KopTalk want to know what your favourite colour is

email: outsideinsider at googlemail dot com  

This a round-up of some of the dumbest statements Oldham and his helpers have come out with recently. As ever, the competition has been pretty fierce.

Firstly, we’ve been treated to some of the most laughable attempts yet by Oldham to stir up activity on his ghost town of a site:

July 16th Describe Liverpool Football Club in 3 words

Dunk  KopTalk.com

Post 3 words that you can relate to Liverpool FC.






July 17th 11:28 PM

Imagine a Liverpool FC heaven

Dunk KopTalk.com

Imagine… when we die we all meet up again up in a place called Liverpool FC Heaven.

Imagine it like a big fairground in the sky… what would be there? What would your dream resting place be?

Imagine seeing Shanks and Emlyn… and hugging the 96 angels….

Imagine a heaven like that…

Use your imagination and give it some thought…


July 17th 11:25 PM

Do you carry a donar card?

Dunk KopTalk.com

If not, why?

It’s in the news a lot. We can’t take those bits and pieces with us can we.


Oldham had some other aces up his sleeve. This is what people pay him £30 a year for:

16/07/07 10:58 PM Re: Dunk, a few questions if I may…………………….. [Re: Iver]

Dunk KopTalk.com

The Heinze situation should go one way or the other this week

Not to be outdone, Katie, who someone should probably inform that man has landed on the moon, had this to say:

July 17th 08:21 AM

Re: Why did Beckham join LA Galaxy?

Katie KopTalk.com

Did Beckham move to LA Galaxy?

Then came Oldham’s reply to the blog entry (https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2007/07/17/dunks-response-to-those-ads) about his latest attempt to brush off the S*n adverts which had yet again appeared on KopTalk.

Support Ticket Follow Up

By Dunk on Thu 19 Jul 2007 20:43 BST

If you scroll down the page you’ll see a support ticket from a JM. As we thought at the time, he was on the take. He was just trying to stir it a bit. He didn’t like our response and basically acted like a 5-year old stamping his feet and throwing his dummy out when he realised that what we replied with was the truth. It’s a shame that these divs use the 96 in this way.

So what evidence did Oldham provide to back up his claims that JM “was on the take” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) and had “realised that what we replied with was the truth”? None whatsoever. That was Oldham’s post in its entirety.

And can the man who duped people into buying his non-existent book by promising to donate proceeds to the HJC (see screenshot below) seriously be accusing others of exploiting the 96?


Some of you may have seen the following teaser headline on the free KT homepage recently:

NEW COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR: Liverpool Football Club are close to appointing a new ‘commercial director’.

If you had paid your £30 to access the full story, you would have been greeted with a brief summary of Tom Hicks’ recent Sky Sports interview. The only part of this summary which related to LFC’s new commercial director was as follows:


Dunk KopTalk.com

Tom Hicks, speaking this afternoon:

* Working very hard to hire a new LFC commercial director – announcement could be made within next week

Oldham also had some advice on how to make his “blistering fast” server even quicker. KT is an infuriatingly slow site, even if you’re only visiting to gather evidence of Oldham’s latest lies.

Tips he gave out speed up KT’s (ahem) £600 per month server included “Disable the far right column – you will lose some content but not much”, “Disable users avatars” and “Disable users signatures”. Excellent value for money.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. Members are still complaining about threads and posts being deleted for no discernible reason. Oldham is still describing KopTalk, which was plastered with links to its pornographic sister site for most of the year, as a “family site”. He still hasn’t sorted out the KopTalk SMS service, but given the number of people who have informed us that the texts are seldom received anyway, most KT members probably haven’t noticed any change. And his relentless, gratuitous protestations that he lives “in the north of England” are becoming less believable by the day.


7 Responses to “KopTalk want to know what your favourite colour is”

  1. Glenn Hysen Says:

    Can’t be many active members he’s got left now….

  2. Come Insider Says:

    600quid a month for servers that are too slow to allow for avatars, sig’s and main menu task bars to be uploaded at a decent speed….ha ha my granny would be able to set up a better service than that!

  3. The Oracle Says:

    Excellent article again, outsideinsider.

    Great value for £30 at Kraptalk – copying news stories from free sites and the regular features of a forum website disabled.

    Fantastic value!!

  4. Scouse Says:

    Dunc has said he has now moved the koptalk over already

    koptalk.co.uk []

    This is now with Rackspace. The beauty about this is myself and a lots of people I know have servers with rackspace and they *do* honour copyright and takedown notices.

    Rackspace are much better than UKfast although even a decent dual opteron with 2gig ram and hardware raid is nothing like £600 per month with them so again this is a cost cutting exercise.

  5. Dr Proctor Says:

    Kraptalk is dead at the moment, there’s tumble weed blowing through the forums, most of the posts are just garbage and the news updates are very slow.

    How can you charge £30 for a service that is gash?

    If you want upto date news then just sit on the NewsNow Liverpool page and choose any of the free LFC forums that allow free speech and don’t treat members like kids, £30 saved.

    RIP Kraptalk.

  6. phil_mcavity Says:

    He’s a tool plain and simple. I was watching the news this morning of all them cars deserted on the M5 due to flooding and I told the wife it reminded me of Koptalk.

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