The Sun. Koptalk love it.

I think the ad was being served up by Fastclick/Doubleclick.

For more information on Dunk’s support of the Sun have a read of the Sun Lovers tab at the top of the page.

Also a few of the images of the “Kraptalk model” seemed abit out of place on a “family site” I thought. Although the images arn’t any worse than the page 3 of Dunk Oldham of Koptalk people might now want them showing up at work/school so I will just link to them;



11 Responses to “The Sun. Koptalk love it.”

  1. Steve O Says:

    Like the insider info and signed shirts, those tits are fake. Ironic given the two huge real tits that run kopta1k

  2. Redneck Says:

    Speaks for itself really doesnt it?

    I dont use fastclick/doubleclick personally, but every advertising agency I have ever used allows you complete control over what adverts to allow, and more importantly, what adverts to block.

    Dunk – your a cunt mate, give it up you fekin’ loser.

  3. Scouse Says:

    Yep the S*N Bingo stuff is *still* there despite Koptalk blaming this on fucking valueclick again.

    I’ll get a VC account now and see how easy it is to deny advertisers, the other banners are for orange etc so it seems a random banner to ‘creep’ in.

    Wouldn’t suprise me if KT ran this knowing full well people like ourselves will click the banner to see where it is going etc

  4. Cum insider Says:

    I hate fake huge titties….you can tell they are fake as they sit so unnaturally on her….pity as she’s quite a good looking bird.

    I hate fake tits…you can tell Dunk’s fake as he sits so unnaturally in Malta/Spain or where ever he is now….pity as he’s quite a good dickhead 🙂

  5. Redz Says:

    I speak to that sophia bird on myspace,and she won’t have a bad word said against the fat one despite me showing her this blog.
    All she keeps on saying was dunk was a client that was nice to her.
    An as for the S*n thing he a lying **** you can block any add from any ad service you use.
    He only uses it because it generates the most money end off.

  6. stu Says:

    She is mighty fine… I just spotted her at http://www.dubaireds.coN/ on the splash page.

  7. 1892 Insider Says:


    I think you posted that in good faith, but the site appears to be nothing more than a holding page to direct people to KT’s subscription page, so I’ve changed the link from .com to .coN, to avoid adding to its page ranking.

    This is obviously one way that Oldham lures overseas supporters to his site.

  8. stu Says:

    Yeh sorry mate, I came across thier site and saw the splash page and remembered this place so paid you a visit. I was just trying to point out that he was getting hits from thier site and partially in the hope that someone would alert them to Duncs activities (i’m not fully aware of all the facts so probably not the best person to do it), as I can imagine they get a fair few hits leading to Dunc getting hits, as I was linked to the Dubai Reds site from the OS!

  9. Flagpole Corner Says:

    not surprised that kraptalk are in cahoots with the dubai reds as both camps don’t go the match at all so it’s quite apt.

  10. Fatwatcher Says:

    Fat Dunk is thick as this site keeps on proving. So is it thickness that made him link to the s*n website directly from his blog?

    He’s ranting and raving about how he is mr squeaky clean over the S*n adverts – but he actually links directly to the s*n in his rambling explanation.

    So well done Dunk – you are officially the only “LFC” website to link to the newspaper all us real LFC fans f*cking hate, you are a huge piece of scum.

    No wonder your dad left this world before he was meant to – with you and your mam he must have been ashamed beyond any amount anyone could cope with. If he really was a copper he was either a bent copper or embarrassed to be married to a woman capable of thieving from charity and to have a son (if you were his son and not the chimney-sweep’s) who was prepared to rob from the dead. Scum.

  11. paulcooper4 Says:

    That birds well fit tho. Fake tits or not id tear her a new one.

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