The missing Koptalk tape – Tom Hicks and Duncan Oldham

by Rupert Insider


We all know how Oldham squeezes the maximum claims from the the minimum evidence of any contact with LFC, however tenuous and remote. So why is he hiding the tape he says he made of his conversation with Tom Hicks in Dallas about his transfer budget, the stadium design, his views on Eto, the relative merits of buying youngsters or seasoned players, his plans for marketing, his damning views on Rick Parry’s competence, and his request that Oldham find the club a new CEO?

Such a tape would confound Oldham’s critics and for the first time in nine years prove that he really does have “Insider” information about LFC. No more reliance on the childish ploy of making it up while hiding behind pseudonyms like the Informer, Horse, Anfield Mole. In addition it would bring enormous publicity to his site and make him some decent money – his main objective in life.

The entire justification for the 4-person trip and its £7 ,000 to £10,000 cost was that he was checking-out the two new owners for his faithful cultees on Koptalk. That’s what the video camera was for. And he littered the internet with videos of him going and coming in airports and in taxis, playing on games machines and shopping, hanging around “prozzies” and lap-dancers , hugging his best friend Smoove in the street, visiting the set of “Dallas” – the TV soap opera and lingering on his close friend MacNeish.

But when it comes to the meat and potatoes of the month long junket – the meeting with Hicks – nothing.

We did get to see him calling at Hick’s offices after he had looked him up in the Yellow Pages, telephoned and asked for a photo opportunity. We saw him sitting in the waiting room, to be exact. We saw him walking forward for the photo opportunity. We have even seen the resulting photo. But when Hicks greeted him by asking, “What’s your name?” the video is cut. A few minutes later, according to the angle of the sun, Oldham was in the parking lot again, claiming he had just emerged from a two-hour meeting.

As eminent as Tom Hicks is, he is not royalty and he does have the common touch – evidenced by agreeing to see the stranger who arrived at his door uninvited “from Liverpool”. So why would he have forbidden a video record of the event?

In fact he didn’t. Nowhere does Oldham claim that. Today he says that the only reason he never showed the “clip” is that he decided it would not be right. He also added that the clip was not interesting enough for Koptalk. (Oh yes it is, the audience responds!)

That last remark has some truth to it – because apart from the alleged references to Parry and a new CEO and Eto – all recent additions not mentioned after the actual meeting – there was nothing reported by Oldham that Hicks had not already said in the media. Oldham could have learned it all from his usual sources, the Liverpool Echo, the LFC Official Site and the S*n.

Oldham knows how vulnerable overseas supporters are who are not familiar with the UK or even with Western culture and do not expect a site claiming to be run by a “die-hard Red” to lie for money. But the amazing thing is there are still a handful of supporters from the UK and Ireland who swallow whatever he tells them – at least for a time.

They believe him when he says the same about the missing videos of his being in Athens three weeks ago and attending the UEFA Final. He does not show those tapes because who wants to be reminded of a match we lost! Or the missing videos of his week long stay in Valencia last week – we know he took the camera – but we also know he used it in a part of Spain that’s not Valencia. And the missing videos or “tape” he said he had last September which could end “Lurch’s” – Peter Crouch’s career – with LFC. And the missing tapes or photos of him being in Cardiff and attending the Cup Final last year and in previous years. All tapes that he could not be bothered showing.

Yet he went to enormous trouble to travel 180 miles from Wallsend to Melwood last August to sit in his car all day in the street and have his gofer, MacNeish, stand on the wheelie bins next to the local kids to get shaky long distance shots over the wall of players training, and he used his own weight to knock aside the kid autograph hunters to shove his unwanted video cam in the face of the manager and players as they emerged from that session and from their hotel in La Manga. He spread those videos all over the net, too, hoping that they would give credence to his false claim to be a confidant of executives and players.

I don’t have to rely on the forensic evidence of the angle of the sun’s rays and so on, because I contacted Tom Hicks’ office who told me that Oldham’s version of how he got into the office and what went on there is a pack of lies. I don’t have a tape – but what I did can be done by anyone who cares to check. I provided a clue to the telephone number in Dallas. HERE Anyone can access Dallas Yellow pages on the net and Tom Hicks Holdings. Give him a call and ask Tom Hicks or his staff – its not Buckingham Palace.

So here are a few screen shots today – more hard evidence of Oldham’s fraud that he sells “Insider” information.

He’s never been inside Melwood or anywhere at the club – except the public areas – and he stopped going to them years ago when he found out how much money he could make illegally selling his and his wife’s season tickets – but he spoon feeds his cultees information about how and where medicals of incoming players are conducted in that cloak and dagger manner he and they love.

And he reappears as the Informer today with news that Torres’s agent in town. One thing you can say about the Informer he can read. Yesterday Guillem Ballague reported that Torres was LFC’s top target. Today the Liverpool Echo says the same. The media is full of an impending Torres deal with some reporting that LFC officials having travelled to Atletico Madrid.

And when someone pops up to defend Rick Parry, who Oldham calls a “muppet” who runs LFC “like a Joke” and who he wants removed because he ignores Oldham and won’t let him near the club – he cries crocodile tears and gives him the back- handed compliment that he hopes some role can be found for him at the club.

Its amazing that a guy in Wallsend – a well-known internet fraudster- with no friends save his Ma, vulnerable kids and teenagers , can keep such close tabs on the movers and shakers. Even more amazing that a few people buy the garbage.



29 Responses to “The missing Koptalk tape – Tom Hicks and Duncan Oldham”

  1. Jagz Says:

    The last two pictures are the same, other than that, good stuff

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    10 ex- KTers joined Est 1892 yesterday after getting kicked out by Dunkin.

    This sounds familiar:

    [QUOTE=janpelt;520129]Now I didn’t exactly have days to look into the insider insider site. Just ennough to see a post about Koptalk charging membership fees multiple times on paypal.

    Now that made me curious. I looked into my Pay pal account and QUESS WHAT THEY CHARGED ME TOO MUCH TOO!!! The subs are for a year at the time and look at this. The records of my 2 last payments to Koptalk…. Not exactly a year from September to May………..

    May 1, 2007 Payment To KOPTALK.COM Completed Details -£30.00 GBP
    Sep. 13, 2006 Payment To KOPTALK.COM Completed Details -£30.00 GBP

    I travel alot at work so I have alot of stuff on my Credit card bill. I admit I don’t check everything, but i did not expect to be scammed with this…:rant:[/QUOTE]

  3. Flagpole Corner Says:

    i’m absoluteley speechless

  4. Lloyd Says:

    # Flagpole Corner Says:
    June 20th, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    i’m absoluteley speechless
    That’s a first 🙂

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    I heard about the ten – and about one other who posted on KT that he had found the poor man’s KT where the “old school KTalkers are” (Est1892).

    I hope my recent email and the reaction to it on KT had some role to play.

    Could someone get a screen shot of the Est 1892 post of the guy who was overcharged. We could add it to the sticky as evidence for others and for the submission we are preparing for PayPal to have KT kicked out .

    It would be nice if the poster acknowledged our role in warning him by sending in the information to me at my email or in the comments section.

    And he doesn’t have to spend days reading the blog now that he is no longer a KT cultee. In fact the blog is optional reading without an exam.

  6. Dr Proctor Says:

    Can you guys actually see KT ever going under. I know he has some longer term members but I think he bases his business model on the constant flow of new members and has little regard for current ones.
    I’ve seen him say many times that if you don’t like the way the threads are censored/deleted/moderated then log out and fook off.

    As long as he can entice new blood with his rouge claims then he’ll be happy so why should he care about members once they’ve stumped up the initial £30? Sure, he refunds the odd one here and there but tha’s only to be expected.

    It was quiet this morning so he starts a thread asking “If a woman had to manage the Reds who would you pick and why?”….I mean come on, ffs!!

    £30 a year for that crap!

    None of the so called inside info predicted (in the last few days) the Torres link which was in the media today. The nearest they got was his agent was in town as other web-sites highlighted him as our main target at the same time.

    If he was then this must have been planned days ago thus leaving Dunks source who said Raffa was about to quit this week looking very silly.

    The bullshit is coming thick and fast.

  7. Flagpole Corner Says:

    i was speechless cos i didn’t think that you could speak directly to mr hicks 😀

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I like your analysis.

    So how do you stop him recruiting the constant flow of newbies?

    He has doctored the search engines. If you look for “Liverpool” or “LFC” you find KT. He claims it is the “Official” LFC news.

    If you look under “Koptalk” he has gerrymandered the first 10 to 5 links with false sites, duplicate sites, and all kinds of other tricks to squeeze us out. We do get a mention but not as much as we did last year.

    People on here were supposed to be writing to Google and so. I know a lot of work was done and many links have been broken. But I don’t see any change.

    Our back-room strategy must remain under wraps for the time being. But it does address the point you made.

    The search engines could stop him but after that the most powerful entity is LFC. Clearly he is exploiting their goodwill, their trade name, and their reputation and the rights of their players. He is also exploiting their fans. No other club in the world has allowed something like KT to develop – a site that defrauds the public and the club by claiming to be an Insider.

    However, LFC is fully aware of what’s going on down to the smallest detail. If we feel disgusted by him imagine how they feel!

    The wheels of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly small.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Having said all that about search engines, I can tell from the blog’s dashboard that a very large number of people who use “Koptalk” as a key word in their search arrive at the blog.

    I don’t know if they use “Koptalk” knowing that it will throw up links to us, or whether they were looking for KT.

    I notice that the number has tripled in the last month.

    But the number of those searching for some version of the blog’s name usually matches or exceeds on aggregate the number using just “Koptalk” – except on a few recent occasions.

  10. smithy Says:

    Sorry but down here in OZ I typed in LFC, liverpool and Koptalk all in “the web” search, not pages from australia and not one link to Koptalk.
    In fact the kopta1k page even was mentioned way above the duncs page which was a further 3 pages back.
    i even got satellite cards and del johnson before I got his current scheme.

    seems google aren’t too keen on him either.

  11. smithy Says:

    Sorry ? I’m not sorry……………….


  12. rupertinsider Says:

    That might explain why we are getting so many KT seekers at the blog. However, I just keyed in KT to Google after reading your post. This was the first page – and there was a lot more on the next page.

    Official KopTalk (LFC) website – Liverpool FC News – 4 visits – May 15
    Liverpool FC (LFC) news from the official KopTalk website. Live Liverpool FC (LFC) news updates from Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club. – 20 Jun 2007 – Similar pages – Note this
    Latest LFC News –
    Not a member? –
    Member’s LFC News –
    More results from »
    KopTalk : Liverpool FC (LFC) News
    The latest Liverpool FC transfer news and LFC match reports from Anfield, Liverpool brought to you by KopTalk. For the serious Liverpool FC supporter. – 3k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    KopTalk : Liverpool FC (LFC Website)
    KopTalk brings you the latest Liverpool FC news direct from Anfield, 24 hours-a-day, every day of the year. Run by fans for fans, KopTalk is for mature … – 5k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site – 2 visits – 12/29/06
    Its about the Oldham share issue of 2001 through which, he says, he raised £1.3 million for 10% of Koptalk. But he had to return it all. … – 20 Jun 2007 – Similar pages – Note this
    Liverpool FC – Official Koptalk Exposed Site The Koptalk Konman …
    This makes the thread regarding Alicante on koptalk a little ironic. I believe he stated he has a mate who owns a pub out there and goes there often. … – 87k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    [ More results from ]
    KOPTALK.COM : The Liverpool FC website for grown-ups
    Welcome to the OFFICIAL KopTalk website for die-hard Liverpool FC supporters. Become a member and you can access a wealth of Liverpool FC information, … – 3k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    KopTalk online support website. KopTalk is the world’s only VIP website for Liverpool FC (LFC) supporters. – 5k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    Koptalk Illegal «
    Insider Insider wrote 3 weeks ago : Where did Koptalk’s ticket go? Duncan Oldham recently showed a scan of a share certificate in his name. … – 45k – 18 Jun 2007 – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    Koptalk Members Site «
    Insider Insider wrote 1 month ago : I had a couple of visits to Koptalk yesterday, and there was so much to laugh at. Far too much … more » … – 44k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this
    Flickr: Photos from koptalk
    koptalk’s buddy icon … (42 photos). Subscribe to a feed of stuff on this page… Feed – Subscribe to koptalk’s photos … – 37k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    I admit our presence has increased since I last looked a week ago, but it is still predominantly KT.

  14. smithy Says:

    Gotta love that site……

    Going by google.. he is going down,,
    good work insiders

  15. LouisRoberto Says:

    Imagine the cupboard in Koptalk HQ bulging with all those missing tapes.

    Probably empty!!

  16. Turnkey Charlie Says:

    OT: Insider, do you use Mozilla? If yes, maybe you would like to get this free ADD ON

    You can ‘copy’ huge forum threads with the click of a button. It would probably save you loads of time, and help us to enjoy the proceedings word for word.

    You can save it as a Jpeg or Png. Very easy to use, give it a try.

  17. rupertinsider Says:


    That looks like a very useful add on. How does the “selection” feature work? I would have thought it meant the text you select – but what happens is the entire page turns mauve and I don’t get the option of converting it to JPG. The other functions seem straight forward.

  18. lfc_michael Says:

    A very useful add-on; it should save a lot of time. Thanks a lot.

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    I spoke too soon. I do not get the option to save it as jpg just image files. When I do I get a blank.

    I notice that you can use it with Paint – but why is it better than doing a screen shot

  20. lfc_michael Says:

    It has the virtue of enabling you to capture more than is visible on the screen at any one time. It will be quicker than scrolling down to individual oafish remarks and then capturing them, which is what I currently have to do.

  21. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Thats a great add-on. 🙂 cheers fella!

  22. Turnkey Charlie Says:

    Insider, all you have to do is:

    1) click the little ‘Screen Grab icon’ in the bottom right hand corner of your browser, above the Clock.

    2) Click SAVE – COMPLETE PAGE FRAME, it will SCAN the entire thread (not only what’s visible on your screen, that’s the ‘visible portion option’ )

    3) The windows Save box will appear – change the file format manually from .png to .jpg. and hit SAVE.

    Open the file in the regular old ‘Windows Viewer’ and you can ZOOM in on the TEXT. You will see the entire thread saved in one go.

    You can post it up easily on here in seconds!

  23. grimness Says:

    Best thing is to save whole page with “Save as” and choose “HTML with images” and then take screenshots when it’s on your hard disc.

  24. vincent (melbourne) Says:

    getting off the subject but back to googling a good search engine is dogpile which combines about 5 searchers. so you get a more varied choice. you can set it to search just the uk or set it to world. hope this is useful.

  25. rupertinsider Says:

    Just try koptalk on the international version and see what you get.

  26. red from oz Says:

    i googled “koptalk” here in australia,i chose”the web” which is the international search and the top 6 were.
    3.the blog
    4.the blog

    looks like your email definitely worked rupert,ten leaving almost at once is great.

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    I got this one by email:

    i use for my world searches where you come in at number 2. i thought the
    one i use for the uk internationals version would be
    the same as the the other one. having said that
    dogpile was a lot better a couple of years ago as it
    had ten or more searchers included. then again if you
    put kraptalk into a search engine your not really
    looking to be enlightened in life
    Ps. i’ve tried a couple of quick searches on this
    version above
    liverpool fc kt 11 everton 25
    lfc kt 25 (2nd page)
    liverpool kt 38 (2nd page)
    you weren’t on there!
    all the best keep up the good work

  28. rupertinsider Says:

    i use for my world searches where you come in at number 2. i thought the one i use for the uk internationals version would be the same as the the other one. having said that dogpile was a lot better a couple of years ago as it had ten or more searchers included. then again if you put kraptalk into a search engine your not really looking to be enlightened in life Ps. i’ve tried a couple of quick searches on this version above

    liverpool fc kt 11 everton 25
    fc kt 25 (2nd page)l
    iverpool kt 38 (2nd page) you weren’t on there!

  29. vincent (melbourne) Says:

    thanks for putting this up rupert. the blog has degenerated to a backslapping mess . from the hints ii gave me i know your name is vo don’t know all that happened but i hope you come back in a new blog or anything else soon. make it easy to find please, it’s all about getting rid of fatso. nothing else matters.

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