The Koptalk Konman does a runner.

by Rupert Insider


detectiveinglasses.gifDuncan Oldham was supping in the Yorkshire Rose today, a pub in Sax in Alicante, Spain.

(Click map and enlarge to see location of Yorkshire Rose)

He’s not in Valencia as he keeps telling his members. He’s a liar. He’s been lying to his paying members about his whereabouts since last February.

Do you recall how he explained his absence from the Barcelona match at Anfield? He said he was going to Valencia to check out Rafa.

No he wasn’t.

I know exactly where he was and what he was doing there. And I know where he was on all those many other secret trips to Europe while he was pretending to his members he was in Liverpool or Wallsend.

Steve MacNeish and Katrina Cushnahan know, too. They have been lying – covering for the cult-master like the good cultees they are.

What is he doing? He’s trying to bolt from the UK. I say “trying” because he’s crying in his beer today at his latest bungled attempt.

The true story may also explain why he has been fabricating names of new members on Koptalk.

Keep tuned to the blog. All will be revealed!


53 Responses to “The Koptalk Konman does a runner.”

  1. jon Says:

    You’ve got me this time fellas – the only clues I can find in your riddles are drugs references and I doubt Oldham’s sharp enough to hold his own in such an environment – he’d become a very small fish in a very large pond so I can’t see it’s appeal for him. I can see why he’d go back and forth to Alicante and forget to cover his tracks properly (pressure from the blog plus numerous others who I presume are on his tail must make the idea of a midnight flit quite appealing), so all I can conclude is that he’d planned to get out of the UK ages ago, hooked up with someone who can sort him out with some cheap property in a foreign location which is still relatively accessible from ‘home’, planned to operate kontalk/similar from there, and lie low until he felt all the trouble had blown over. Now there’s been a snag of some sort and the plan’s unravelled a bit so he’s desperately treading water while he plans his next masterstroke…am I close? The suspense is too much!

  2. jon Says:

    Incidentally I checked out google maps and terraserver to get a look at the now infamous Yorkshire Rose, but neither site has a decent resolution of the area so it’s all a bit blurry. You can make out the athletics track though which is where I’m sure Oldham will be spending most of his time when he’s not on conference calls with his army of Anfield insiders.

  3. Paul T Says:

    I think its something about opening up a restauarant, there are numerous references to food in the “riddle”, thats my guess anyway!

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