Koptalk users from UK down to 9.8% – ALEXA Stats

by Rupert Insider

This is a short but revealing note from ALEXA stats today. For several months, the main source of hits for Koptalk.com has been the UK – usually in the 35-38% range. This is significantly less than most UK based LFC sites and demonstrates Koptalk’s lack of credibility among LFC supporters in the UK.

I had noticed it dropping sharply in the last week to the mid-teens. Today it reached 9.8%

Ireland has dropped from about 10% to 4.5% Singapore is the top territory a 12.7%

The USA and Canada, which is Oldham’s new target market into which he has poured more than £10,000 on promotional trips this year and a new web site, and where he has a resident moderator who logs into Koptalk for much of the UK night, was down to 1.6% for the USA from its previous average of about 2.5% and Canada is down to less than 0.4%.

So I guess Tom Hicks and George Gillett can breathe more easily in the knowledge that all Koptalk’s negative spin on them is not being read in their home territories or, indeed, in the UK.

Why the sudden drop in UK usage?

Because most of the original 35% came from Oldham’s own computers working 7 x 24 churning pages.

There are at least seven of them in the Koptalk Kult properties in the Wallsend not to mention Katie’s. But this last week Oldham has been in Spain. Katie and Steve have been packing his stuff and generally acting as his gofers.

It has provided a unique opportunity to measure the extent to which he has been gerrymandeirng the ALEX stats to give a false impression of a solid UK based usage. Clearly he relies on ensnaring unsuspecting surfers from overseas.

Koptalk.com users come from these countries:


United Kingdom9.8%




South Africa7.3%



Hong Kong5.3%





United States1.6%

Costa Rica1.2%



Saudi Arabia0.8%



United Arab Emirates0.4%





Other countries0.4%


10 Responses to “Koptalk users from UK down to 9.8% – ALEXA Stats”

  1. lfc_michael Says:

    It’s certainly good circumstantial evidence of the amount of clicking and refreshing they do themselves. I wouldn’t mind betting that half the UK traffic after that is the undercover bloggers. 😉

  2. kraptalk addict Says:

    how long before we see a big spike from spain then? Is this data accurate to a day?

  3. wildcat Says:

    Well since the bloggers must visit the site more than anyone else and Rupert has said he doesn’t reside in the UK I think Mr. Oldham should ban everyone from Singapore, Brunei, Malta & China.

    That will be about 20 to 30 users or about 1/3rd of his paying membership but it should stop one of the bloggers!!!

    Of course he knows that some of the bloggers are UK based and since he doesn’t have many people left in the UK now a good punt would be to ban all the remaining members in the UK. That might get rid of half a dozen bloggers?

    I know he likes to gamble. I think I’d punt for banning the remaining UK members. What would you do?

    By the way, if he’s in Spain he’s clearly not checking the site very much. Who’s keeping the boys and girls at Koptalk from being naughty?

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    That was funny.

    Imagine he could the use it as a selling point – the only UK free LFC site.

    Only foreign bloggers.

  5. asura Says:

    i see malaysia contributes to around 6.9% of the traffic..
    i’ve just notified the official supporters club for liverpool in malaysia.. apparently they link koptalk from the supporter’s site..

    liverpool supporters club malaysia

  6. vincent (melbourne) Says:

    what a joy to see australia so low it doesn’t even get on the list.

  7. rupertinsider Says:


    I’m a bit disappointed. I thought blog readers had written to all Malaysian and other Asian sites some months ago. I wrote to the HK site who were about 16% and are now at 5.3% since they cut the links.

    Anyway I have just sent a letter to Malaysia.

    Perhaps others could drop them a note.


  8. rupertinsider Says:

    kraptalk addict

    He has not been posting much from Spain and we think he was back in the UK up to a day before he admitted he was.

    Assuming his Spanish move goes ahead, and assuming he continues with KT, then we should see the Spanish clicks spike and outstrip the UK hits.

    My personal view is that he may try to maintain some nominal presence in the UK – I’m sure he is fooling around with the idea of installing his gofer MacNeish in a property in the UK with a bank of computers to be run from wherever Oldham is. But at the time of writing MacNeish is also supposed to be going with him as is Katie.

    But its all in flux – as they say. And he is not very competent nor a straight dealer so we will see what we will see.

    In interpreting the figures also recall that RichT is making about 500 posts a month, and doing a lot of other churning, and twp or three others make up the bulk of his traffic. If you take that into account, the number of members actually posting or lurkign is very low.

    Certainly it makes nonsense of his claims to have signed up “tons” of new members in May.

  9. Steve O Says:

    Email sent.

    I have contacted a number of sites in the past but my history does not show that one.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    What about Singapore. I thought we had dealt with them. Which site there is linking to KT?

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