapers, including The Sun. Today, the column reported on excerpts from Neil Warnock’s autobiography, which I gather is being serialised in that newspaper. It made specific reference to criticisms of Rafael Benitez for his team selection against Fulham last season. That’s to be expected, because it caters to a mass audience and not to Liverpool fans specifically.

You won’t find their stories reported on respectable independent LFC sites, though; nor do the official site themselves ever include it in their Mediawatch feature. The news aggregator, NewsNow, also dropped it from their feed quite some time ago.

Anyone posting their stories or attempting to discuss them on a Liverpool forum is usually politely asked to refrain and offending items are edited by moderators. It’s just not the done thing, even if the story has arrived via a third party such as the BBC.

Only one Liverpool website shuns this convention: KopTalk. Every single day, they do a wholesale cut-and-paste of the BBC’s gossip column into a dedicated forum, presumably for the benefit of those with insufficient nous to visit other sites and bookmark them. Rumours from that newspaper are always included, even if they’re irrelevant to LFC. Dunk has laughably claimed in the past that he has no control over it, because it’s external content. So, he’s mastered the art of cutting and pasting (let’s face it, he’s had years of practice…), but he hasn’t found his delete button yet?

He’s also on record as saying last year that it can’t be ignored if they carried an item of interest about LFC.

That statement obviously explains why I logged in at KT and found a news item, posted at 10.18am, which recounted in some detail and with copious amounts of quotes, Warnock’s criticisms of Benitez, and his spats with Phil Thompson and Stephane Henchoz in 2003. I immediately recalled what I’d seen at the BBC. Was it an astounding coincidence? Had Dunk bought the book? No, because it’s not released till next week (see this for yourself on Amazon). Were any other news sources carrying those quotes? None I could find. See the screenshot for my Google search or just look yourself here.


I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that. The talklfc forum posts, by the way, were from last year and don’t relate at all to the current story but, again, feel free to check yourself if you doubt me.

Can you believe the hypocrisy of a man who claimed on his blog that someone who wrote complaining of KT carrying their ads was ‘just baiting’?


2 Responses to “The Sun Rises On KopTalk Yet Again”

  1. Dr Proctor Says:

    H’es the lowest of the low. Dunk is scum.

  2. Didihno Says:

    No morals at all.
    Well, thats nothing new.

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