Koptalk: How to report Duncan Oldham to HM Revenue and Customs

by Rupert Insider


Duncan Oldham has exploited LFC and its supporters for nine years. In the end he failed to compete successfully with the honest LFC sites. Koptalk is a failure in many senses of the word. But in those nine years he had some financial success due, in part, to illegal schemes directed at LFC supporters and to tax evasion.  He used some of his ill-gotten gains to prolong and expand his exploitation – which is why his tax affairs are of interest to this blog.

He failed to fully declare his personal or business income as required by law including any income he may have obtained illegally through the skimming of illegal charities and the illegal offering for sale of shares in his business and he failed to collect or forward VAT.

I suspect he also conspired with his family and friends who are employees to avoid payment of national insurance contributions and there is a strong suspicion that he conspired with the same family and friends to draw unemployment, income support and disability benefits and possibly housing benefits to which he and they were not entitled thereby getting the state to subsidize his busienss.

I cannot prove any of this. Who can? HM Revenue and Customs. All the law requires me to do is report my suspiscions and give reasons for them.  I have done that, today.

It would be more effective if you did, too. You do not need to follow the format I have used. In fact you should pick and chose what you feel most comfortable with and add any additional comments of your own. You might want to scan the tool bar page Shop Oldham which contains much additional information.

I was prompted today by Peter Standard’s contribution which I now attach. I have amended some of the points he made to bring it up to date. I do have Oldham’s NI number which I have included in my report.

Please be clear to HM Revenue and Customs that the blog’s contributors will do all the archive and other research necessary to give solid reason for suspicions and we can be contacted by email. You may give my email rupert.insider@gmail.com


by Stannard Insider

Report Dunk to Revenue and Customs

Using the HM revenue and customs website you can report an employer or a self employed person who you suspect may be evading paying tax.

You do not need to give your name, address or any personal details either.

You do not need to be a UK citizen or resident to submit a report either.

To report Duncan Oldham to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs follow this link: https://www.taxevasionhotline.co.uk/forms/selfemp.htm

At the most it will take you 2 minutes to report Duncan Oldham for tax evasion which may well lead to further investigation into other crimes he has committed. Spread the link to anyone who has been affected by Duncan Oldham and his crooked Koptalk operation too.

And to make things even easier I have created a text document with the answers I used to fill the form in. You are free to cut and paste some or all of this to fill in the form for yourself. I attach it below.   You can cut and paste all or part of it into the boxes supplied on the form at the above link.  It really is as simple as that.

First name of Trader: Duncan

Last name of Trader: Oldham

Details of Allegation:

These are the main suspicions about Duncan Oldham finances and business practices.

1. He is about to bolt from the UK with his business and family and thereby put himself beyond the reach of HM Revenue and Customs.

2. That he may have skimmed donations sent for several unregistered children’s charities especially one for a teenager he claimed was his cousin – the YNWA Lauren Forsyth Appeal. He formally opened the appeal in 2005 and closed it due to public criticisms in July 2006. On the day he launched it he said he could not donate because he was unwaged and penniless. After a few months he bought a £100,000 pounds property, built an office extension on it, bought computers and large plasma screen TVs, and subsequently claimed to be in the market for and the owner of other investment and commercial properties, he bought a new Mercedes Convertible and other vehicles and took several foreign trips. His site had many thousands of users at that time and it is thought that the appeal raised scores of thousands of pounds. It was not registered with the Charity Commissioners; no accounting was offered to donors or to the public and some donors did not receive receipts for their donations. A summary about the charity with links to its site can be found here: Scroll down to the logo “Charity Commissioners” https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/summary-blog-and-koptalk/

3. In 2001 he offered 10% shares to his site and claims he received £1.3 million from members and readers. Within a couple of weeks he said he had to return the money because of a legal problem. But he also stated he had used the money as operating capital and could not repay it until he received advertising revenue monthly. Subsequently he said that not everyone had claimed the money back. Weeks before the offer he said he was penniless and begged for donations to his website. Nine months later he bought a property at 5 Swan Avenue, Wallsend for £30,000 and a few months after that paid his mother’s mortgage on a $44.500 property across the street at No. 1. He also bought a newer model of his Mercedes Convertible. A summary with links to some of his public statements on this matter can be found here: https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/when-oldham-was-a-beggar-and-macneish-was-a-close-family-friend/

4. In 2001/22002 he claimed to have sold the rights to a large part of his site Koptalk.com to FootyMad. Subsequently FootyMad sued him for breach of contract and damages of £50,000 which was the return of what they had paid him for rights. He defended the action and claims it was thrown out and he was awarded costs.

5. On his MySpace page in 2006 he claimed an annual income of £250,000 and on his website often claimed his income was in excess of £140,000. These may have been exaggerated claims but his claim to have 6,000 paying members of his website, together with other revenues streams would justify figures of £130,000 per annum or more.

6. He may have been illegally claiming benefits from DSS and other public agencies for some or all of the past nine years he has been running his business. While amassing substantial property and possessions he has claimed to be unwaged and to conduct his business as a hobby. He also claims to have disabilities. At the same time he claims to work 17-19 hour days 7 days a week on his business.

7. He may have conspired with other family members, namely his wife, his mother Jeannette Oldham and her friend Andrew MacNeish and his close friend Steve MacNeish and an employee-cousin Katrina Cushnahan to allow them to claim benefits while working for him the same long hours while also claiming that they were unwaged. He may also help them evade taxes.

8. As an employer and as a self-employed person he may have failed to pay National Insurance contributions on the basis of his claim that he and his employee were unwaged

9. He may have evaded reporting income for himself or his businesses or his employees to HM Revenue and Customs on the donations of cash and equipment he begged for on his site in 2001 and previous years to 1998. He claims his site had 6-9 million hits monthly at the time and thousands of members and readers and indications are that the donations were significant enough to support him and his family. In fact, he claimed that his site was worth millions of pounds at the time and tried to sell it for those kind of values. There is no apparent record of the donations.

10. He evaded the collecting and forwarding of VAT on what he said was the sales of thousands of memberships, shirts, balls and other memorabilia from his on-line store, tickets to football matches, booking charter flights for members to overseas football matches on commission and other transactions.

11. That he has benefited by refusing to pay judgments. He would plead “anxiety and depression” and gain easy payment terms from the court and then fail to pay. Ten years after some judgments he has still not paid them. The goods and services he did not pay for are undeclared benefits. The two lists given here refer to the same judgments – they have to be collated.

12. Oldham York Ref JE740807
D Oldham Scarborough SZ701035
D Oldham 9301682
J Oldham Hull KH513735
J Oldham Northampton XN702395
D Oldham Scarborough SZ711358
J Oldham Scarborough SZ601644
J Oldham two more one in Scarborough and one in Northampton.

13. Oldham in York Court JE740807 £10707
Oldham Scarborough Court £931
J Oldham Hull £3270
J Oldham £807
Dunk Scarborough £1930
Oldham Scarborough £370
J Oldham Northampton £232
J Oldham Scarborough £575J Oldham Northampton £393Also a R Oldham at same address with court proceedings
£158 £232 £67 £6611

These are some of the reasonable grounds for suspicion

1. He has operated complex transactions involving tens of thousands of clients over nine years, without mentioning a bank, preferring cash or PayPal or similar offshore paying mechanisms. He does not issue receipts for all revenues or appear to keep books, and his records appear to be disorganized. Periodically he claims to have lost records. He also claims not to keep hard copy of his transactions or membership – this to defend himself against accusations that he was illegally collecting and storing personal data such as credit card details.

2. He has conducted business on the web under different names – Del Johnson and Duncan Oldham being just two of them. As Del Johnson he was investigated for fraud by Trading Standards Officers in Scarborough for selling non-existent Sky satellite cards for up to £200 a piece. He never gives his address on his website or his business dealings as required by law, and he uses PO Boxes only.

3. He claims that Duncan Oldham is not his real name – it is.

4. He claims he does not live in Wallsend, near Newcastle – he does.

5. He claims he lives in Scarborough, Yorkshire – he doesn’t. He also claims to own properties there. His estranged wife lives there and has custody of his two children. These claims are persistent and raise the suspicion that he may be claiming housing benefits or disability benefits that are based on his claim he lives in Scarborough.

6. He claims that his employees – his mother and two teenagers of doubtful relationship to him do not receive a wage from him – yet they spend all their time working for him and have no other visible means of support. He also claims to have fixed up Steve MacNeish one of his employees in his own place and bought him a vehicle.  This also suggests he does not make National Insurance contributions. (He claims his wife worked for him full-time, in the past, and part-time, in the evenings, earlier in 2006 after she finished her main work as a teacher. His wife’s maiden name is Maria Hartley. Presently they appear to be estranged).

7. He claims he does not receive a wage but claims to live a lifestyle that relies on a substantial income to support it. If it were true that he did not received a wage that might be the basis for not paying National Insurance contributions.

8. He claims to have a debilitating illness (one which might be expected to qualify him for disability benefits) yet he also claims to work long hours (17-19 hours a day) every day seven days a week and travels abroad extensively.

9. He has claimed that Koptalk has 6,000 members most of who paid subscriptions of between ₤26-30 per year. He offered discounts of 33% (₤10) for payments made in bank notes or other negotiable instruments, with no receipt required. He increased this income by double charging and overcharging some of those who used PayPal.

10. In July 2006 he claimed that recent revenues from betting referrals had increased 10 times in relation to the World Cup. Advertisements for betting are prominent on his site – he also claims to bet heavily and often and encourages visitors to click on the links. Commissions from betting shops is substantial. In May 2007 he said that new members signing up to his web site exceeded those of previous years.

11. He claimed significant revenues from referrals to Adult Date Finder.

12. He claimed revenues from Googel Ads and other advertisements based on traffic to his sites, and have claimed that his site received 6-10 million hits a month for several years.

13. He claimed significant revenues from the sale in the thousands of transactions of LFC regalia, books, CDs and DVD’s.

14. He claimed revenues from advanced ₤5 “deposits” on his book “Anfield Exposed” over a three-year period. He also claimed in 2006 that indications from these deposits are that the first run of the book will be 20,000 copies. He will not initiate refunds but insists that claimants provide proof of their payment. He fails to refund all those who demand their money back. He has not published the book three years since he began to take deposits. (He is reported to have made some refunds when legal or other action was threatened). In 2007 he said he will not publish the book this year.

15. He did not collect VAT on any of these sales of goods and services. He uses many different sites as sales outlets which may be an attempt to disguise the aggregate total of revenues and thereby evade the threshold for registering for VAT.

16. He overcharges members and double charges and charges for memberships they have not agreed to through his manipulation of their PayPal account.


17. He makes exaggerated claims about the cost of hosting a site and doing business in order to conceptually reduce his net profit.

18 His public comments on his financial results are contradictory. He sometimes pleads poverty for tactical purposes. In September 2006 he closed his free forums on the grounds he could not afford to maintain them and had difficulty finding cash to pay a season ticket at LFC. This was a couple of weeks after claiming to have had record new signings of memberships and other revenues and to have bought shares in LFC. (He also claims to have sold those shares at a profit in 2007). And since then, he has talked a lot about buying properties in new York, Malta, Spain, Bulgaria, Yorkshire and Liverpool and has bought cars and been on many foreign trips. He has recently claimed to own several properties in Newcastle and Scarborough and Liverpool, and recently to have bought a property between Leeds and York. His three propertiesi n Wallsend  – or three in which he is deeply involved financially – are now for sale and under offer for a total of about £360,000.


18. In his 2006 MySpace profile he claimed an income of ₤250,000 a year. In other public statements he claims an income in excess of ₤140,000. In other statements he says he is “unwaged” but has two or three good months a year after which he can “treat himself”. He recently claimed substantial income and profits from owning racing dogs and property investments.

19. In the spring and summer of 2006 he claimed that profits were so substantial that he could buy vehicles (a Mercedes Clk200 K Sport Auto, a Ford Ka Design and, prospectively, a van kitted out for broadcasting as well as an ex-army Landrover) properties (including his interest in a ₤300,000 a house and an hotel in Liverpool and a house in Malta – which he did not, in fact buy) and plasma TV’s and other expensive audio-visual equipment.

20. He has never denied suspicions that he does not report his income or pay personal income tax.

21. He habitually attempts to deceive users of his sites by posting under different pseudonyms, including the names used by his family, and by giving misleading information about his whereabouts. Since February 2007 he has made as many as 20 “secret” trips to Spain in order to organise the purchase of property there worth €275,000 while instructing his family and other employees to support his claims on his site that he was in Wallsend or Liverpool or, on one occasion, in Athens for a football match.

22. Since February he has been attempting to organize his exit and the exit of his mother and children and employees from the UK with immediate effect. The statements he makes on his web site about his plans, conflict with the statements he makes to third parties when he is seeking to secure his exit from the UK. The clear indication is that he is preparing a bolt hole and trying to cover his tracks.

National Insurance No: Known and to be supplied on request

Age/DoB: 32 years – 13th September 1974

Residential Address – line 1: 5 Swan Avenue, off Bede Crescent

Residential Address – line 2: Wallsend

Residential Address – line 3: Tyne and Wear

Residential Postcode: NE28 7JH

Residential Tel No: Unknown

Mobile No: +44 (0) 7017 028 900

Private Vehicles:

D1UNK is a Mercedes Clk200 Sports Auto

M99ACA is a Ford Ka

Vans Corsa

and possibly Ford Transit

Do They Receive Any State Benefits: Potentially housing benefit, unemployment benefit, income support and special medical benefits.

Notes: For full information on matters reported herein please consult the following blog which specializes as a public service in tracking his statements and activities .  The contributors to the blog will provide whatever evidence they have to assist any enquiry. They can be contacted by email. rupert.insider@gmail.com



Trading Name of Business: Koptalk.com and in the past as the Caboodle Network

Type of Business: Website selling false “inside” information about Liverpool FC

Business Address – line 1: 1 St. Oswald Road

Business Address – line 2: Wallsend

Business Address – line 3: Tyne And Wear

Business Postcode: NE28 7HJ

Business Tel No: Unknown

How Long Has The Business Traded: from 1998 in various formats

Details of Advertising: Advertising is on search engines. He falsely claims his site provides “official” news from LFC and Anfield and that it is a mature site for serious die-hard Reds. He also advertises from time to time on GoogleAds. But most of his advertising is on the first page of his site which is open to the public. In January 2007 he opened a site for pornography and linked to it from the front page of his site.

Web Site Address: http://www.koptalk.com





and numerous other sites, names of which can be supplied by the blog




24 Responses to “Koptalk: How to report Duncan Oldham to HM Revenue and Customs”

  1. jugs Says:

    incredible work guys, incredible.

    My hats off to you.

    Good luck and I hope it pays off quickly.

  2. jugs Says:

    Sent in my report. as well.

  3. dataimaginary Says:

    Splendid. Inland revenue web server probably had a record spike tonight. 😉

  4. justino Says:

    This is getting interesting

  5. Johnny Says:

    Awesome job, my hats of to you. I also sent a report based on my experience, to be precise (FRAUD)

  6. Phil T Says:

    Done! 🙂

  7. Mark Says:

    Sent in a report following your guide. Hopefully they get onto him fast.

    Is there any way of making a more brief page to quickly explain the plight against Koptalk and have it linked to prominently from the homepage? It would help for first time visitors.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Page 2 – Blog v Koptalk – Tool Bar top of the page

    There is a brief summary there – and a longer summary.

    Look at the tool bar at the top of the page. There are also summaries of some of the more substantial issues.

  9. Tubby Says:

    Excellent work Rupert, all signs are pointing to the fact the blog is forcing fatty’s hand.

  10. Sinbad Says:

    Great work guys. I can just see Fatso sweating away in his pigsty, waiting for that inevitable knock on the door from the tax man.

  11. BKTD Says:

    Submitted. Great work Rupert and Peter. Look forward to fatty getting what is due to him. Steve may be his bitch now, but with luck, fatty will find himself as someones bitch when he gets locked up!!

  12. Andy S Says:

    Very, very well done guys. I hope the fat cnut and all his drones get what they deserve quickly. The thought of the “big man” trying to cope in jail really makes me happy. Hopefully he will get the extra special treatment a man of his importance deserves………especially at shower time.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    This is Sat and I have added to and refined the list in the post.

  14. Alan Says:

    Can you please get rid of that picture of his ugly fucking daughter, im fed up of seeing that hideous face each time i check back for updates.

  15. Superdan Says:

    Just filled it out. Lads you’ve saved me £30. In a short time I expect KT to be shut down and all the poor members who have joined recently are going to lose their money. Dont be surprised if it doesnt get shut down though, I have a feeling that if Oldham gets done over then hes just going to pass the site onto his puppets

  16. Jagz Says:

    Alan Says:
    June 23rd, 2007 at 5:38 pm
    Can you please get rid of that picture of his ugly fucking daughter, im fed up of seeing that hideous face each time i check back for updates.



  17. Steve O Says:

    I think we ought to also report RichT too. He advertisies various get rich quick schemes, there are his fake diet pills etc. Unless he wants to turn.

    Rupert, I recall seeing his details posted here, I cannot find them at the moment

  18. Homer_Jay Says:

    Wow. The fat cunt might by accident have told the truth for once. It is very likely that he will run all summer!!!
    RUN fat cunt RUN!!

  19. red from oz Says:

    using homer jay as inspiration i tried to get a picture of a fat cunt running,so i typed “fat cunt running photo” into google and the first thing that came up was the blog describing oldham! with this description.
    “Just shows what a disrespectful pie eating fat cunt he is …. Whilst most LFC sites run adverts to help cover hosting costs etc they are usually a little …”
    even google know about the fat prick.

  20. John Hill Says:

    I was a member of Koptalk for a couple of years, and yes I was 1 that also contributed to the Lauren fund.
    I do not like what happened to me and feel annoyed I was conned.
    Being brought up around the docks of Liverpool one thing I would never do is report anyone to the tax man or any other goverment body regarding money.
    It does not feel right and I would have no part of it.

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    What’s being brought up around the docks of Liverpool got to do with it?

    That’s the kind of remark Oldham makes about Liverpudlian’s. He’s always tried to reinforce the idea that they live outside law and not only look the other way as he rips of society but kinda of approve of it because they do,too.

    I see from your IP address you are posting from a country and town where Oldham has been spending a lot of time lately In fact from the same place from where he hired a dodgy “notary”.

  22. dataimaginary Says:

    “Being brought up around the docks of Liverpool one thing I would never do is report anyone to the tax man or any other goverment body regarding money.”

    You don’t mind geordies or other OOTs ripping-off fellow reds then? That’s fine, let them get away with it, “I can sleep alright as I haven’t dobbed anyone into the social”

    Fecks sake man grow some balls, this is a conman and has feck all to do with “growing up around the docks”.

  23. Concorde Says:

    “Being brought up around the docks of Liverpool one thing I would never do is report anyone to the tax man or any other goverment body regarding money.”

    What utter bollocks. I too was brought up near the docks area and know that tax cheats are fucking scum. It’s people from the sort of area I come from who rely on tax funded services and it is tax dodging twats like Oldham (and you?) who are ultimately ripping off these people.

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