Oldham shows his true colours on the KopTalk Blog

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Apologies in advance for the length of this post. The reason for it being so long is that it reproduces and comments upon an incredibly longwinded editorial by Duncan Oldham on the KopTalk Blog yesterday. Oldham has now withdrawn the article but we felt it should be preserved for posterity, given that it shows Oldham to be a senseless, bullying control freak who treats his paying members with contempt.

The person Oldham lambasts below has not contacted the blog but we felt it important to include screenshots to demonstrate just how innocuous his original comments were. These images have already appeared in a blog post made in June. If this individual objects to our inclusion of these screenshots, please email me at outsideinsider at googlemail dot com and I will be happy to remove them. 




Oldham’s article consisted of two parts. First, he reproduced a support ticket recently opened by a long-serving KT member. This KT member had politely questioned one of Oldham’s pieces of “inside” information and had been banned immediately, without explanation, as a result. He was understandably less than overjoyed about this. The second part of the article contained Oldham’s rambling and unpleasant response.

Over the previous couple of days, Oldham had already treated to us to some lengthy, bullish and incoherent posts where he protested (too much) that KopTalk is in better health now than ever before. We know from past experience that he only embarks on such rambles when (a) he is about to launch some new money-making scheme (b) he is feeling desperate.

From the post below, it seems clear that in this case it’s the latter.

We’ve witnessed similar statements from him when the blog began to take off last summer, when the Est1892 and 6CM breakaway sites were established, when he closed the KT free forums, and when he was banned from his primary source of fresh victims, NewsNow, in January. In other words, every time he starts to feel worried about KopTalk’s future, he trots out this kind of nonsense.

Please also bear in mind that Oldham has admitted on many occasions that he likes to make provocative posts to encourage debate on KT.


A Support Ticket Response

by Dunk on Sat 14 Jul 2007 15:23 BST

i questioned a source of yours who you claimed told you that rafa may quit or something. it was just before all the transfers happened and after rafa’s rants had become old news. therefore, i genuinely questioned this info against your usual more regular sources (including the americans i’m guessing after your trip to the US and Canada) who i said would know more
than this new/not usual source.

i suggested that you had posted it as info, even though you knew it was probably rubbish, to drum up a bit of activity on the site as it has been quiet recently. you then posted in the thread that you would never do that, were offended by it, that KT is busier than ever and i’ve been locked out ever since. some of the newbies then defended you and slagged me and that was that.

i only know about that because a couple of KTers took some screengrabs and showed them on one of the other forums that i’m on.

to be honest mate i am quite p*ssed off that as a long standing paying customer to your site that i was a: locked out and b: made to wait this long for a response.

(i first signed up in 2000 with my then work email and then re-registered when i moved to this account)

having been around for so long i also know that you do post stuff to get debate started, but to do so about something as important as the manager i think is out of line- it can get people worked up and i’m sure your info was baseless

i know that you are on a clampdown due to the campaigns and blog etc against you, but it has ruined a lot of the atmosphere on your site- you’ve lost a lot of good posters who are around on other forums and are bemused as i am about what has happened to KT in the last year or so.

i am very concerned about the allegations made against you- IF true you have ripped off a lot of genuine reds and it seems to me that you could very easily deflect the allegations and put the blog etc out of business- the people who run it seem intent on pursuing every legal avenue.

As I work as a football journalist for an organisation that has influence over a large % of your new customer base, I am following the story with both personal and professional interest

I don’t know if you will restore my login, but i only have a few months left on my membership and i am waiting to see how things develop before deciding if to renew.

If you are not restoring my log-in then i’d appreciate a refund. i’m also not a trouble maker out to prove some kind of point- i’m a red who may or may not have been fed a line for 7 years. Potentially a bit embarrassing but like i say, i’m not jumping to conclusions yet.

I’d appreciate a reply




Hi xxxxxxx

Thanks for getting back to me.
If you did question another poster and if you did suggest that I was that poster then whoever locked you out did the right thing (The guy clearly stated that he took issue with one of your posts. We have screenshots of the exchange and it was made by you on your “Dunk” account. So why do you say “suggest I was that poster”? Where did he even imply such a thing? You aren’t making any sense). Nobody is on the site to justify themselves (Anybody who posts “insider” info on any LFC site is always asked by fellow posters to justify themselves). I see no problem with people asking a contributor something in a sensible and polite manner but if someone is sarcastic or obstructive, there is no place on KopTalk for them (You know very well that this guy raised a sensible point in a polite manner. And you immediately banned him for doing so).

I’ll try and answer the various points you make. Please feel free to share them with your other KopTalk friends, your friends on other sites and any blogs that may get wet at a few comments from myself:

You say people are bemused at what has happened on KopTalk over the last year but I feel this view comes from the ones turned away because the majority of the feedback we receive today states that people prefer the site today because it’s friendlier and more sensible (You recently had to go onto KT to beg people to make positive feedback, in case you’ve forgotten). Maybe your friends could take those screenshots too?

The blog you refer to was set up a long time ago now. They have made numerous allegations but why are the police for example not interested? I mean, you say you’re very concerned, why not call the police yourself? For example they have tried to say I have stolen from my own disabled cousin but when I plead with these people to report this to the police, they don’t? Why not? They have reported various things but every time someone follows up their claims they say the same thing, “Mr Oldham, it’s clearly bullshit, you’ve upset someone and they obviously don’t like your success” (The blog has contacted various authorities again recently and they do not consider the evidence we’ve amassed to be “bullshit”, as you will soon discover for yourself. And why don’t you respond to those who gave money to the Lauren appeal who have asked you for proof that the funds raised all went to their intended recipient? Why would you not respond if you have nothing to hide?).

Did you know that Scarborough CID recently became involved because the blog reported to social services that I was going to kidnap my children? Do you think it’s nice for my 7 year old son to be taken out of class crying? (This is news to us. Given that Oldham relentlessly bombards KT’s members with the dreariest details of his life, it seems uncharacteristic for him to hold off mentioning something which would elicit sympathy. Even in the unlikely event that someone did contact the police, how on earth would Oldham know who it was? Emails we’ve received from people in Scarborough who Oldham has scammed in his offline cons make it clear that he has many enemies in that town. “Notorious” was one word used to describe him) Do you know what the police said? “Duncan, it’s clearly bollocks but we have to follow up anonymous complaints involving children.” (Police officers investigating serious complaints always address suspects by their first name and tell them they have nothing to worry about)

That’s the kind of people I have turned away from our site and it makes me proud to think that such low life scum have nothing to get at me at all but have to turn on my family and kids (For hopefully the last time: you haven’t banned any of us because none of us have ever paid money to subscribe to your site). I wonder if they are so proud of themselves? All of this because I run a successful Liverpool FC website and won’t take any shit (No, all this because you have cynically conned LFC fans out of their money for almost ten years). They can continue playing their games and other sites can continue supporting them but if they think they’ll ever get rid of me, they’re mistaken. My own members will decide that and with a higher renewal date than ever before, we must be doing something right. As for responding, I’m not going to waste my time responding to such low lives (Oldham says this 1,000 words into a 2,400 word post – a peculiar way of refusing to respond). My days of playing with teenagers stopped when I left school (For hopefully the last time: none of us are teenagers). I’m a grown man now with a family to look after and a website full of members (A website with far, far less members than when the blog began). These are the people that get my time, not someone who cannot stand the fact that they can’t do what they want on our website. The only people I justify myself to are, in the following order, 1: My mother and 2: God, Allah or whatever you want to call him/her/it (Has he now decided he isn’t married again?).

So you’re a football journalist. You must be an intelligent sort then. Fancy getting yourself sucked into such things – do you not have a life offline? (This from a man who constantly bemoans the fact that his website prevents him from having a normal life) I mean come on, you’d have to be either very naive or very thick to not see an agenda against me and the site (You’d have to be very thick or very naive not to see Oldham for the repugnant liar he is. The only “agenda” is that Oldham is a devious con artist). You’ve been on the site long enough, you know who we kicked out and why (Again, you have never kicked any of us out as we were never paying members in the first place). And do you think I care over what influences you have? Why would that bother me? I couldn’t give a flying toss if you were the Queen Mother… ****, she’s dead… I need a new saying don’t I (err…). Why would I be concerned about anything you do or say? (So why have have you already spent 1,400 words explaining how little you care?) For crying out loud I run a website, not Combat 18. We ban ignorant and abusive members, some can’t let go… big deal (I ban anybody who dares to ask uncomfortable questions which threaten to expose my cons). I just think it’s very childish. Maybe some people feel a need to be accepted, you know, maybe they want to earn a badge of honour. I’ve often thought that. Do you think I have something to hide? Do you really believe that? (Yes, Oldham, we all believe that you have many things to hide) If you do, you could start your own blog and start sending anonymous emails yourself. The difference is, I’m accountable. I use my real name (So why did you claim Duncan Oldham wasn’t your real name last year?), I provide my real address to the people who count (No, you were too thick to realise that people could phone up the Post Office and find out your real address by providing your PO Box number). I don’t need to hide behind false aliases (Except for Del Johnson, Mr Teflon, Wallet, The Informer, Anfield Mole et al). I’m 32-year of age, not 12 (Unless I’m pretending to be a female student who is willing to sell items of her lingerie and saucy videos of herself, in which case I’m 23).

Don’t get me wrong. Mistakes, I’ve made a few but you learn from them (I try to cover my tracks better the next time around). But deliberately done anything wrong? Nah, not my style (If anybody even half believes this, please, please spend an hour or so trawling through posts the blog). The only regrets I have is not binning some of the former loons before but you try to be nice, you try to do the right thing. But usually when you’re good someone comes and shits on you from a great height.

They don’t like me because I’m good at what I do (People don’t like you because you are a lying con artist). They don’t like the fact that I take no shit from anyone. They don’t like my attitude but truth be told, only those who try it on see that attitude. For example, if you come to me and approach me in a polite and friendly manner, I’ll return the same. Come to me giving it the “I can influence people” line and I know straight away that you’re on the take (What on earth is that supposed to mean?).

10 years I’ve been doing this lark. I’ve upset a few people over the years. You have to to keep your forums sensible. But only last year did the campaign start against me, at exactly the same time we binned them (Utter nonsense. You’ve regularly written defensive, hysterical editorials like this about your “enemies” since 2001. We can dig them out of the archives if you want). Coincidence? The thing is you only see what you read online, you don’t see the emails I used to get. Did you know I was approached for money? “Maybe we can come to an agreement” – flmao. How funny is that? Even when the police turn up at my children’s school, even when they target my mum a widow (Your mum isn’t “targeted as a widow”, she’s criticised for being your partner in crime), and even when the target my disabled cousin (Nobody has EVER targeted your cousin. All people have asked is that you provide evidence that all the money they donated to help Lauren was passed along to her)… none of it will get rid of me. Do you know why? Because our members, 99.99% of them, tell me something very, very special when they know I’m coming under attack. Shall I tell you what it is?

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”

And do you know what, I never will. (This could be a new low, even for Oldham)

I go out of my way to help Reds every day of the week and have done so for around 10 years (In what way? By conning them out of their money?). You’ll never see their emails but I tell you this, if I set up a blog for them thanking KopTalk and praising it, me, us it would be one of the biggest in the world (What about the emails from people who donated to the Lauren appeal requesting assurances that their money went to its intended recipient?).

Your screen grabbing friends and those who have been turned away from the site can continue putting my name up the rankings because the last year has been our best ever (So why do Alexa stats say KT has dropped from among the top three LFC sites to outside of the top ten?). Why do you think I’ve been so relaxed about it? If I was sinking then maybe I’d have to re-address my style and online character (You already have – you’ve been conspicuously less heavy-handed in your treatment of KT members this summer, although the lies have been as incessant as ever. You still have your dictatorial moments of course, as this poor sod found out, but they are far less frequent nowadays. People have even been able to mention your non-existent Anfield Exposed book and your PayPal double-dipping without being instantly banned. This would never have been allowed last summer. You have so few subscribers left that you can no longer afford to constantly ban members. And you now have to refund any oustanding balances when you do ban people, because Trading Standards told you that they’d be keeping an eye on KT after they interviewed you). I got the kick up my backside I needed a year ago. It reminded me not to be complacent, it reminded me to look after everyone and that when people support me/us we must always give them 100% back all of the time. That’s why there have been so many improvements (What improvements? KT is still infuriatingly slow and offers nothing you can’t get for free on countless other LFC sites).

The site doesn’t exist to make money, it’s still a hobby to me (Please, not this nonsense again. Granted, you do like the attention KT brings you. But KT has always been focused on making money in a way that no other LFC site, past or present, has). It’s there to pay the bills it generates (So how do you manage to pay for the houses, the cars, the high-tech gadgets and the trips around the world?). Others use advertising revenue (As does KT) or donations or maybe have a few people who all chip in, us, well we have an OPTIONAL membership and if everyone but 1 member left tonight I’d still get up tomorrow to continue working just as hard for that 1 person (You’re making a complete arse of yourself now). That’s because that’s what my life is about. If he then closed the door on his way out I’d turn off the computer and save a lot of stress and bother. I’d miss it but at least I could take a look out of my window and see what I have achieved in life, what could a teenage blogger do? Look outside at his BMX? (As we’ve stated clearly before, none of us has been a teenager or owned a BMX for a good few years) KopTalk is my life, it’s fun, because it started as a hobby there are no targets (So why have you spent the summer claiming Hicks told you he thinks Parry is a “clown”? Or littering KT with negative articles about Hicks and Gillett?). There are no spreadsheets, no aims, no nothing. Just keep people happy, give them anything and everything about Liverpool FC.

I love what I do and no threats from anyone will ever, ever change that.

With regards your membership. I think you need to ask yourself if you want to be a part of a site where people accept each other for what they are, where everyone, the member that joins today is just as important as the member who has been there 7 years (Members are only important to you in so far as they line your pockets). We won’t tolerate abuse or muppets on our site. You’re more than welcome to stay providing you respect the environment that you participate in, but don’t question our other members (The guy who opened the support ticket clearly stated that he had questioned you alone, Oldham. Why are you finding this so hard to understand?), they’re not there to justify themselves to you, me or anyone else. And don’t think of coming onto the webspace I pay for each month to insult me. If you walk into a pub, would you expect the landlord to let you upset his customers and insult him? I don’t think so, the same has to apply online.

If you decide to leave for another LFC website, then fair play, simply reply to this support ticket and I’ll get Steve to refund you your remaining days from when you were locked out and asked to contact us. There are loads of great LFC websites out there, there’s also some very, very poor ones. You can tell the good ones, they’re the ones that only concentrate on LFC and their own sites. The ones that are poor are the ones obsessed with KopTalk, the same ones that threaten to take KopTalk down every year. (Which websites? To my knowledge, there is one website which has a solitary forum devoted to KT. At the time of writing, nobody has posted in said forum for more than a week. No posts in seven days is a strange form of obsession. You stated above that “only last year did the campaign start against me” – so how can these sites “threaten to take KopTalk down every year”? You’re contradicting yourself yet again)

I’m still waiting….


PS: I’ll refer this ticket to Steve now as I really would like to see how the lads are getting on at Crewe. I feel I’ve had my say and you’ve had yours. Take care and remember… YNWA.


21 Responses to “Oldham shows his true colours on the KopTalk Blog”

  1. 1892 Insider Says:

    Brilliant work, Outside Insider. No wonder Dunk removed that so quickly. I wonder if he’d had a Saturday session on the Woodpecker when he posted it on his blog?

    I’d just like to add one or two points myself.

    I think his contempt for his members shows through here. The member had very politely questioned why Dunk had posted something that he claimed to doubt would happen. He’s then banned. No-one knew that at the time! Thanks to Dunk, we do now. In posting this, and in conjunction with the screenshots, he shows just how little is necessary to be locked out. It puts last summer’s clearout into perspective somewhat.

    Dunk, he wasn’t insulting you; he was asking a reasonable question, taking to its logical conclusion the purpose of your own admitted technique of stimulating debate with controversial statements. You even said on the last podgecast that you deliberately criticise players everyone likes or praise players no-one else rates. To quote Dunk’s contradictions back at him is to be banned. If you’re still a member, heed that warning. I’d like to see some of Dunk’s recent defenders on here explaining how this is acceptable.

    Finally, he claims that someone reported him to social services. He firstly states emphatically that it was the blog. How could he know that? Indeed, he manages inadvertently to confess that he doesn’t know at all in the next line: “Duncan, it’s clearly bollocks but we have to follow up anonymous complaints involving children.” There you have it: pure speculation and nothing more.

  2. imperialis Says:

    Quick point just in case it’s an oversight.

    You haven’t deleted the mention of the guy’s name from the text like you did in the headers (the YNWA bit).

  3. outsideinsider Says:

    Thanks imperialis – I’ve now deleted it

  4. ComeInsider Says:

    beyond belief that fat sod….roll on the authorities to pan his cheating ass

  5. Nate7 Says:

    “For example, if you come to me and approach me in a polite and friendly manner, I’ll return the same. Come to me giving it the “I can influence people” line and I know straight away that you’re on the take”
    Has Mr Oldham unwittingly given his game away by this statement?
    After all wasn’t it him who said that he had something on Parry and wanted to discuss it with him?
    how stupid can a person be?

  6. Jocky Says:

    Great point Nate7

  7. Toby Says:

    “My days of playing with teenagers stopped when I left school”

    Does Steve not count? 😉

  8. scousenproud Says:

    That has to be one of the all time looney tune raves he has ever given. It stinks of desperation, anger and is loaded with contradictions. Time to turn ON the light yourself and come out of that darkness fatso.

  9. Ron Nasty Says:

    I thought people banned themselves. Now seems it it was KT that banned them.

  10. red from oz Says:

    great stuff outsideinsider.
    what a sickening,narcissistic,paranoid cretin oldham is.
    he contradicts himself at every turn.

  11. Andy Says:

    It looks like Oldham has moved home, although not to Wetherby as he was claiming the other day. The Wallsend property which housed the KT shed seems to have been sold.

    His new PO Box address for KopTalk subscriptions is registered to:

    36 Osgodby Hall Road
    YO11 3PX

  12. TERRY TERRY Says:

    A few quick thoughts which I hope are constructive :

    Has anyone yet started to display banners pointing to this blog at Anfield – particularly during televised games ?

    Similar to other issues that are important to the very soul and good name of the club and it’s fans, such as the demonstration prior to the FA Cup tie with Arsenal last season, Koptalk is exactly the type of thing which deserves a stand to be made about it at the ground itself. It could serve to draw the attention of an even greater pool of people to all the existing issues so well described on this website.

    It just strikes me when reading through new articles, that a lof of the new stuff featured on the blog – as well researched and impressive as it usually is – is at this stage in terms of readership documenting further instances of the same types of laughable/detestable behaviour that have been well covered before, and as such are often either preaching to the already converted, or to boneheads. People who have been reading this blog or exposed to that ridiculous cunt at Koptalk for any length of time beyond what it takes to have a superficial glance, and haven’t yet tippled or accepted what he’s all about, surely never will.

    Thinking of ways to get the message from this site across to others who don’t yet know – particularly foreign reds who may yet not have been exposed to any of this abundance of information – as a means of cutting off more of his supply, I was just musing that it could serve as a prevention for those who have yet to sign up as well as a cure for those who have done.

    If a banner was pictured at the ground during a live game, you can be sure many people will come here to check it out.



  13. blondinsider Says:

    Good idea Terry – you’ve hit the nail on the head IMO. Things need to be driven forward, the current work is important to keep Oldham on the run, but we need to try to strip more and more of his users and legitimacy away throughout the summer and hopefully, make this the last season this stain on our club is in operation.

  14. Steve O Says:

    Koptalk is a website with a few hundred overseas subscribers you will be hard pressed to find one from Liverpool: Dunce, send one over here if you dare.

    So I really would hate the kop to show a banner berating the fat cunt, he has nothing to do with our club other than rip off its fans.

  15. 1892 Insider Says:

    Terry Terry,

    Thanks for the suggestion and please take this as my personal opinion, rather than the view of the blog.

    The problem with banners is that they’re taken down by the start of the match, so that people can see. This generally means that fans watching on TV don’t get to see many of them. Even if they do, it’s often a fleeting glance; very much luck of the draw whether it’s shown or not. As for those in the ground, as Steve O says, very few matchday regulars would consider joining KT.

    Also, I feel that something of that nature is as likely to promote KT as it is to condemn it, if it was seen. It would bring his site’s name into the public eye for many people who would never have heard of it — a free advert he could only dream of — because any banner by necessity can contain very little detail.

    Finally, I feel that we go to Anfield to support the team and to get behind them in a positive way. That’s one reason you don’t hear songs about other teams unless we’re playing them, unlike some clubs who sing about their rivals regardless. The Truth Day mosaic was a special case for a unique cause. It also required lots of planning and co-ordination.

  16. Flagpole Corner Says:

    “very few matchday regulars would consider joining KT.”

    very few matchday regulars would consider joining any liverpool website so even if it were advertised it wouldn’t have the desired effect for the reasons 1892 insider mentioned before.

    the best way that we can speed things up is by exposing koptalk even further

  17. Tom Says:

    That was ott even by Dunkin’s standards. He’s obviously not deeply affected by the blog at all if you going by that rant.

    Poor old carrism a real old trooper.

  18. tubby Says:

    What a loony. Has there ever been a more deluded fool?

  19. Didihno Says:

    What is this that keeps appearing?

    Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:
    July 17th, 2007 at 1:00 am
    […] Oldham shows his true colours etc etc

  20. Andy Says:


    It means the blog post has made it into WordPress’ “most popular posts of the day” table.

  21. mike ormsby Says:

    i signed up to KrapTalk as a gold member about 18 months ago but i cancelled my sub after 2 months, by which time it had become increasingly apparent that ‘Dunk’ was a waste of time and money. Quite how KrapTalk earned so many plaudits on the web is a mystery to me. Most of the promises he made at the sign-up stage proved false: no video (just links to other sites), no sms alerts, and silly gossip, which as a journalist I dismissed. The final straw was the day he posted a message saying ‘apologies for no news, i was at haydock for three days getting blasted’. gosh, how rock and roll. If Duncan Oldham is a Red, i’m donald duck.

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