Dude, Where's My Prize?

Poor David L. Regular readers might recall his quip a few weeks ago about his competition prize ‘dropping into the Bermuda Triangle’ like Dunk’s ‘famous book’. That was the end of May and Dunk promised that prizes would be ordered in the first week of June. By 25th June, there’s still no sign.

#216583 – 25/06/07 12:31 PM Re: Prizes [Re: Dunk]
David L
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Loc: Bradford

Well it looks as though they have dropped into the Bermuda Triangle. Not panicing yet, honest, but my subscription runs out in September.

#217731 – 26/06/07 10:37 AM Re: Prizes [Re: David L]
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
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Thanks for the reminder. We always take an enternity. I will get them on to this for you but keep pestering.
If you require support, simply open a ticket at http://www.koptalk.inf0 – Check out the official KopTalk blog at http://www.koptalkblog.coN

Has Dunk got on the case for his paying member? After all, it’s July now (not that you’d know it from the weather). Let’s take a look.

#234625 – 07/07/07 12:07 PM Re: Prizes [Re: Dunk]
David L
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Registered: 24/02/03
Posts: 187
Loc: Bradford


Originally Posted By: Dunk
Thanks for the reminder. We always take an enternity. I will get them on to this for you but keep pestering.

Any progress on my prizes?

#234677 – 07/07/07 12:55 PM Re: Prizes [Re: David L]
Katie Katie Administrator

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Loc: UK

Hi David

due to the upgrade of the office everything is out of sync at the moment

We will get this sorted as soon as we can

Your best bet is to email dunk2007 at koptalk.coN
If you require support, please call us on +44 (0) 7962 367 537 between 7am and midnight, 7 days-a-week. Alternatively you can open a support ticket online by following this link –>>

Thanks for that, Katie. You weren’t upgrading the office when he asked in May, though, were you? Or a fortnight ago. Give the man his prize! He shouldn’t be having to chase it up. But, as with most incidences of double-dipping and as with book refunds, if you don’t ask Dunk, then you certainly won’t get it. Perhaps he’ll actually receive his prize now that the blog has highlighted it to a (much) wider audience. We’ll be keeping an eye. A word of advice, David — I wouldn’t bother renewing that membership come September, and make sure you cancel your autorenewal in PayPal, too.

This upgrade seems to be a cover-all excuse for anything that isn’t happening, like the SMS updates.

#234617 – 07/07/07 11:53 AM KOPTALK SMS SERVICE
Team Member

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Due to us working on our new office and basically improving our existing network of computers etc during the summer, the KopTalk SMS service (free to all members) is currently not available.

We hope to have the SMS service back online within 7 to 10 days but we’ll keep you updated. Once online again we will go through the existing database and make sure that you are included for the new season. If you are not included but wish to be, please do nothing yet as you will be invited to apply for inclusion over the coming weeks.

We apologise for the minor outage but the summer is the only time that we can prepare ourselves for the new season.

Site News – http://www.koptalkblog.coN

Site Support – http://www.koptalk.inf0

He’d probably also blame the S*n ads on the upgrade if anyone dared question him on them.

There’s a fair amount of stuff today that’s been copied and pasted from The Times. You’d be better off visiting their site to read it first-hand. For the rest, as part of our service in saving you £30, here’s what Dunk’s gateman has told him today.

#236160 – 27 minutes 43 seconds ago Monday / Tuesday
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 21286

I’m told that there will be some news regarding our progress for a winger (or wingers) either on Monday afternoon/evening or on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Keep a close eye on the local written media in Liverpool as they are the unofficial mouthpiece for the club so if Parry wants to get something out – be it true or bluff – it will be in there.

It may also be worth paying a closer eye on the nationals tomorrow. With us enquiring about Deco, I expect that the club will want us to put some pressure on FC Porto and/or AS Roma so they need to get something out.

If we get anything we’ll add it straight away but be extra alert for the next 48 hours. Maybe we’ll make some more progress

I’m really relaxed about it all. Rafa’s very outspoken about Benayoun isn’t he….
If you require support, simply open a ticket at http://www.koptalk.inf0 – Check out the official KopTalk blog at http://www.koptalkblog.coN

So, to summarise, keep an eye on the icLiverpool site (or buy your Echo and Post if you’re on Merseyside) and look at tomorrow’s national newspapers. From the horse’s mouth, there’s no need to bother checking KopTalk. Not that anyone much does these days.


26 Responses to “Dude, Where's My Prize?”

  1. Harold Insider Says:

    Dunk – ‘Thanks for the reminder. We always take an enternity. I will get them on to this for you but keep pestering’

    Katie – ‘due to the upgrade of the office everything is out of sync at the moment
    We will get this sorted as soon as we can
    Your best bet is to email dunk2007 at koptalk.coN’

    Why should David email Dunk when he’s already asked him in the thread and has already been waiting 2 months, I’m surprised he didn’t get told to open a support ticket!!

    Does anyone know if Katie is actually Dunks cousin?

  2. Chrispy Says:

    What prize was this? I recall the xbox 360 competition that I entered (at a cost of about £10 – £15) that I never heard who won.

  3. Steve O Says:


    Seems like you have a story to tell.

  4. Chunka Says:

    Hang on you paid 10-15 quid to enter a competition

    Isn’t that Gambling, and a whole new avenue to go down?

    Thats why most things have to say Purchase not necessary

  5. Chrispy Says:

    When the xbox 360 came out I was finding it difficult to get one for my son (I ended up with three in the end) and Dunk was running a competition on Koptalk to win one and some games I think. It was a text message comp at £1.00 a time and I entered about 10 or 15 times in the hope of winning one for my son who was desperate to get one.

    Obviously I didn’t win but I don’t believe the winner was ever announced either as I checked the thread constantly and no-one ever posted to say they were the winner. I’ll probably get banned there now for saying this 🙂

  6. TERRY TERRY Says:

    So The Slug’s inside info now is to tell those people in on the secret – sly wink, tap of the nose – to log onto the Liverpool Echo and see what’s happening. Fucking brilliant -hush hush everyone.

    Next he’ll be charging people to reveal the juicy titbit that there’s poultry for sale down at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Inane twat.

    To be fair the aim of this blog is entirely noble and just, but I can’t help feeling that people who hand that fella money time and again deserve everything they get. He’s openly taking the piss out of them.

  7. Toby Says:

    Did anyone contact Ofcom about these competition scams?

  8. Didihno Says:

    Great to see the Blog back on track.
    Go get im lads!

  9. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Chrispy, if you do end up er banning yourself, make sure you ask the fat thief for your money back and cancel the paypal renewal

  10. Chrispy Says:

    I always paid the paypal myself, never on automatic. Not banned as yet anyway.

  11. Jocky Says:

    Mancini,Queresma and Deco linked by Dunk and Everyone else has Babel.He guessed wrong again.I cant stop laughing at the fact that Mancini did a medical but Roma pulled out at the famous “11th hour”.When I was on there I cant remember it being so desperate.More people there should question that bullshit.

  12. Another fatty Says:

    Noticed Dunk’s link to Deco. Thought it odd, given it’s not appeared anywhere else, so I did a quick search and what did I find? The only mentions I could find of Deco coming to England were on Newcastle websites. Looks like Dunk’s mixing up the team he makes money out of with the team he loves most.


  13. koptalkexposed Says:

    All of Dunce’s competitions where you have to be a member to enter are illegal unless Dunce holds a gambling licence.

    Not givng out prizes is his only way to avoiding the wrath of the gambling commission.

    So Dunce, which is it? Do you have a gambling license, otherwise all you competitions are scams.

    Next time you think of going to the states, think again, they take a dim view of internet gambling.

  14. Aaandy Says:

    Great post 1892, what an absolute dickhead Oldham is. Does anyone have screenshots of the Mancini “retraction”?

  15. Steve O Says:

    Just got this from Amazon

    Thank you for writing to the Amazon.co.uk Associates Programme.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have reported this web site to the appropriate department. Any necessary action will be taken.

    Sites that Do Not Qualify for the Amazon.co.uk Associates Programme include:

    * Sites that promote sexually explicit material
    * Sites that promote violence
    * Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion,
    national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age
    * Sites that promote illegal activities
    * Sites that violate intellectual property rights

    Here’s hoping…

  16. Aaandy Says:

    Maybe they have a special dept. for sites that breach all the above rules

  17. 1892 Insider Says:

    Guys, I’ve been out all day, so I apologise for the lack of response.

    As far as I remember, Dunk started the thread himself, to inform prizewinners in general that their rewards were being ordered.

    Evidently, he doesn’t bother buying in the goods ready to present.

    David L spoke up and asked for his, but didn’t indicate for which competition it was. Another member mentioned on the same thread that he ‘finished 2nd’ and that he’d be willing to receive his prize in the form of an extra year’s sub if it was easier for Dunk. Presumably another who’d not heard back about what he was owed.

    Fine customer service from KT.

  18. Sinbad Says:

    Good articles 1892 Insider.
    Great writing style, reminds me of a recently departed

  19. Raftastic Says:

    I know this is in the wrong place but Insider asked for a link to Steve on ITN during the game (the same game he and fatty claimed to have gotten into as they went up to the stadium early doors)


  20. Red Lion Landlord Says:

    Anyone know whats going on regards the one word replies to old articles in the “What you’ve been saying” recent comments section?

  21. 1892 Insider Says:

    Thanks, Sinbad. I can assure you, though, that I am a totally different person!

    Red Lion Landlord, they all seem to be spam comments, with car-related website addresses. There have been occasional incidences of this in the past, but I don’t know why there’s a sudden explosion now. Unfortunately, I don’t have the editorial privileges to remove them. I think only Insider Insider can do that.

  22. Raftastic Says:

    School hols mate aint it,maybe the Insiders should make people register before commenting or if they have the power start banning ip addys

  23. Superdan Says:

    Good article 1892. Has anyone noticed how KT has been updating its office n all dat sh*t while there are no transfer rumours on any sites for them to steal? As soon as some rumours and news appear on other sites(the Benayoun transfer) everything is tidied up and ready to take £30 from people who want to see who the mystery player who a transfer has been agreed for.

  24. Superdan Says:

    That sounds completely messed up at the end there. Should have been “ready to take £30 from people that want to see who the mystery player is

  25. Ron Nasty Says:

    Need to get a wordpress plugin so new posters to have to type in those weird numbers/letters. Will stop the spam.

    Another good article, will deffo make those who are thinking of paying £30 think even harder.

  26. Jugs Says:

    What am I missing here, he’s decorating the office and painting it red , and redoing his IT network yet moving to Spain/Malta/whereever his deluded mind is ??

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