The Koptalk "Insider" tries to exploit LFC's owners (again)

by Rupert Insider


George Gillett jr told Oldham to stop lying. He told him to stop claiming that he had invited him to Montreal. He told him that before Oldham left Newcastle for Montreal. But Oldham kept on lying.

Then George ordered him to stop claiming he was a member of KopTalk and ordered him to remove all references to that false claim.

But Oldham brazenly continues to publish the lie on the front page of KopTalk linking it to his advertisement for new members at £30 a pop.

Tom Hicks told him to stop lying that he had invited him to Dallas and confided his plans in him and asked him to find a new CEO for LFC. But Oldham kept on lying.

Why does Oldham lie? Because the claim to be an “Insider” has been central to his fraud for nine years. He makes more money from that claim than from any other. People who don’t know any better pay him good money because they believe that lie.

When he claimed the owners were his friends, “almost like family”, he said they told him they would give Rafa £100 million this year. Now that he knows they are his enemies, he says they are money-grubbing big mouths.

(KopTalk screen shots below)

He calculates that the new owners won’t do anything to shut him up just as the old owners and the senior LFC executives ignored him. He would prefer to be a big cheese, but doesn’t mind being ignored because it gives him license to lie and extract money from the suckers without contradiction.

But just to be safe, he hides away the new website he created on the domain name he stole from the owners ( and with it his claims that the owners are patrons of the site. But since they gave him a kick in the arse he intends to use it as an instrument against them. As though elephants flinch when a mosquito whines!

Its not that he doesn’t know they have told him to stop lying. We saw his fit of pique three weeks ago when he got word from Tom Hicks’s office and started to publish negative articles about him. And a couple of days later he lashed out at George Gillette when his office sent a message about the claims to membership. Since then Oldham has blown hot and cold.

He doesn’t know what to do. But as always he has tries to have his cake and eat it, too. He’s their best friend and enemy at the same time.

So he claims he is still an “Insider” with them while at the same time publishing as much dirt and negative spin as he can find to punish them for rejecting him.

When asked about it by members of KopTalk several times now, he takes the line that it is his duty to publish criticisms of the owners in the interest of free speech. Which is a bit rich coming from a guy who won’t allow mention of any LFC site or any question or opinion which may be critical of himself.

There was another thread on it today. To justify himself he claimed he scours the net for articles good or bad about the owners and can find only negative stuff.

He must have stopped scanning News Now since they kicked him off in January for lying and cheating because I found this article there which presents a totally different picture of the owners and their relationship with the club than their Wallsend “Insider” has been representing on his dying site.

Gillett – “There’s no tension or disagreement between Rafa and usHERE

You can look at the rest of Oldham’s dribbling today on the screen shots which we are collecting as evidence of his fraudulent claims to be a purveyor of “Insider” information.

He needs a football related excuse to justify his spending his member fees on frequent foreign travel – so he says he is thinking of going to a Valencia match. But unable to talk straight he explains it as an “invitation”. Its like 45,000 are “invited” to Anfield every other week to watch FC – “Insiders” one and all.


7 Responses to “The Koptalk "Insider" tries to exploit LFC's owners (again)”

  1. deiseach Says:

    Oh God, I have to stop frequenting this blog, that fat fuck just makes me so angry . . . .

  2. Flagpole Corner Says:

    good work again rupert. further twists in the tale of the wallsend whopper.

  3. Tubby Says:

    So people pay 30 quid for Dunk to surf the web and post shite about LFC on his crappy site, and bans anyone who dares criticise him?

    Where can I sign up?

  4. bigfooty Says:

    To be fair though there are other reasons for Dunk’s change of heart it seems as if he isn’t that far off the mark. There’s a lot of credible opinions starting to suggest that GG & TH are going to give Rafa a very limited budget to spend this Summer – similar to what’s happening with the Rangers who once splashes 130M on one player’s contract but now have one of the lower payrolls in baseball.

  5. lfc_michael Says:

    “To be fair though there are other reasons for Dunk’s change of heart it seems as if he isn’t that far off the mark.”

    He hasn’t been near a mark. He’s simply posted negative articles that he’s lifted from elsewhere. You know that yourself. He’s had no information of any kind to suggest anything untowards at LFC. The timing of his prolific posting of negative articles coincided nicely with the GG episode, didn’t it? I think you also know that.

    “There’s a lot of credible opinions starting to suggest that GG & TH are going to give Rafa a very limited budget to spend this Summer…”

    Indeed there are — and not on Koptalk, but from Count Morfeo and Dave Usher on The Liverpool Way. More ‘insider’ information you can get without paying £30. I haven’t checked KT since the storm broke; has Dunk claimed yet that he knew this all along?

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    If you read the post earlier you will not have seen the last screen shot I added. It is one of the members – Sir John Barnes – quoting Oldham’s own words at him – when he said the owners had told him they would give Raaf 100 million to spend this year.

  7. Warren Says:

    Bigfooty, why don’t you check Oldhams posts as he asks you to? Oh thats right you can’t check on his previous posts because he’s disabled that function!!

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