Koptalk motto: If you don't lie there's no point in having a site.

by Rupert Insider


(32 yr old Oldham muscling – or fatting – the Spanish kids out of the way to stand next to Rafa in La Manga. After this shot we were told by LFC that security went looking for him for two days but he and his best friend, Steve MacNeish, were never seen again around the training ground or the team hotel despite their stream of video reports on KopTalk claiming the contrary).

When Koptalk is no more and we are trying to explain how Duncan Oldham managed to screw LFC fans for so many years by his “Insider” claims, we might turn to-day’s entries as a classic example.

Instead of a whisper on the blower from Wallet, Horse, the Informer, the Anfield Mole as in the old days, he gets a text message from a “friend” . And to impress on you its importance, he says its the second in two days. Wow!

Later on he insinuates that his informant is one of those around Rafa. So Oldham has a friend who is an “Insider” in the boot room. Wow!

(But is Rafa such a bad judge of character that he would have around him someone who would be sending text message about his inner thoughts to a fool in Wallsend for no reason other than to generate hits for his dying site?)

The message says Rafa will be leaving after a forthcoming meeting about transfers if the owners don’t back him and he may already have left to join Real Madrid this summer.

He didn’t say it, his friend did. In fact, he thinks it won’t happen – so that’s all sides covered.

But he is obliged by his professional oath as a doyen of the journalistic community to pass on the bad news. Not like the official site and the other fan sites which only “toe-the-line”. (The main thing he has learned from reading this blog several times a day is how not to spell it as “tow-the-line”).

As usual he has one of his Freudian slips. He said that “if we ignore credible information simply because people can’t deal with it, there’s no point in running a site in the first place”. Substitute “incredible lies” and you have the Koptalk philosophy in a nutshell.

And this phrase is similar to one of his we highlighted before “No news, no point”. Which translates: “No news so invent some”.

Then the biggest howler of all. He says it is his responsibility as editor of his one-man site that nobody reads except RichT, the bloggers and a few people in Malaysia, to use all sources available, not just the bits and pieces that please.

This from a guy who is infamous for hiding the name of the real author and publisher of the pieces he steals from the S*n and other media and for censoring all LFC sites, the blog and any of his own members who ask an awkward question or criticise him meaningfully .

He prefers to ban members and refund their balance rather than source them. And I don’t mean the kind of mild criticism he got in this exchange – he fishes for that kind in order to prolong the “controversy” and increase the hits. He calls it lighting the fuse and walking a way.

And you can be sure if anyone did put the boot in during this exchange they would be gone in less than a minute. And if you happened to see it before it disappeared you would know you would go the same way, if you commented on it. You wonder why they pay £30 to be treated like cultees.

We’re grateful for his continuing to provide us with evidence of his fraudulent claim to have Insider information from LFC. Keep the screen shots coming and thanks to Michael Insider for this lot.


After I published the above, Oldham got some cleverly worded blasts from bowden and carrism who pointed out that the alleged source was contradicting Oldham himself, who claimed to be the trusted confident of the two owners and had already told his cultees that the owners had told him everything would be OK. In fact he had said “Dunk knows best”.

Oldham lashed back. Annoyed that they had been clever enough to make their point without giving him clear justification for deleting or banning them.

One of his comments was very funny. He said the reason his site is so quiet is because its members-only and the others sites accept all-comers. But that does not explain why his site has so few members and why so many have quit.

He has already had a go at the LFC Official Site in this thread – as he does every day – but the Official is members only, charges more than KopTalk, because it adds VAT when he skips it. And the Official is reputed to have 50,000 members (I don’t know how many) and knocks KT off the Alexa traffic charts. In fact, according to ALEXA, it has more hits than all the unofficial sites puts together.

It seems that when people have the choice between truth and lies, between a site close to LFC and one shunned by LFC, they chose the Official.



10 Responses to “Koptalk motto: If you don't lie there's no point in having a site.”

  1. Dr Proctor Says:

    Funny but Dunk says he’s got the info via SMS text message, then later on he says (quote) “I believe the source entirely but as I said to him, I can’t see how they can back track”

    So he spoke to him then after all?

    Then when asked for further details he said he didn’t “push” (for info)

    Hmmm, how can you not push for information on potentially the biggest news in the clubs recent history?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    He not only cannot read Spanish he can’t read the English translations – otherwise he would know that the President of Real Madrid said no decision would be made about the future of the manager until there had been a round of discussions with all the staff and they would not take place until next week or later.

  3. rupertinsider Says:


    I have added 4 more screen shots to include the remark you mentioned – it seems there were some more discontent.

  4. Johnnyk Says:

    More made up crap from the fat man.He is covering himself from both sides with this.If it happens then he can say “told you so and that he has a source” and if it does’nt as I suspect,then he can say his gut feeling was right and move on to a new made up source.He is a person with serious issues.He has no friends except kids, so he invents them.
    We should call him Michael Jackson

  5. Bubba Zee Says:

    Hahaha! What a joke Duncan Oldham is.

    His site’s membership quality control extends only to your willingness to pay £30 and accept his extensive line of bullshit.

    I love the way he sidesteps carrsim’s comments and comes back with ‘if you can’t understand english you shouldn’t be here’. Priceless muggery from king twat himself.

  6. Yorkie Says:

    Reading those conversations is like seeing a car crash in slow motion. Seriously, I can’t believe there are still people on there being lead along by his brand of patent rubbish.

  7. Flagpole Corner Says:

    ah so that’s where the rumours started from.

    nice to see that my journalistic work is accurate as ever


  8. Turnkey Charlie Says:

    You gotta love the way he draws his cult in, feeds them some bollox about a text message. LOL……

    Why doesnt a Blog Reader play it smart, act like they are really worried – and ask OLDHAM to CALL G or H personally for a few words on the Rafa-exit rumours. Make sure you START A NEW THREAD so it gets max visibility.

    I would LOVE to see Oldham squirm his way out of that question. Come on lads, someone have the nuts!

  9. lfc_1892 Says:

    Hey, i’m from Malaysia and I left KT last year after seeing this blog. I’m sure my fellow Malaysians would do the same in the coming months. It does not take so long to spot the blog 🙂

  10. lfc_michael Says:

    Hi, lfc_1892.

    Well done for leaving KT. As a Malaysian yourself, maybe you could write an e-mail to your country’s supporters’ club, telling them the same thing and asking them to remove their link to KT? Their address is enquiry@lscm.com.my

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