Koptalk still shovelling it at the Plaza de Torres

by Rupert Insider


Spanish scholars will know that should read “Plaza de Toros”- that’s a bullring. Oldham aspires to a job as shit shuffler. And he’s really up to his elbows in it since yesterday. Long gone is his “Insider” information that Michael Owen will be arriving – his third year in succession his “Informer” persona got that wrong.

But he can read the free LFC sites and the newspapers online and by now he knows what everybody else has known for some time, that Rafa has had a serious interest in Fernando Torres, subject to availability and price, and that Torres has a serious interest in coming to LFC. So all LFC sites have speculated on the state of play – and that’s how it should be.

But Koptalk is different from all the honest LFC site. Only KT exploits a legitimate topic of interest and public knowledge and transforms it into bullshit. Only Koptalk of all the 60 LFC sites and all the TV and newspapers claims to have “Insider” information in order to sell the information for £30 a shot. That’s the essence of the Koptalk fraud.

And if you have been fool enough to pay your £30 and you ask for the credentials of the so-called “Insider” you are either told that its none of your business – or you are told that it is an 18 year old who even Oldham calls “dense” who was last seen on ITN lying about his and Oldham’s role in ripping off LFC fans in Athens.


Koptalk’s Insider at Melwood with the fabled “Informer”

I ask you, if you met these two shady characters on the street and they asked you for £30 for some Insider information about LFC would you give it? Just look a them!

(Today’s screen shots below)

A lot of today’s rubbish is about Oldham – again. He claims that for years KT was free. KT has never been free except for a few months when it first started and was unknown. Very quickly he introduced a paid service – a premium rate telephone line for transfer updates. That was quickly followed by a premium rate line just for support. As the years passed and he refined his scam – he learned that it was easier and more profitable to make up rumour and news and sell it to the gullible.


He know they believe he’s the Informer but he doesn’t care – as long as they keep paying him. He enjoys mocking his victims.


And here you see his attempt to crown the idiot MacNeish as the new Insider who specializes on climbing on the purple wheelie bins outside Melwood and peering over the fence. Except he has not been near Melwood for months. And he has no contacts there.



23 Responses to “Koptalk still shovelling it at the Plaza de Torres”

  1. Yorkie Says:

    Sad to see the frothing idiot “Dearg” is irish (Dearg is irish for red)

    As for the medical team working late thats such a lump of baloney. A phone call that he’s on his way would give them all at least three hours notice, and they’d already have a very good idea from that morning whether its likely to happen or not.

    What a tool

  2. jon Says:

    Sue Barker is on the brink of a lucrative £23m swap deal taking her to Anfield with Danny Guthrie going the other way. Our contacts in the tennis hierarchy say Guthrie will present tonight’s tennis highlights programme from Wimbledon although John Inverdale and John McEnroe are on standby should it fall through. A new savings account has been opened for her at the Post Office and BBC kitchen staff have been told to prepare Guthrie’s favourite meal, which our insder tells us is pork and chips, either that or prawn cocktail, or a vegetarian option, seeing how we’ve got it on good authority he’s a devout Muslim. We’ll keep you posted. Parry has denied it but we don’t tow the line like other rivals sites, we never listen to what the suits say as we’re just providing the best possible service for you. Our Melwood contact says Benitez is ‘fuming’ that Gillett and Hicks haven’t backed him in his bid to land Brazil legend Zico, and showdown talks are scheduled for tomorrow, next week and before the start of the season regarding his number one target Sinbad off Brookside. Won’t happen IMHO but don’t say you weren’t warned…

  3. Warren Says:

    I can’t believe that people still buy this stuff he posts.

  4. deiseach Says:

    Am I the only one freaked by the Nabakov-esque photos of a fat middle-aged man with a pale pubescent? I have to speed-scroll past that one of them in matching yellow hats.

  5. Flagpole Corner Says:

    interesting that macneish has decided to abandon the queer fringe. maybe people were talking about him and his relationship with oldham.

    once again sensationalist bullshit from the geordie gobshite.

  6. Aaandy Says:


    I guess if you live overseas and are not getting any info from the mainstream media you are more likely to lap up stuff from someone who claims to be “in the know”. Plus if English isn’t your first language you arn’t going to spot the obvious contradictions or deliberate attempts to hedge over the so-called info.

    The rest of us can see what an absolute load of cack this all is but his con is based around exploiting people who don’t know any better (including me for a while, even though I don’t have any excuse).

    I wish the club would just swat him.

  7. Turnkey Charlie Says:

    Insider, is there anyways you could post the whole threads for us to enjoy – using your new tool? 😉

    I kind of like to ingratiate myself in the whole scenario and watching Oldham unleash his guff on the masses gives me a cynical chuckle.

    Agree with Andy, part of Oldham’s trick is to prey on gullible overseas supporters. Whilst we have been used to Oldham’s shit shoveling and grovelling persona since KT’s inception, let’s not forget that there are millions of LFC fans around the globe who stumble into Oldham and genuinely believe that his site can give them an ‘inside’ edge…..

    The tempting ‘insider’ headlines, the community aspect, the need to belong to a privileged ‘inner circle’ all play vital roles in luring in his new prey.

    Whilst The Blog has done a tremendous job in culling 90% of his registered audience, the final nail in the coffin needs to come from LIVERPOOL FC themselves.

    Can’t we work on getting an official statement from the club? It’s all very well them saying they ‘know about the KT con’ – but they must act on this nonsense.

    We have written evidence saying he has people on the inside at Melwood, can’t we work on getting an official response from LFC as to this accusation?

  8. lfc_michael Says:


    I provide some of the screenshots used. That tool was very useful, and it’s meant that some of the shorter exchanges (or parts thereof) can be posted as a single shot, rather than several. However, most of the threads are infeasibly long and contain a lot of irrelevant posts that wouldn’t be of interest to most readers, which is why I’m selective in what’s shown, so that the important points are highlighted.

  9. chapeau du soleil Says:

    For crying out loud. He is STILL wheeling out such vague bollocks like “someone may or may not be at Anfield at some point. Maybe. Or not ”

  10. Aaandy Says:


    Rupert – any way that a blog v koptalk summary could be translated into the languages relevant to the countries scoring the most hits on KT? Just a thought – it might be easier to get through to the remaining 10% in their own languages. This could then go out as a mailshot to your KT user database.

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    Aandy and Turnkey Charlie
    I have just sent your two posts to a senior executive at Anfield to whom I have direct access. I pointed out that the call for the club to do something is a recurring theme of contributions and emails.

    I can tell you that senior executives read the blog.

    You can be sure that the club is very much aware of its options on all matters relating to KT including its ongoing fraud that it is an “Insider” at LFC and receiving information from other “Insiders”.

    I have said several times that I know the club considers Oldham and his site a pariah to be shunned and a clown. He will never be granted admission. I can’t say more than that at the moment.

    What else the club will do is up to the club. But we are conscious of the fact that we, the supporters, are a constituent part of the club, and we have a role to play in warning others – the owners, the executives, and supporters – and also in calling for action from the club, from the police and from the tax man.

  12. Aaandy Says:

    If I’d known my post was going to a “suit” I’d have put on my posh telephone voice!

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    There’s been a few remarks on here and privately in emails that Oldham’s dalliance with Tracy puts to rest any idea that he has an interest in homosexuality.

    That’s not my view. He has always used girls – his gf then wife – and others – to attract young men into sexual relationships with him under the cover of threesomes and sex video making and forums.

    His overly sentimental language with respect to Steve MacNeish, his intimate overbearing presence in his life to the extent of training a CCTV camera on him during the night, and his attempt to pass him off as his brother, have the same overtones. Oldham is always trying to disguise his interest in young men.

    Each to his own and it is no business of ours until he tries to get us to accept his lies. I think it also relevant to note his use of his children in this sexually charged and sexually confusing atmosphere. Its not about LFC, but then neither is his site.

  14. Aaandy Says:

    In all seriousness, any global business (McD, Pepsico etc) would have been dealt with (i.e. sued and closed down) anyone running a site peddling rubbish like KT with the minimum of fuss ages ago. I know LFC is run differently and has a special relationship with the fans, but the clubs reputation is at stake if it allows morons like Oldham to continue with no action taken against them.

  15. lfc_michael Says:


    Additionally, there will always be those who will argue that surely, if Oldham was lying, then the Club would act. By their very inertia, some people take it as a validation of his claims. They need to be publicly and fully repudiated by LFC.

    I fully expect that he would turn around and say that his sources are secret; that he’s never claimed X, Y and Z and that ‘the suits’ are lying because he refuses to ‘tow [sic] the line’. He would say that the blog and other ‘rivals’ have misled the Club. However, no new fans would touch KT with a shitty stick after a statement on the official site. Only those indoctrinated and already hunkered down with him would keep on going. The sort who sit there all day, doing his job for him by scouring other unofficial sites and newspaper sites to cut and paste their stories. Hello to any of those reading this!

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    Translating the blog into other languages!!!!!!!!

    I spend far too much time on it already. And if the “foreigners” can’t read English they should not be paying 30 quid to KT.

    I should acknowledge again that lfc_michael has provide most of the screenshots I have shown lately. He is a major resources for the blog.

    But I also get lots of the same and other screen shots from others of the bloggers in the KY fifth column. I do not always print them. But they are appreicated because they keep me informed.

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    There are some like the thick RichT and DPM and others whose names I can’t remember – who given a choice of loyalty to LFC or to Oldham – would choose Oldham.

    That is a definition, right there, of a cult.

    The fact that he would screw them tomorrow if it suited him would not matter to them. They would say “Sir, we are not worthy of your loyalty”.

  18. PhilBKK Says:

    In the whole scheme of things, Kocktalk is small fry.

    No big corporation would go to the lengths of issuing public statements over a twat like this. They would go about things very quietly and make sure the offender is removed.

    Whatever the rights and wrongs, major publicity could gain sympathy for the ‘little man’ (well, you know what I mean). So, I feel that the club should be taking strong behind-the-scenes action.

  19. Jop Says:

    “They would go about things very quietly and make sure the offender is removed.” ………WOW! …… Just when i thought i was out you pull me back in again !!

  20. Turnkey Charlie Says:

    Insider, how about having a ‘mass email’ from all blog readers directed to a spokesmen for the club? (Similar to last week’s Tax email).

    We could say something along the lines of “KT has promised us inside info on LFC if we pay 30 pounds. They claim have people working at Melwood, people in the accounting department (8 million in a holding account) etc etc…. Please comment…..”

    I’m sure if someone at the club (who is a real person with real email access, not info @ liverpoolfc.tv ) gets flooded with hundreds of emails, all asking about this ‘insider site’ – we could cause someone at the club to sit up and make an official statement.

    Oldham’s con lives on because the Club wont deny it.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    They would cancel their email address!

    However, don’t underestimate the value of writing to the club via the Official Site. The topic of the email will be noted and sent to the appropriate person.


    Go to Contact US in the tool bar of the site, then choose Contact someone in the club- for subject matter put Complaint about Koptalk.

    As I said, people at the club read the blog. I know senior executives are fully informed. I woudl suggest the main complaint should be the Insider fraud perpetrated on LFC fans, the second is touting of tickets including season tickets for himself and his estranged wife, and the selling of fake memorabilia.

  22. Turnkey Charlie Says:

    Exactly what I’m talking about Insider. The illegal touting of the Season Tickets is another good one, forgot about that.

    How about making your next topic something along the lines of your last post. I can’t help but feel it will not get the audience it deserves being stuck in the ‘comments section….’

  23. bazza76 Says:

    I would hate to see an official statement about KT from LFC. It could probably end up giving more publicity to KT and god forbid, people start paying to see what is going on, if they are thick enough, and there are probably those that are unfortunately.
    I would rather see Dunk getting hit by the tax man and the fraud squad or something like that.
    The day someone like Parry has to make a statement about KT is a very sad day. Atleast if it ever happens we might get Ian Cotton to talk, we know he will say fuck all.

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