Koptalk downsizes behind a police barrier

by Koptalk Insider


Its the return of two recurring Oldham themes. First his urgent need to reduce the cost of his not-for-profit hobby. Second his claim that the police protect him and his frauds from his critics.

We looked at the first last week. He seems to have firmed it up in his latest “editorial”. I will leave it for the geeks among us to comment intelligently.

As far as I know, he still intends to move to Spain. If the house between York and Leeds is a fact and not a fantasy and if it is intended to be a kind of all-purpose doss-house for trips home and possibly as the nominal UK presence of Koptalk, then how do his ramblings about a new server fit?


More interesting for me today is the reference to the police at the end of that piece. While he hides behind weasel words he seems to be saying that if anyone receives emails from me or anyone else critical of him or Koptalk they should pass them unto the police.

This reminded me of a screen shot someone sent me of a recent exchange on Est 1892 in which the poster Chrispy refers to a private correspondence with Oldham in which he claims that the whole matter of accusations is in the hands of the police.


This is not the first time. He said it a couple of months ago that some of Koptalk members were cops, implying that they were advising him how to handle his critics, and that he had many contacts in the police who were fully briefed about his critics and watching them. He reminded us once again that his father was a policeman who, he claimed rose to the rank of inspector by the time he retired after thirty years service. I don’t know if that’s true and certainly don’t accept it because he says so. His avatar is of a policeman now as it has been in the past. Clearly he is using the police as a threat against the blog.

This time last year he went on about it a lot. He had already threatened the blog writers with a “hitter” and other violence but related how his cop friends in Koptalk had advised him not to carry out those threats but to deal with us in different ways. He also told us then how the police force was unto us.

Well, its more than a year now and we are still waiting for a knock on the door.

I know there is an offence of wasting the police time and and another of impersonating a police office – neither of which seem to fit this situation.

Does anyone actually know what law, if any, is being broken by someone trying to intimidate his critics by claiming that the police look on him kindly and are watching them. I’ve actually drafted a letter to the Chief Constable to report his claims. I have asked that if his claims are true – that the police are watching us – on what legal grounds they are doing it. And if they are not, as I expect, to ask if Oldham is breaking some law by claiming they are.

Subject to advice, a form of that letter will be forwarded soon.

Eleven days ago we called for police investigation of the Lauren charity. HERE

Unlike Oldham we will not make flippant comments about the police or claim this or that with respect to their stance and we will not indulge in cloak and dagger stuff. There are formalities to be followed. The police have to be independent and the criminal law is a serious matter. But I can confirm that following that article the matter has been advanced and action taken.

I know that some readers believe that HM Revenues and Customs is a sharper and more appropriate tool. And as we know, several people have filed their reports. Its not too late for others to file theirs. HERE

Finally, there is the question of the club. After all LFC does have the right and, some would argue, the responsibility to deny Oldham’s central fraud that he is an Insider. They also have the right to make their own complaints about his sale of tickets above face value and fake memorabilia. In fact they have said in the past they will seek prosecution of anyone involved.

I know that some think the club should not make a statement. They argue that it would give Koptalk more importance than it merits. Perhaps they forget that Koptalk turns up on some search engines ahead of LFC. That recently, it had up to 10 million hits a month. That is was the No. 1 site for a number of years. That it has taken in hundreds of thousands of pounds from fans. Conceivably that situation could return – if the blog were to cease, for example.

I do feel that the pieces are now in place and the processes are in motion on all fronts. The blog has done its job – the researchers and commentators and the writers – and there comes a point when the responsibility passes to others.


6 Responses to “Koptalk downsizes behind a police barrier”

  1. lfc_michael Says:

    ‘…and contact us for advice.’

    Last time that there was talk on there of people receiving e-mails, he said that people should just bin them and that he didn’t need to be informed; now he wants to be contacted about them.

  2. kraptalk addict Says:

    I’m in the process of filling out the HM Revenues and Customs form, I’d like the NI number but obviously don’t want to post my email address here…

  3. Warren Says:

    Hahaha now it’s going up to £1000 for his server….This guy really is clutching at straws now

  4. Old-Wilkie Says:

    He jokingly says he could use a budget hosting service and spend the difference on cider and pies?

    The obvious suggestion would be to use the budget service and lower the membership fee?

  5. Chunka Says:

    Shit, I have been deleting spam all along, and I should have been phoning the Police.

    Thanks for the tip Dunk

  6. Justino Says:

    I like the fact that Chrispy feels he has to thank the admins for letting him have his say! All very 1984!

    Clearly he’s too used to paying a fat thieving bastard £30 not to be allowed to do so…..

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