And on we go

After the mini-soap opera that this blog itself has been the past few days it’s time to get back to business.

Rupert Insider no longer writes for this blog, is no longer contactable at his usual email address, and has not contacted anyone, as far as I can gather, since yesterday evening. After telling others he was going to start a new blog, he then told some of them he was no longer going to do that after all. For the time being I think that whole side of things is best kept off the blog.

I’d like to thank Rupert for the work he did. As well as doing a lot of work himself, Rupert co-ordinated a lot of work from others too. It’s a shame for all that work to go to waste.

A number of people have come forward with offers of help – hopefully you’ve all now been added to the blog’s dashboard, which you can get to by logging in at If you can’t please let me know….

Rupert was, it seems, about to present something to “an executive” at Anfield. I do know which person at Anfield he’s been dealing with, and I’ve dropped him a line which I’m hoping to get a reply to tomorrow. The person at Anfield was provided with rafts of evidence about Oldham which was the work of many people, some of whom I know are already willing to be part of this blog as goes forward.

Rupert also had been in touch with someone providing information about Oldham’s Spanish excursion. As far as I can tell Rupert hasn’t told anyone very much more than what he’s already mentioned publicly on the blog, perhaps with a couple of exceptions. I’ve written to Rupert’s source to see if that person still wants to keep us in the loop – but to be fair I’ve a feeling that person has not got much by way of new information – we’ll see.

Koptalk itself is still as filled with tumbleweed as ever. If anyone is willing to donate their user account, or if you have done before, can you please get in touch with me? If you’ve sent details to Rupert previously please send them on to me so we can keep an eye on Oldham.

If you’ve emailed me today and I’ve not replied please accept my apologies – I’ve not had this many in one day for quite some time! Keep emailing me until I do reply, it’s probably the best way…

Keep keeping an eye on Oldham. I know that we’ve some serious stuff to report but I also know a lot of people like to hear the comedy of Oldham’s “insider” information. I think (and yes it’s just my view) that the blog is best if it’s a mixture of both the fun and the serious.

So let’s try and get back to blogging about Duncan Oldham and making sure nobody else forks out £30 for a product they don’t actually get. Let’s get him dealt with. Now I know people don’t want to hear about me but I have to say – I’m knackered. I’ll leave it at that for now…


159 Responses to “And on we go”

  1. Harold Insider Says:

    Rash’s #1 fan

    If you are interested in helping the blogs cause then please feel free to post helpful advice, if you are here to just cause aggrevation and mock others then please can I ask that you stop as you are becoming really rather boring, and of no use to anyone on here.

  2. paulcooper4 Says:

    red ed – whoever you are. Wind your neck in.

    After a year off the blog can someone update me on what has happened law-wise? The last time I was on here, there where supposedly all kinds of police investigations going on regarding the fat one. Did anything come of any of them?

  3. Rash's #1 fan Says:

    Who died and made you king of the castle harry?

  4. Harold Insider Says:

    No one has made me King, I was just hoping that you and others could be constuctive and help rather than being obtuse and not helping.

  5. koptalkexposed Says:

    “Who died and made you king of the castle harry?”

    Err, who posted telling us what to do Rashid?

    What have you done, what are you going to do?

  6. Rash's #1 fan Says:

    “What have you done, what are you going to do?”

    I can confidently say I’ve done a feck sight more than most.

  7. paulcooper4 Says:

    so, DID anything come of them police investigations?

  8. Gilly Says:

    we need a song for the best attack in the world i made 1 but this guy is sayin it will neva get sung wot do u guys think

    we got the best attack in the world
    we’ve got babel and crouchie
    andrie and kuytie
    nando to score all the goals oh oh oh oh ohhhhh
    we got the best attack in the world…..

  9. Gilly Says:

    and if any one has got msn add me plz lol………thanks

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