An Update On KopTalk's Charity Appeals

An article by Red Insider, a member of the blog investigation unit

Trying to get the truth from Duncon these days is like trying to pull a square peg through a round hole — never going to happen. It will be even harder now that he is currently evading everyone from his overseas bolt hole. It seems that we are not the only ones asking questions these days; later in this article, you will see that two other charities have been asking questions about statements made on KT.

Everyone is well aware of the Alder Hey appeal. It isn’t a great feeling to bring it back up again, but you should all be aware of some important follow-up information. Alder Hey never got the receipts from KopTalk, despite Duncon’s public statements.

Alder Hey are busy people who carry out important work and don’t need to get bogged down in the KT fiasco. They shouldn’t need to, either. Officially, they will not comment on the whole KT farce. While they will confirm that they did receive a donation from KT, they will not confirm they have receipts for the goods.

Believe me, we have tried to get this information from them, but there comes a time when you have to leave them alone and let them concentrate on the important issues.


A little background information.

Three of us, in two different countries, have been working on this and some other charity issues for nearly 6 months. It takes a long time, and Duncon doesn’t like to leave a trail, which means that it takes a little longer to research these issues.

We have all contacted Alder Hey at different times since January of 2007. The questions were simple, polite and could have easily been answered with a yes or no. The one we are interested in is the receipts. Did Duncan Oldham ever supply Alder Hey with the receipts for the goods donated by KT members?

The questions that we asked?

1/ Can you confirm that you are in possession of the receipts for the goods donated on our behalf?

2/ What was the total value of the goods donated on our behalf by KT, according to the receipts?

The reason we wanted to know was because we suspected that Duncon had pulled a fast one. We suspected that the goods that were supplied were not equal in value to the money raised by KT members and donated on their behalf by the KT team.

A very simple way of doing this would have been to have Alder Hey tally up the receipts and confirm the total value of goods donated. It would then have been very easy to compare the amount raised to the amount donated. Remember also that Oldham said they overspent their budget and that KT made up the difference.

And that is where the problem lies.

Alder Hey are refusing to confirm they have the receipts — any of them. They answered all the rest of our questions fully and in detail: the list of goods donated, etc. The receipts are a sticky point, though. Each time they were asked to confirm they had the receipts, we were referred back to Mr Oldham.

“Why is that,” we asked, “can you simply tell us if you have the receipts that Duncon told us he gave to you?”

“We would refer you to Mr Oldham; he can provide you with that information.”

We even asked if we could come down and see the receipts.

“You would need to contact Mr Oldham with regards to the receipts.”

No matter which way we asked about the receipts, the same answer, referring us back to Duncon.

I just want to add that the people at Alder Hey were polite, professional, and responded to every one of our e-mails promptly and honestly, unlike the people at KT.

So, we left it at that. You feel bad about bothering Alder Hey when they have far more important things to be keeping busy with.

During this time, it was pointed out to us that there were two other charities that Duncon had stated he was making donations to on behalf of his members, which after investigation with the charities concerned — surprise, surprise — turned out to be false.

The two charities are Plan International and Cancer Research who, if you remember, were the lucky recipients of a monthly donation made on behalf of the KT membership. See here in the “reasons/benefits to join KT” page.

Given Duncon’s track record, we decided to get in touch with these charities to verify they had indeed been receiving a montly donation. As with the people at Alder Hey, Plan International and Cancer Research were only too happy to dig through their records and see just how much KT has been donating. They searched and searched; they even contacted Duncon to find out what name it had been donated under. We even gave them a list of names of the KT team, past and present. They searched again (even with no response from Duncon). Their own internal investigations unit searched without success: not a trace of the team at KT or their family members to be found.

In their own words: “We have checked our database and cannot find anybody registered against the name of the owner or the KopTalk site,” said Plan International.

Nothing, nada, zip, zilchio. They couldn’t find a single trace of any donation ever made by KT, Oldham, MacNeish, or any other name associated with KT, or the addresses we provided them with or PO Box numbers.

They never received a penny from Duncon’s Empire or his cohorts. Should we really be surprised, though? This is only following a pattern or, in this case, perhaps setting one, as this happened some time before Alder Hey and the current scams carried out by this serial con man. Perhaps this was just testing the water to see how people would react, if anyone would question it? After all, once you get a way with one little lie, it just gets easier and easier.

The question remains, then: why??

This was all long before the blog started; long before the mass cull and self-banning; long before Alder Hey and Lauren. Long before many people saw the first cracks appearing in the KT façade.

So, why did Duncon advertise this as part of the package of good reasons to join KT, but never actually make good on his promise? Well, seeing as KT has never replied to the questions asked of them directly by the charities involved, we are left to draw our own conclusions. I’ve drawn mine; what are yours?

You’ll never walk alone? He doesn’t even know the true meaning of the words.


7 Responses to “An Update On KopTalk's Charity Appeals”

  1. Says:

    Good work guys.

  2. Concorde Says:

    So, are any of his members going to challenge the fat bastard on this?

  3. Raftastic Says:

    He’s up to his old tricks of messing with the search engines again.

  4. Ron Nasty Says:

    Nice work indeed. Dunk’s apologists don’t have a leg to stand on. Dunk of course just has his fat arse to sit on.

  5. Scouse Says:

    If you had made a donation to charity surely you’d at least reply to an email saying you did make a donation. The problem is KT are so scared about putting their foot in it now they basically ignore every email.

    Is it worth just going to the police now, this is fraud surely?

  6. phil_mcavity Says:

    My old man has raised thousands upon thousands for cancer research and he always gets a notification of how much he raised. It’s a kind of receipt so the charity/organisation must supply a receipt to the donator of the money/items given. Obviously the money raised has gone to fund Dun’cons Mercedes Benz fetish.

  7. Scouse Says:

    Have you spoke to the Charities comission after this then? Collecting money for a charity and making zero donations after getting ‘thousands'(KT’s own words) of members means even a small percent of the £30k+ taken from KT would be substantial

    They are based in Liverpool and will be very interested in this

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