Hi my name is Duncan Oldham….

….You may remember me from such rumours as Robbie Fowler will not be going to Leeds and Fernando Torres had already passed his medical before Tuesday, as well as many other made up stories and rumours that you all paid £30 for.

Today I’m here to tell you the following:

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Alessandro Mancini is the player who was due in this week. I am waiting for more details so can’t update you in full yet.

I would also like to share this with you as well as a little bonus:


Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 21207

From what I’m hearing (but I can’t confirm yet), a deal for Mancini looked close but there was some haggling over the fee. Then, at the 11th hour, Liverpool officials were informed that their FC Porto counterparts had made a u-turn and WERE prepared to listen to offers for Quaresma after initially rejecting our advances. This changed things dramatically.

It looks like a win-win situation to me. More in the morning if not before

And on a personal note I would like to remind you all of the following:


Registered: 20/08/04
Posts: 21207

Thanks. This site is about everyone, not individuals and that’s why sometimes we have to make decisions that don’t go down well with everyone. Some people make the net a very dangerous and sick place, others, people such as yourself, make it worthwhile. 

He posted the first comment yesterday at 2:04pm (kraptalk time) after reports started appearing on other sites and also on Kraptalk, coincidentally someone posted a Mancini rumour on Kraptalk yesterday at 8:19am (kraptalk time) claiming the player was in a hotel in Liverpool with his representatives.  Dunk you’re not taking credit for other peoples rumours are you???

The second comment was posted by Dunk today at 12:05am (kraptalk time), on 3rd July Dunk stated that Quaresma would not be signing.  Did his change in opinion stem from insider information or was it because of someone else’s comments?  I’m going with the second option on this one.  Yesterday at 11:37am (kraptalk time) another member posted a comment referencing an article on The Times website stating that Quaresma was next on Benitez shopping list.  The Times article was listed on NewsNow Yesterday.

I would love to know where Dunk is going to get more information from regarding these two possible deals.  Maybe from some of his inside people, maybe his man on the gate.  More likely this is going to come from other fan sites, newsnow or even comments posted by members on his site.  Or failing that he’ll just make shit up.

The third comment I ran through my bullshit translator machine (a great tool when reading some of Dunks posts), this is what it produced:


Thanks. This site is about everyone, not individuals and that’s why sometimes we have to make decisions that don’t go down well with everyone. Some people  make the net a very dangerous and sick place, others, people such as yourself, make it worthwhile.


Cheers moron.  This site is about me and only me, if you believe otherwise you are thicker than I thought.  Sometimes I make decisions that suit me, I don’t care if you have paid £30 to look at the made up shit on MY site.  If I want to get rid of you because you are asking questions that I don’t want to answer that is my right.  Some people on the money making highway know a lot of stuff about me and it is my job to hide this from you so that you continue to give me £30 for information that is available for free.  Your stupidity makes it worthwhile to keep this site going.

If any of the information above is incorrect or you can prove that Dunk knew about it before others posted on his site, let me know and I will modify my article. 


12 Responses to “Hi my name is Duncan Oldham….”

  1. lfc_michael Says:

    Good stuff. I saw that myself and was considering an article. You beat me to it! 🙂

    It’s always an eleventh-hour intriuge that’s to blame when facts enter the public domain that contradict his previous ‘insider’ bull. If he really did know about the development with Quaresma, then why didn’t he tell anyone before it was broken in the national media?

  2. silent but deadly Says:

    and today the echo say we are not after either of them….

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    Well done everyone on keeping things going, I will start replying to emails again later today hopefully, I’ve been both busy and tired so haven’t had time yet.

    Have you noticed how much harder Dunk is finding it to bullshit now though? Every time he bullshits there seems to be a sarcastic comment following it up, but done in such a way that he really can’t be sure if it is sarcasm or genuine?

    As for his use of S*n ads again – it just suits his site down to the ground. It adds that extra tough of authenticity to a site that’s only pretending to be a site for and by Liverpool fans.

  4. fatcrunt Says:

    Well done on your first couple of articles. I think the change in writing style is good. It freshens up the site.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Jocky Says:

    He is really clutching at straws over there.Good work

  6. Ian Says:

    I’ve said on the other topic he’s reacting to the blog he thinks he can get away with the ads for the S*n and not get pulled up. The stupid fat cunt thought the arguing over the weekend would distract the blog. And he also thinks that with Rupert gone the blog has lost some of it’s teeth.
    That may even be right, but Dunk you stupid tosser just about the only way you could manage to reunite and heal the whole blog is to do what you’ve just done it’s like Mana from fucking Heaven you fucking imbecile.

  7. Ian Says:

    P.S. BKTB I spent a lot of time criticizing II over the weekend I only think it’s fair to praise the latest articles as well very good work.

  8. Integral Says:

    Well done, factual and straight to the point. So refreshing not to drudge through endless name calling!

  9. paul g Says:

    Surprised you haven’t picked up on how well Koptalk is doing these days, they seem to have a hell of a lot of members on there now. Any reasons for this if it’s so bad chaps?

  10. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    That’s interesting paul. do you hvae any stats to back up those claims? Have you noticed that there is a group of about 30-40 members that stands for most of the posts? Weird when there’s supposed to be thousands of members. Did you know that the last 6-7 months about 850 members have left Koptalk? And that’s not including those who have just stopped posting waiting for their memberships to run out.

  11. BKTD Says:

    Paul G, how many of them are real accounts though and not ones set up by Oldham to make it look like there are more than their really are?

  12. jugs Says:

    Paul g , thanks for sharing your thoughts. I assume you are a member over there ? If so what are the members saying about the S*n adds appearing on the KT index page ?


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