Koptalk "Insider's" £100 million evaporates.

by Rupert Insider

Duncan Oldham sold the following exclusive “Insider” information to anyone who would pay him £30 for it.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett will give Rafa £100 million to spend on transfers in the summer of 2007. If he does not spend it wisely he will not be given further substantial funds to spend.

If you paid Oldham £30 you should claim your money back. Because yesterday he contradicted himself.

He said the only information he ever got from the owners is what was already in the public domain – and that does not include nuthin about no £100 million.

I agree with Oldham that the owners did not give him any exclusive, insider information and did not tell him they would allow Rafa a budget of £100 million. But I disagree with him that he did not lie to that effect.

The KT members, Sir John Barnes (SJB) and Bigfooty had it right. I read it, too, pretty much as they relate it – as did hundreds of others.

(Postscript: Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see his actual words as added by II. Oldham refers to the owners as “the people who decide what Rafa has to spend” and then continue to see the screen shot of his original post sent in by Warren who tackled him about it at the time).

So what happened yesterday that made Oldham deny his lie?

Well, there was a firestorm of rumours that the owners would not contribute any fresh money for transfers in 2007 and that Rafa was furious.

Oldham was left well out of the loop – the last to know again. He would do anything to be cited by the “nationals”. But the Guardian and Times and eventually the rest of the pack were running with their own alarmist version of an article in Anfield Online that reviewed the statements about the transfer budget made by Tom Hicks and George Gillett and came to the conclusion that they left some room for interpretation.

Fuel was added to the fire by one or two “Insiders” on The Liverpool Way – the main difference between what they were doing and what Oldham does being that he charges for it and they don’t.

Oldham likes to have his cake and eat it too, so watch today and the next few days as he twists and turns – now being the trusted friend and confidant of the owners who can be bought off with a complimentary ticket to a hockey or baseball match – now their fiercest and most independent critic who doesn’t “tow” the line no matter what incentives are offered.

Oldham may stop his members searching back on his site more than one day and he may eradicate anything he finds embarrassing, but he cannot delete the memory of his readers or the cut and paste II has attached below. If anyone grabbed a screen shot please send it to my email. If you are a KopTalk member who is gagged from supporting SJB’s post, feel free to make a comment on here – anonymously, if you wish.

(You don’t come here for my opinion on other matters, but for what its worth, I think the owners will do exactly what they said they would do several times. Its all in the public domain. You don’t’ need “Insiders”).


UPDATE (from “I I“): The actual words Dunk used, back on April 21st, were as follows:

I’ve been exchanging a few emails with the people who decide what Rafa has to spend.

These new friends of ours have made it very, very clear to me that they will not block ANY signings that the manager wants to happen this summer. If he wants to spend £100m this summer he can BUT “someone has to be accountable for such spending”.

In other words he will be backed but the manager has to show some responsibility also. If he blows a fortune this summer and there is no return and/or those signings fail, he can forget getting such freedom again.

It is up to the CEO (Parry) and the boss to ensure sensible spending at all times.

Rafa is sensible so I think we’re lucky on that front. He won’t go out and blow money like a rookie manager. He wants to see the very best youngsters at the club rather than overpaid stars. It’s about getting the right balance.

Hicks said to me in Dallas that although the manager “may want one or two of those players (proven stars), the key to real success is the academy, the young players”.

I responded to that by saying yes that’s true providing we don’t continue to sign the stars of tomorrow. Basically I was trying to say we also need to sign young players that can play now and not just in a few years time.

Hicks said Rafa wants to sign young players like the ones linked to us but when they are 16, before their full potential is discovered.

Anyway, a lot of people keep talking about figures etc for spending this summer. I just wanted to point out that the money is there for whoever the manager wants but whether he’ll spend it like you and I would we’ll have to wait and see.

If anyone’s got a copy of that in screen shot format please send it in. Dunk’s deleted all posts on his site more than 2 weeks old after getting some criticism recently. You’ll note it’s POUNDS not DOLLARS.

(I emailed him tonight reminding him we’d like to see the photos and videos he took in Athens, showing him there. And the photos and videos from inside the stadium, taken by whoever used the Koptalk ticket. And some photos or videos that he’s actually in Valencia right now. I don’t think he can provide any of those items of proof!) Insider Insider, 12th June 2007, 8.20pm.

UPDATE: (from Rupert with thanks to Warren)

And here it is in glorious Technicolor




9 Responses to “Koptalk "Insider's" £100 million evaporates.”

  1. Warren Says:

    I remember Dunk saying about the £100m as well in fact I took him up on this point and it kicked off a big row which was funnily enough deleted!!

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I have added another screenshot – this time of “bigfooty” supporting SBJ and telling Oldham that he challenged his so-called information at the time. Someone else tries to help him out by saying maybe he meant 100 million dollars. I hope the fifth column keeps and eye on that thread for me and lets me know of any additions or when he deletes it.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    I’ve added the actual words used on April 21st by Oldham

  4. Carras_boot Says:

    I remember someone mentioning on here about that. (100m)
    Maybe you have your own screenshots Rupert somewere in the archives? is it possible?

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    I get so many and can’t use them all so it’s possible. If anyone remembers sending it to me drop me an email

    But I think II’s cut and paste is good enough proof and the date should help 31st April.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    21st April!

    I may have some screenshots on the other computer I normally use. When that’s been put back into one piece again I’ll have a look.

  7. Warren Says:

    Rupert you have mail.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks Warren and I have added your screen shot of Oldham’s statement as an Update to the post above. Thanks.

  9. lfc_michael Says:

    Top stuff, Warren. Let’s see Oldham and his cultees wriggle out of that one.

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