Koptalk's locks out mention of the blog

by Rupert Insider

A KopTalk member (Paul) has just sent me a screen shot of rare KopTalk thread on the blog – so rare its worth preserving. It did not last long before it was locked by one of the trained moderators, and no doubt it will disappear altogether when one of “family” moderators appear.

The poster Farhad1985 has been a KT member since 2005 and has just discovered us. Yet another testimony to the power of Oldham’s crude censorship of the world outside the KopTalk cult.

He also refers to us as the source of “blackmails ” on Oldham. Another testimony to the power of Oldham’s propaganda.

Why would a poster of his experience have to go to KopTalk to ask it to interpret us for him? Are we not clear enough? Has he read the Blog v Koptalk in the tool bar with an open mind?

Is he satisfied that his question was locked within minutes? Did he pay £30 for that kind of censorship. If so, why?

RFI can be excused for his reference to us, because he has apparently never seen the blog, and does not understand that it is not a “website” which aims to rival KopTalk for news. It is KopTalk who refers to other LFC sites, including the Official Site, as “rivals”.

Seanspool is another KT veteran since 2005. His “just don’t go there” is modern version of the three monkeys with their “see no, hear no, speak no evil” . That should be the motto for veteran members of KopTalk.


3 Responses to “Koptalk's locks out mention of the blog”

  1. lfc_michael Says:

    Just as well you got that screenshot when you did, because I can’t find the thread now.

  2. Yorkie Says:

    Its possible as well that the OP has copped on, and was trying to get others to go and look for the site.

    I’m beginning to think though that those who see the evidence in front of them, and still refuse to accept it must be pretty much close to the bottom of the gene pool intellectually.

    Wake up and smell the coffee for gods sake..

  3. Flagpole Corner Says:

    there’s not much about that organisation that could shock or surprise me any more.

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