£30 of bullshit from der Koptalk bunker

by Rupert Insider


At 7.53 am, someone claimed on Red All Over the Land (RAOTL) that deal was done for Fernando Torres and gave specific details. That RAOTL report was indirectly quoted on Koptalk somewhat later. Since then Oldham has gone into overdrive claiming his army of “Insiders” are on to it. He knows how much money had been placed in a holding account and about the hours the medical staff will be on stand-by for the tests.

If only Oldham could give us some genuine Insider information on how much money he collected for the Lauren appeal and how much he kept for himself. Or how much he took in any given year in the last nine years and how much taxes he paid or about Tracy, the female he has been carting around with him while he has preached to the world about how big he is on family values. (Nobody figured out my several references to her in riddles “We are the tracers who is the tracee”).

As for that bought idiot Steve MacNeish, instead of him guessing whose car is parked at Melwood today perhaps he could tell us how many tickets he touted at Athens and how much money he made from ripping off LFC fans there?

Here’s a selection of screen shots. My main interest in them is record evidence of Kotpalk’s Insider fraud. But it all serves one of the blog’s original purposes to ensure that anybody curious about Koptalk’s bullshit does not have to pay £30 for it – they can read it here.

I start with today’s rubbish and work back to the weekend. Notice that Oldham is posting as the Informer today:


Two weeks ago, Oldham claimed that Rafa was unhappy, frustrated, had already done a deal to move to Real Madrid and would leave that week if he did not get backing from the owners at imminent meeting. This all on the basis of two text messages Oldham said he received from someone close to Rafa. It never happened. Instead Rafa has said that all is well.

Experienced watchers of Koptalk will know how it works. As one piece of “Insider” information proves to be false, the Koptalk liar will churn out another. And make no mistake – they are lies. Its not a case of an overheated imagination, sloppy reporting or someone seeing something and misinterpreting it – its calculated lying for money. Its fraud. Its fun only for Oldham as he checks his PayPal account to count how many suckers has reeled in with the latest lie.

He has always found willing helpers. They are the inadequates who cannot survive the cut and thrust of debate on honest LFC sites, and enjoy the licence and protection Oldham gives them to do his work for him by posting their own fantasies that they, too, are Insiders.

If an honest KT member questions the feasibility or logic of their claims Oldham jumps in to stifle the critics – he doesn’t want to put others off from posting, he says. You bet he doesn’t. He wants as many fantasists and blaggers as possible to stir the pot and earn him some money. It beats working for a living.One of the newest is red4ever – a self-proclaimed “Insider” from London who claims that Tom Hicks and George Gillett inviting Oldham to meet them is evidence of the high esteem in which Koptalk is held. It seems from his reference that he’s read the blog – but not the many pages where his fundamental truth about the owners is proven to be a lie. Some Insider! If only he knew what is really going on inside LFC about Koptalk

Notice how many of the liars and sycophants claim to be “diehard Reds”.

In this lot he is addressing the blog about the cost of his site, his plans to try to avoid the tax man and police by using MacNeish as stooge, and his plans to use him as the UK front man when Oldham clears off to run Koptalk from Spain.




This was his weekend output. Mainly about himself again. This is what takes him 17-19 hours a day.


Here’s more rubbish today as he tries to convince he is going to Malta (not Spain). The property he showed on his “Malta” video of the new KT HQ is actually in Spain. Last time he claimed to go he made public arrangements to meet someone in Malta and never showed up. Watch him wriggle as he prepares for a repeat performance.


And more Informer nonsense. His readers have rumbled who it is – but he loves that, too. Guesses = hits = revenues. It also adds to the false intrigue, allows him to hit out at his critics.


He can huff and puff about his Insider information but the ALEXA stats don’t lie. He is still at under 10% of his hits from the UK – which makes you wonder where he is posting from. And his best terrritory is still Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Brunei. None really in a position to judge the quality of his “Insider” information – so easy marks for his fraud. And his overall hits are still 75% lower than they were this time last year- even though he has joined all the sites together since then to make it look better and he has introduced all manner of “click traps” to increase his page views.


33 Responses to “£30 of bullshit from der Koptalk bunker”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    To those who read the post soon after I put it up, I have added quite a few new screen shots.

  2. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Either Dunk is telling a few tales or he is indeed been ripped off (Oh the irony!), 200GB a month for a £600+ server. Er I don’t think so.

    “The US hosting is cheaper…but speed difference can be up to a minute”.

    Total trash!

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    He lies about the cost of running his site (a) to prepare his case that his “net profit” is lower for tax purposes (b) to try to substantiate his false claim that all revenues are ploughed back into the site (c) to imply that Koptalk service is superior to that of other sites.

    Nothing he ever says is the simple truth.

    But considering he has been running that site for nine year, and was on the net for a few years before that, he is thick.

  4. lfc_michael Says:

    Re: those Alexa stats, note the blatant lie, which he states twice, that the ‘majority’ of users are from the UK.

    And what an insult to the Club to be claiming to have a source at Melwood and that Steve is in ‘direct SMS contact with people who can update us in minutes’ — he’s given his number to the kids on wheelie bins, presumably.

    It’s astonishing that people even believe ‘Informer’. As usual, Oldham overstretches himself with the post about a fund transfer — who that is privy to such sensitive, high-level financial movement would reveal it for the anonymous paying members of a conman’s website? One member actually wondered aloud how anyone would know this and was shouted down by the ‘mustn’t criticise insiders’ brigade.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Nobody figured out my many references to his “partner” Tracey. I included it in several riddles such as “”We are the tracers who is the tracee”).

  6. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Is his new missus with him in Spain?

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    She has been helping him pick out their bolt hole. He claims to anyone who listens in Spain – and who can help overhearing such a loud mouth – Tracey (Tracy?) his Ma, Andrew MacNeish, Steve, Katie and the two kids are moving in with him over there and it will be the HQ for KT and his internet business.

    The only one not mentioned is his wife.

    I hope for kids sake that some proper arrangements have been made with their custodian – their mother.
    I’ve known this and a lot more for some time but thought it ok to release it now.

    And remember this is what he says in Spain. While he’s been planning it since February I still think it would make more sense and be consistent with some of the other things he has let slip – that he will need to maintain the fiction that KT is based in the UK. You will recall him saying he has fixed up Steve in a place of his own? Maybe thats the function of the house between York and Leeds. We should locate that as soon as possible.

    He never does anything for nothing. Steve gets to get place of his own that belongs to Oldham and where Steve will be the stooge to fend off investigations and also to claim that KT is a UK based business.

  8. Raftastic Says:

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall just to whitness his paranoid ramblings at his bumboy about how you have got this info.
    Also why have none of those Maltese reds asked him or even comented about Pinocchio.

  9. Dr Proctor Says:

    Rupert, where abouts in Spain is he moving to? Doesn’t have to be pin point, the general area will do.

  10. Warren Says:

    Who is this Tracey?

    Has she been involved in KT?

  11. Raftastic Says:

    Whoevert she is Warren i hope the insiders don’t put her picture on here asx any chic who sucks that fat fucker off could turn the average man to stone just with a look.

  12. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Yeah she must be pretty fucking awful! Imagine her trying to shag him, with him connected to his breathing machine while at the same time trying to eat a KFC bargain bucket

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Dr Proctor

    Just to tease you a bit more.

    On a previous thread somone posted this earlier today:

    “I was a member of Koptalk for a couple of years, and yes I was 1 that also contributed to the Lauren fund.
    I do not like what happened to me and feel annoyed I was conned.
    Being brought up around the docks of Liverpool one thing I would never do is report anyone to the tax man or any other goverment body regarding money.
    It does not feel right and I would have no part of it”

    That poster gave a hushmail (re-mailer address) but his IP was traceable to the small town where Oldham found himself a local notary to handle his side of the deal. That was in Murcia, Spain but the property is a little distance away.

    Its a huge coincidence that somebody from such a relatively small and isolated place should have written to the blog in those terms – no?

  14. dataimaginary Says:

    Smart work rupert, so I was right he’s squashing some bint and doing a runner to spain – leaving fall-guy steve to hold the fort somewhere in the uk. Desperate measures fatty, we know where you’re going and will notify the authorities. By the way Spain is a member of the EU. It also has a tax regime a quick tip-off to the Murcia tax office should do the trick.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    Don’t jump the gun.

    I’ve reported (a) what he has been planning since February and (b) how he presented his intentions in Spain.

    However, the deal hit a brick wall for reasons which I will reveal later. Then it was reinstated. Then it was going ahead again. But this depends on his selling his Wallsend properties and paying for the new place. As of last week he had not got the money from those sales.

    As the Chinese say the night has a thousand dreams and I cannot guarantee that Oldham will not get cold feet for all kinds of reasons, or change the plan or fail to perform the contract as he did before.

    His various statements on KT in the last two weeks – that he was in Valencia was a lie. Also the idea that he might go to Bulgaria is a nonsense. The idea that his mother might want to live apart from him is also wrong.

    I notice in it all he does not deny that he and his cult is going to Spain.

    He’s using Malta as a decoy at the moment. I have noticed a pick up in hits from Malta on KT so perhaps some of hsi cult are there or perhaps even he.

    But the video he showed oh his daughter and Katie flying to inspect the new KT HQ, which he tried to imply was in Malta was, in fact, the property in Spain he has been planning to move into.

    His various statements in the last two weeks on KT may indicate that he was re-thinking because he got homesick after 10 days in Spain or because he knows we know his plans.

    As of now I have no reason to believe that the original plan is not proceeding.

    Wherever he is next season if he still operates Koptalk he can expect the closest of scrutiny from the blog.

  16. Jop Says:

    I hope someone gets the FC before he bolts…ahem! i mean the authorities…..
    I noticed on his posts that on one he has Insider saying that Bellamy is talking terms with 2 EPL which is a sign he is off and on the other he has Arsenal checking the availability of Crouch because we are having trouble offloading Bellamy.

    Then he covers himself in glory by saying the medical team are on standby today and even the scouts are there….then continues to tell his harem that he is not saying something will happen today or tomorrow but not saying it wont.

    As for the shirts for Africa, i am sure he was “starting” that some 3 years ago, if i remember he was suggesting the Owen shirts could be sent as they were meaningless after he (Owen) betrayed us.

    Dunk you are a fat twat of the highest degree, passing your way in a few months if you fancy a beer you FC.

  17. Homer_Jay Says:

    Rupert!! I guessed all the riddles about Tracy and I also know about all the other stuff. I was just waiting for you to confirm it! Please send 30 pounds straight away.

  18. LFCPost.com Says:

    I wonder how long it typically takes for the penny to drop for a new subscriber to KT?

    Made up, third- and fourth-hand rubbish.

  19. Paul.S Says:

    If he asks me nicely, I might tell him where we get our Dedicated Sever for £70 a month from….

    then again, maybe not 😉

  20. Tubby Says:

    haha, with the low traffic KT gets, he could run it on a shared hosting server at $5.99 special offer. 660 quid a month, who does he think he’s fooling?


  21. DAVE the BRAVE Says:

    Hmmm… Murcia? Alicante? I bet he’s moving to Torrevieja. Massive English community there, plenty of affordable new properties and media access! Come on Rupert, blow the whistle 😉

  22. Dr Proctor Says:

    Spain isn’t the place it once was, the authorities are taking a close look at any expats who have done a bunk from one country and think they can land in Spain and live the “life”

    I hope he has a very good accountant and advisor as the Spanish jails aren’t very comforting and they throw you in for next to nothing these days. You can have a fight in the strett and be locked up for many many months whilst waiting for a hearing, it isn’t a nice place to be if your caught doing anything illegal.

  23. Ronald McDonald Says:

    Everywhere on Murcia there is building work – I happened to spend a few warm days out there not so long ago. There are thriving British communities all along that coast.

    I noticed a disproportional amount of Chavs there, so he’ll fit right in.

  24. Alan Says:

    His email address is there we should bombard him with emails to show wat an arsehole he is

  25. Superdan Says:

    Another great read. The way he declares that Bellamy is off but then says that Crouch could move to cover if we dont sell bellamy is a load of bull. Id also like to say hello to him as its clear from the post 2 days ago from “Harry” that he checks the blog. He is the biggest bullshitter I have ever come across on the internet and I hope that his move to Spain doesnt go through so the revenue can get the FC asap

  26. rupertinsider Says:

    He seems to have abandoned his “Insider “information that Owen is coming. That’s the third year in a row he’s played the Owen card.

  27. lfc_michael Says:

    The thing is, if Owen ever did come back, he’d trumpet that as a vindication of his ‘insider’ information.

    This red4ever character claims, and has been backed up by some posters, that he said two years ago about us having an interest in Torres. That may well be so, but many top clubs have long admired him, and countless links come and go. Oldham chooses to highlight the ones that come true, in true tabloid style, and ‘forgets’ the ones that didn’t. In fact, because posts older than a day or two are deleted, you’ve no way of checking accuracy. Fire enough bullets and you may hit a target, but he has no sources at Melwood.

  28. rupertinsider Says:

    red4 ever is a fool.

  29. lfc_michael Says:

    Yes, that was my point, in case I wasn’t clear enough. I’m not even entirely convinced that he’s ‘real’. It’s perfectly possible that he is, but his bigging up of the site and a few other traits make me wonder.

  30. An Observer Says:

    A dickibird tells me it costs RAWK about £85 / month for their server and it’s been down about once in the past 3 years and generally runs much faster the koptalk.

  31. Is it Safe? Says:

    Hi Rupert,
    I think I had twigged on to Tracy Cushnahan in my post a few days ago. I think I won a coconut for that one. Are they still in Spain? She’s not answering her mobile and the ring sounds like when you dial an international number!

  32. rupertinsider Says:

    In your guess at the riddle you mentioned Cushy – because the blog informed you that Katrina’s name was Cushnahan so you guessed it might be Katrina.

    None of your other guesses were right either! 🙂

    As for Tracy – what number do you have?

    Check your mail!

  33. Is it Safe? Says:

    I have replied to your email Rupert.

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