The Koptalk "Insider" is punch-drunk

by Rupert Insider


Duncan Oldham is punch drunk. His shadow-boxing is like a tic – he can’t stop it. If his mutterings are not delusions they’re lies. They are worth noting only if you are interested in collapse of his internet con about LFC that has lasted nine years. But don’t pity him, pity those who pay £30 to watch the has-been do his version of the Ali-shuffle.

I’ve already pointed out that his reasons for allegedly being in Valencia were lies – (1) to check out Rafa’s favourite restaurant and (2) because he was “invited” to watch a Valencia match.

Rafa does not eat at the Yorkshire Rose in Sax, Alicante.

Today Oldham prepared his usual the-dog-ate-my-homework excuse for never going to football matches by claiming he lost his tickets. Why he would need tickets in the plural is a mystery in itself (no it isn’t – I know exactly who is with him. In fact I’ve given the name already in a riddle). He should get MacNeish there to find him new tickets with that £600 profit he made in Athens.



Not going to games does not stop him “working” for the Koptalk suckers. He has been checking the local papers. He’s discovered that if he half closes his eyes – not too difficult for him – he can read Spanish as well as he can speak it – muy mal.


He’s homesick already for his Yorkshire pudding and gravy and he’s only been there a week. That’s why he will be needing his Mam when he becomes a member of the expatriate tax-dodging community.

He says many times that he will be back Monday – so the chances are he wants us to believe it.

But the Little Englander does not seem to like England anymore. Maybe he doesn’t like the concept of the Queen v Duncan Oldham. I wonder whose portrait will replace Her Majesty’s over his mantelpiece?

He’d like you to believe he’s going to Malta. Don’t. There are no cheap EasyJet flights from Newcastle to Malta (or Valencia).

But the sauce in Spain is very hot and tasty. Yesterday it revealed to him directly – not third hand through the Informer mind you – who will be CEO of LFC and who will be roving ambassador after Rafa quits blah blah blah..… oh read it for yourself.




He’s also been going on about Tom Hicks again. He’s cut and pasted another two articles about his US franchises. He’s still sore about how his best friend gave him the bum’s rush. But as I predicted he’s twisting this way and that. Now he’s the owners only independent critic, now their toadying friend.

He never did answer the bigfooty question if he still intended to set up to present these negative articles – a question no doubt intended to elicit an explanation to the paying customers why that site has been SUSPENDED.

See it HERE

Today two other members asked if personal vendetta articles about US sports franchises, such as these, are appropriate for a football forum.

What they should be asking if a lying scam artist like Oldham is an appropriate sauce of “Insider” information about LFC.

(Thanks to fat_boy_fat and Homer Insider for photos)

Postcript I could not resist this. Oldham refers to his pies, gravy and peas a lot and today to his Yorkshire pudding. In fact we managed to save some shots of what he eats from insider der bunker last year (true!).



5 Responses to “The Koptalk "Insider" is punch-drunk”

  1. Flagpole Corner Says:

    oldham’s empire is on the verge of collapse. well done again mate.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve added a postcript – actual fotos of what Oldham calls “Yorkshire pudding with thick gravy”.

  3. Turnkey Charlie Says:

    Insider, you didn’t get back to us about the season tickets. He’s stated that he needs to pay up for the tickets again shortly.

    Can’t we get something done about that? Surely LFC could give him the boot, seeing as though he is a known tout???

  4. rupertinsider Says:


    LFC knows all about him in the finest detail and has for some time.

  5. scousenproud Says:

    its just about to collapse and along comes booga, another insider. hahahaha

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