Koptalk: When the pie-man's away the pies will play.

by Rupert Insider

Is it a sign of the end-times?

The blog got another mention on KopTalk on Sunday. Some of those responsible knew they were being naughty. But they had fun seeing how far they could go while the self-styled “pie-eater in command” was away – in Valencia, he said.

When MacNeish logged on, one cheeky monkey asked him to put up the videos of them being at the game in Athens. Steve’s best response to that was that the videos didn’t have much on them because he and his big friend/ brother were apart most of the time – he might have said on other sides of Europe.

Oldham popped in from “Valencia” at that moment to say who wanted to be reminded of a game “we” lost, anyway?

So no tapes of Oldham in Athens at the game or otherwise because he wasn’t there. And MacNeish – the trained liar – went along with it.

They then locked the thread. It doesn’t really matter which of them did it – the organ grinder or his monkey. But I reckon it was the organ grinder. Oldham thought MacNeish too dense not to give the game away if more questions were asked.

Among those on Koptalk who know about the blog there is the hear no, see no, speak no evil group.

They’re the cultees who repeatedly chant best not to read it because it will make you unhappy”.

And then there is the other group – the “while we still have some membership left, let’s play with Oldham by pretending to be innocent about the blog while dropping clues about it all over the place“.

But Oldham can’t tell who belongs to which group. Sometimes its the one warning others to stay away from the blog who is the blogger.

I’ll leave you read the whole exchange. Needless to say it was deleted when the pie-man rushed from the Valencia airport to the nearest cyber cafe to make sure nobody was talking about the blog while he was in the air over Europe :


57 Responses to “Koptalk: When the pie-man's away the pies will play.”

  1. Idiot registered at KT Says:

    Does anyone have any helpful info about ClickBank refunds? I don’t know if link to this blog will be enough for them.
    This is good lesson for me.

  2. warren Says:

    It certainly won’t hurt you to link them to the parts about paypal fraud (not too much has been said about clicbank)

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Idiot registered at KT

    I have sent you the relevant extracts from Click Bank procedures that were actually sent to me by lfc_mcmichael at my request – thanks.

    You can apply for a refund because you paid KT less than 8 weeks ago.

    You asked me to help you fill out the claim form because English is not your first language. I said I would see if I could help. I am really snowed under and would be grateful if someone else would volunteer to help you.

    Let me know if you get any offers. You should send to any helper the extracts I sent to you.

    You should check that ClickBank have not put any kind of automatic renwal on your cards.

    If you want to do it yourself, you can claim that KopTalk has a reputation for misrepresentation and fraud.
    You could give the url to Blog v Koptalk


    Let us know how you do as we dobt have much information on Click Bank

  4. lfc_michael Says:

    http://www.clickbank.com/csinquiry.html seems to be the page where you’d raise a support ticket with ClickBank. From the Subject Request field, you can select a refund as a dropdown option. Most of the other fields require you to enter various identifying data. In the Question field, I suggest you follow the advice given to PayPal claimants and state that KopTalk fails to provide the service it advertises and give some examples of this; there are plenty here!

    You could also provide a link to the blog, but I think some concrete examples are necessary as well. I would suggest the fact that he uses teenage moderators, while advertising a ‘mature’ site, and claims of George Gillett’s membership, and the so-called ‘insider’ information from the owners that is in fact made up (there are screenshots on here on one of the recent articles that prove this).

    Good luck!

  5. Idiot registered at KT Says:

    Thank you guys!
    I’m at work currently and will try this later. I will keep you posted how things are going.
    Hopefully it will help others as well.

    Keep up the good

  6. TERRY TERRY Says:

    This is easily the funniest thread I’ve read on here, priceless. You’ve cajoled internet car crash from someone.

    From “Ur such a fucking tosser Michael. What reason do you have for being on this site? You must get a few blowjobs from rupertcocksucker. Fuck all you twats on this site, may you rot in hell” to ““Rupert, do you mind if you take my details down off the blog please” within a few minutes.

    Far more than I’d hoped for when logging on, thanks.

  7. liverpool girl Says:

    has anyone been on this website…
    ay its good yno, ive jst read a few of your postings and gather yous too r from liverpool. thought you might fond it interesting, tehr’s all competitions n tha aswel ! 🙂 hehe

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