More Tumbleweed Blows Through A Deserted KopTalk

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 61 members (as at 8.19pm) moved in so far today, by Dunk’s diligently working team of 8 (ahum) staff, then what can you expect to see? A thriving community, packed with content? After all, he did promise that everyone would be transferred over by 31st July and that the site would then ‘explode’.

Instead, it’s so quiet that, when I logged in earlier, there were just 24 people viewing the top-level forums (that is to say, nearly all of them) and there were threads from yesterday morning still showing on the first page of the Executive Lounge.


And what exciting threads they were! Some banter between Dunk and RichT about a Michael Owen documentary on Sky, someone pointing the KopTalkers to the latest Paul Tomkins article (presumably they don’t normally visit the offal) and a debate about whether Steve McManaman was a Liverpool legend. Is it any busier on the old site? It certainly wasn’t before my donor’s account was switched.

But wait, did I speak too soon? News is just in from there and here’s some of what everyone signed up for — ‘insider’ information.

#1996 – Yesterday at 05:14 PM Latest instalment
Dunk Dunk Administrator Offline
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Posted by legin1973 on the old site:

Ok…Latest instalment is fairly boring I am afriad…we are confident of getting Henze but Scum are confident of keeping him..basically its almost a toss of a to how wins…if we dont get him we are monitoring Baines and Chellini but Heinze gives us the versatility so is defo 1st option…

as for the rest nothing new we are monitoring SWP and Quaresma but nothing more at the moment if they come available or in the right price bracket we will make a move..

No news on Robben no idea where that came from…Rubbish at a guess but you never know..

Finally the money is there for Rafa to spend its just he may choose not to spend it yet or if he does not think a player is worth it he wont pay it simple as…

We dropped out of Alves because of a lack of desire to ware the red of LFC and because we are fairly confident about getting Micah Richards in Jan….providing he proves himself..

There may well still be some more young talent brought in.

And if a player that isnt on the radar now becomes available and Rafa wants him he could go get him so dont be surprised if new names start appearing…


I’ll say this for legin1973: he can certainly read the papers. Yesterday’s Mirror had already intimated that we might move for Baines if Heinze doesn’t come, while his statement that ‘we are confident of getting Heinze but Scum are confident of keeping him’ is a classic piece of KT-style ‘it might rain tomorrow if it’s cloudy, but probably not if it’s sunny’ fence-sitting. As for the rest, Rick Parry stated days ago that there’s more money to spend if needed and everything else was vague, caveat-ridden nonsense, a point not lost on X, a KopTalk stalwart and their highest poster.

#2005 – Yesterday at 05:21 PM Re: Latest instalment [Re: Dunk]
X X Offline
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nothing new there,heinze and chilleni has been covered today already,we know rafa has money to spend as parry has said this officaly a day or two ago.amazing what people pass of as inside info

#2006 – Yesterday at 05:22 PM Re: Latest instalment [Re: X]
JD JD Moderator Offline
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Legin is Just passing on info mate.

#2009 – Yesterday at 05:24 PM Re: Latest instalment [Re: X]
redmick84 redmick84 Offline
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Originally Posted By: X
nothing new there,heinze and chilleni has been covered today already,we know rafa has money to spen as parry has said this officaly.amazing what people pass of as inside info

tell you what X, you love a moan mate!!

#2011 – Yesterday at 05:25 PM Re: Latest instalment [Re: redmick84]
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no mick on a serious note the heinze story has been updated today in the heinze thread as well as the chilleni story we know what parry said a few days ago,we know rafa likes swp and we all konw we want to sign queresma

#2012 – Yesterday at 05:26 PM Re: Latest instalment [Re: JD]
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Originally Posted By: JD
Legin is Just passing on info mate.

just stating the fact that most of this has been posted today /yesterday anyway

As he rightly says, it is amazing what people pass off as ‘insider’ info.

However, a quick trip over to the KT blog, a shameless attempt to divert traffic from this one (it’s not working, Dunk, our stats are holding up), suggests that X isn’t the only unhappy member of late.

You travel too much!
by Dunk on Mon 30 Jul 2007 21:43 BST
A member told me the other day he wouldn’t be renewing his membership because I travel too much. Obviously unhappy with the fact that I have a family that I like to take on holiday like any other parent does when given chance and the fact that I get to a few Liverpool games overseas, he decided to spit his dummy out and sneak off elsewhere. Apparently at his new home they only ever go to Skegness once-a-year so he’s a lot happier now.

We wish him well… eeh it’s fun this t’internet lark

Dunk’s not exactly squeamish about publishing members’ feedback on his blog, so it makes me wonder why he’s been so reticent this time. As I wasn’t privy to the complaint itself, I can only surmise that what was said did not refer to Dunk taking family holidays. I doubt anyone would be so churlish.

More likely, the disgruntled member was alluding to the trips to Montreal, Dallas, ‘Valencia’ (or so he claimed for two separate occasions) and La Manga.

I don’t recall any of those involving taking his family away (unless you’re counting Steve), but it’s fair to say that they all cost a fair amount in membership fees to yield very little. Montreal involved attending an ice hockey game and Dallas afforded them a photo opportunity with Tom Hicks that he’s milked ever since to imply ‘insider’ information that simply doesn’t exist, including claims that the Club has been run as a ‘joke’, that Rafa could spend £100M if he wanted, and that they’d seen the plans for the new stadium.

As for watching Liverpool overseas, Dunk claimed to be in Athens but, after subjecting us to lengthy and boring videos from other trips, we saw not one shred of evidence of his presence; nor did we see any proof of Steve’s supposed fraternising with Luis Garcia. When someone last asked about videos from Athens, Steve used the excuse that they were on the video camera that Dunk had taken to ‘Valencia’. Well, guys, we’re still waiting.




6 Responses to “More Tumbleweed Blows Through A Deserted KopTalk”

  1. kraptalk addict Says:

    “And if a player that isnt on the radar now becomes available and Rafa wants him he could go get him so dont be surprised if new names start appearing…”

    Even if you’re a supporter from overseas and your English isn’t that good surely you can see this disclaimer for what it is. I really dispare at the members of that site!

  2. chapeau du soleil Says:

    The fat mess simply doesn’t go to the match

  3. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Dunk took his mom to the States. Wasn’t that sweet? A happy family holiday. 😀

  4. phil_mcavity Says:

    Dunk is a category A asshole. He’s been caught out so many times i’m surprised none of the kraptalk members have called him out yet (self banned members excluded of course). The sooner this shit stain is removed from society the better.

    With ‘insider’ info like his he can have a 100% track record by saying things could go either way (and I use the term ‘insider’ very loosely here). With parasitical fans like him on the scene it makes me ashamed almost to be a Pool fan.

  5. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    According to the koptalk blog they managed to move 200 members yesterday. That’s another lie. The real number at that point was 76. With 8 persons working on the move, it’s less than 10 each in about 15 hours.

    This mormning they’ve managed to move 5 so far.

    Server Move Update
    by Dunk on Wed 01 Aug 2007 23:33 BST
    Around 200 members were transferred to the new site on Wednesday. That still leaves us with around 700 support tickets left to work on. Once they are cleared we will invite more of you to contact us. Remember, you can also call us but if you do call and you have already opened a ticket, please tell us so that we can close your ticket when we have moved you across.

    If you are still on the .com site, please be patient and do not open a support ticket if you haven’t already done so as you won’t be moved across any quicker. The quicker we can clear the existing tickets, the quicker we can get the rest of you over.

    You are not missing anything if you are still on the .com site as both sites are running side by side and anything of importance will be posted on both sites.

    All of our contact details can be located on – you can call us, fax us, Skype us or open a support ticket if you wish.

    Thanks for your patience during the move, you’ve all been great!

  6. 1892 Insider Says:

    A whopping 78 transferred over between start of work yesterday morning and their last one in the early hours of today, and it’s still as quiet as ever. I’m finding it very hard to believe that 8 people are working on this. Even if, in reality, it is just Steve and Katie, that is still a risible rate of work for a full day.

    #2912 – 18 minutes 37 seconds ago Re: Quaresma? [Re: Dunk]
    Gagzi Gagzi Offline
    KopTalk VIP

    Registered: 26/07/07
    Posts: 11
    Loc: Midlands
    It’s dead in here Dunk.. can’t you get some YTS’ers in to help you copy over the accounts? It’s been boring for the last week!
    I can’t stand people who can’t live and let live. They should be shot. 😀

    Quote by Gagzi on 14/7/2007

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