Duncan Oldham rewrites history on KopTalk yet again

email: outsideinsider at googlemail dot com 

Duncan Oldham is painfully aware that most KT members suspect that Wallet, The Informer et al are simply him in disguise. He has even taken to making lame jokes about it on his site.

So this summer he’s been forced to use these aliases less and less. He’s had to do most of the bullshitting in his own name. Other members, some of whose writing styles are strikingly similar to Oldham’s, have also stepped into the breach.

But he still can’t resist bringing these old favourites out from time to time. And Wallet’s posts are now accompanied by the following signature:

Wallet – Koptalkinsider – 8/5/07:
“Rafas top target is Fernando Torres but a deal won’t be done by all accounts until early July. Target no.2 is Mancini, with Simao and Quaresma as fall back options…Alves is also still on the radar (price permitting). Don’t be surprised if we make a cheeky bid for Heinze…”

It’s strange that the three members of this blog who were keeping an eye on Wallet’s and The Informer’s posts in May failed to notice this bold prediction.

Stranger still is the fact that no KT members commented on Wallet’s post at the time and none have said anything about these predictions since “coming true”.

Even more baffling is the fact that a few days after this alleged post from Wallet, KT members were asking the following:

13/05/07 02:16 PM

The Useful Idiot
Gold Member

Where have the bloody informers gone?

Fanatical Red
KopTalk Member
13/05/07 03:26 PM

I was thinking the same thing the other day. Have they all left apart from the Informer?

KopTalk Member

13/05/07 05:24 PM

People kept slating them, so they left. Thats it in a nutshell really.

So what was Oldham’s response to these questions? Did he point these members in the direction of Wallet’s momentous post from a couple of days earlier to allay their fears? Of course he didn’t, because it never existed:

Team Member

13/05/07 07:00 PM

Nonsense. Did you miss the trips to Montreal and Dallas? We revealed the plans for the Kop way before anyone else.
Get the final out of the way first and let’s see what happens.

Fanatical Red
KopTalk Member

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not slagging off the site or anything like that.
What i meant was that we used to have quite a few different insiders that contributed various snippets. Now it seems to be Dunk and the Informer.


I know that mate but we’re trying to appeal to more Reds by not merely concentrating on inside stuff, after all we closed the Insider site for that reason alone as it attracted some right walters.

The only posts Wallet actually made around the time of his alleged prediction are as follows:

Parry busy on Friday….

16/05/07 05:35 PM


KopTalk Member

Rick Parry is meeting two agents on Friday afternoon. The first is in relation to Daniel Alves and the second is unconfirmed. Both take place back to back. That’s all I have for now..

Parry meeting Miguel Paradaza on Fri…17/05/07 12:09 PM


KopTalk Member

Hi. I’ve just been told Parry is meeting someone called Miguel Paradaza (not sure of spelling) on Firday. Literally just been told this minute so haven’t had a chance to find out who this guy is…

17/05/07 12:24 PM


KopTalk Member

Sorry I couldn’t get more but I know my source got the name right. It’s the same source (and my only one) who told me when Mascherano was being tee’d up….but don’t think I’m saying this as a hint in regards to Tevez, I genuinely don’t know any more…

And did Wallet’s signature in May display the confident predictions it now contains? Of course it didn’t. Instead it carried another jaw-dropping example of Oldham rewriting history:

Wallet – Koptalkinsider – 19/5/06:
“Rafa wants, Aurelio, Alves, Gonzalez, Paletta, Bellamy and Kuyt this window. Pennant is back-up option for right wing. All reports linking us to Defoe, Joaquin, Torres, Ribery, Aimar are wide fo the mark. If there is a surprise it could be Ayala!”

The only real surprise is that KT’s members never seem to tire of relentlessly having their intelligence insulted.


27 Responses to “Duncan Oldham rewrites history on KopTalk yet again”

  1. The Oracle Says:

    How pathetic!!

    He’s now started to rewrite history to make it look like he knew all this stuff way before it happened.

    Must make all the people who paid £30 happy that all this info comes out after the actual events have taken place.

    Maybe Oldham should change his tagline for Kraptalk to:

    Kraptalk: Making ourselves look even more stupid by posting transfer rumours after players are signed!!

    What an idiot!

    (PS Good article, outsideinsider)

  2. Ron Nasty Says:

    “I know that mate but we’re trying to appeal to more Reds by not merely concentrating on inside stuff, after all we closed the Insider site for that reason alone as it attracted some right walters”.

    So he’s in effect saying that KT membership is no longer about Inside info. Or is he saying it’s about Inside info and holiday videos?

  3. Raftastic Says:

    He’s basically just pointed out that his site provides absofuckingluyley nothing for £30 that you cannot get from sites like Rawk,Raotl,tlw etc,etc sites that you can send IM’s swear like a pissed up cockney whore and get real banter the likes that Kraptalk can only dream about .

    Nice bit of advertising fatty.

  4. phil_mcavity Says:

    Well when i joined Kraptalk i joined for the promise he made of insider info which is all but non-existant now i’m told. I’m so glad i left when i did and he wont get another 30 bucks out of me thats for sure. Hes nothing but a lying cheating geordie supporting bastard that needs his fookin head caved in and anyone stupid enough to renew their membership now after hes been exposed like he has needs their head examined.

    Ugh, what a revolting thought of Dunk being naked and exposed. Just the thought of it makes my eyes retract far back into my brain. I feel dirty now thinking of that and must wash my eyes.

  5. Dunk Says:

    Thanks guys, all this is doing is promoting my site for free.
    Im not getting upset by this anymore, but i wish to thank you once again for this free advert.

  6. tubby Says:

    Dunk, if that’s really you, the fact you are obsessed by this blog shows it bothers you. If it didn’t bother you, you would ignore it or take legal action. You can’t do either because you’re a complete plonker with no exit strategy – not even an inkling that you should get out of the game.

    Not only are you thick as a plank you’re a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic fella.

  7. tubby Says:

    And the fact you’re lashing out more obviously against it reveals a evel of frustration, a clear sign you are struggling to stay above water. I expect a major lashout in the near future, will be the final death-knell.

    Do us a favour and hurry the process along a bit, you’re getting tedious.

  8. Rud Says:

    yea right dunk, any kind of advertisement is good advertisement.

    but trust me this is simply bad, its thanks to these comments that i stopped visiting your website , and that back when it was still free to read some of the news you posted. Find another job that doesnt involve ripping off honest costumers

  9. tubby Says:

    Not only are you full of shit, we all know your site is struggling – but http://www.kopta1k.com is probably getting more hits than your shitty site these days. Your potential customer base is thinning and thinning, a smart man would assess the risk and see there is no future in the LFC world for you Dunk. The future may be red for all the proper reds out there, but its looking pretty gray for you pal.

    Back to office cleaning, might do you some good, maybe even lose some weight. Although being a fat cunt is probably a sympathy strategy – the sooner the heart attack come the faster you can milk some cash out for “poor old dunk”.

    You’re a con, we know it, the world knows it. Accept it, accept you’ve been outplayed in this case, and move along before you completely ruin your life.

  10. tubby Says:

    And Dunk, you probably dont let your kids read the blog, or other sites that might reveal your bastardry, but they will be old enough to see all this one day, and it looks like rockie is nearly at that age anyway. Just think of what they will read about ther dad in 5, 10, 20 years time. This will never disappear, its on the record forever. They will be old anough to eventually see past the excuses and sympathy traps you must be leading them into now.

    At least your missus was smart enough to get out, your kids dont have a choice.

  11. 1892 Insider Says:

    Guys, that poster’s IP address places him in Ireland, so it’s almost certainly someone having a laugh, rather than Dunk.

  12. Ian Says:

    Boys don’t bite. Rupert sussed this person out a few months ago.

  13. Didihno Says:

    ‘Boys don’t bite. Rupert sussed this person out a few months ago.’

    What does this mean Ian?

  14. Stu Says:

    I cant believe for one second anyone thought it was actually dunk posting.

  15. Tom Says:

    Yeah it’s that idiot dunk apologist who was on holiday in florida or something. What a prat.

  16. Didihno Says:

    I don’t believe an Irish Red is so stupid.
    Embarrased for my fellow Irish Reds.

  17. Superdan Says:

    No its not Tom. That was me and Im not on kraptalk anymore.

  18. asura Says:

    wind up merchant?? =)

  19. beabeasdad Says:

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

  20. kraptalk Says:

    Came across this quote from Joseph Goebbels which is pretty relevent to Duncan Oldham and his practices at Koptalk:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  21. when will they learn Says:

    his latest video is the best yet. Endless bragging about what he has and how expensive they are and the most obvious lie that he is located in the north of england. The gimpish look he gives the camera and the crass joke about the floods give that away. He is spinning the yarn with his members and has even admitted that he uses various news sources to update his members. THESE ARE FREE SOURCES. Surely anyone left with an ounce of intelligence will think, “why the hell am i funding this fat twats lavish lifestyle?”

  22. RJ Says:

    Good works lads or lasses, in the last two or so weeks the blog seems to have gotten back on track.

    Keep holding the fat twat to account

  23. LOL Says:

    Right im sorry, it was me !. I was having a laugh i got the reaction i needed to crave on lol. Cheers .

  24. The Famous Five Says:

    How about this:

    Duncan wants; a stupid saudi with more money than sense, a stupid belgian with more money than sense, a stupid maltese with more money than sense, a stupid american with more money than sense etc etc etc.

    Of course I could go on and name every single nation on the planet and I’m bound to get at least one right!!

    As the old saying goes: “EVEN A STOPPED CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY.”


    In the words of That Petrol Emotion:

    We’ve gotta agitate, educate, organise…

  25. Ian Says:

    Famous Five to be honest mate a lot (not all) of Irish Reds are complete and utter dickheads. At Speke airport I sparked an Irish fan because he and his mate were waiting for taxis reading the Sun when I pulled them on this they told me to fuck off and mind my own business. I said well if you don’t bin it I’m going to kick you from Speke to Crosby he then fronted me so I kicked the shit out of him. My point is there are plenty of these dickheads and not just from Ireland so you would have to educate them on the boycott as well as KT.

  26. blondinsider Says:

    Oldham, Oldham, Oldham – your such a fat c**t!

  27. The Famous Five Says:


    I take your point, but as an Irish Red myself it is embarassing that we have so many ill-informed people crossing the Irish Sea.

    What bugs me more about the Scum newspaper is that not only is it anti-scouse, but well before Hillsboro it was an anti-Irish rag that stirred up anti-Irish sentiments in the 70s and 80s. It never came into our house when I was a lad and it certainly doesnt come into our house today! It is the same in many, many other homes. I have been known to take a lighter to it when I see people reading the thing!

    When Paul Cook, who is scouser, took over at LOI team Sligo Rovers, he held his first press conference and a Scum football reporter amongst the assembled hacks identified himself and Cook told him that he would not be answering any questions coming from him at any time ever.

    Unfortunately we have a whole new generation of fans who are not old enough to remember what that rag did and they need to be educated.

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