Today's Koptalk response to the blog

by Rupert Insider

The first thing Oldham does every day is check this blog. But his members are not supposed to know this. One of the main tenets of the Koptalk Kult is that the blog does not exist. Communication with that-whose-name-may-not-be-spoken is through third-parties. Often he uses members as ventriloquist dummies to speak to us . Today is a case in point.

He wanted to respond to the blog’s statements:

1. that KopTalk claims to Insider information is a serious fraud

2. that KopTalk has very few real members left and is a dying site

3. that the sudden and unprecedented surge in new members in the last five days of May is suspicious

This is how he responded.


On behalf of the blog I would like to thank him for the above evidence of his “Insider” fraud and ask him to keep it coming.


82.5% of his alleged new members in May never posted once. Even if we allow that the most recent may yet post, it is a remarkable percentage signing up to be mere lurkers.

His reply is to ignore the inconvenient reality and say how nice it is to see so many former lurkers posting.

And he changes the subject by explaining once again that the reason he had so many lurkers in the past is not because they were fictitious members – but because they were scared of the “bullies”.

If he said “the bully”, in the singular – we might believe him – because they would certainly have had caused to be frightened of his crude censorship and his practice of banning without refund and his telephone calls to the place of employment of those who got under his skin.

But he says “bullies” – so he must mean the more than 2,000 members who have quit his site in the last 12 months – bullies all of them now existing happily on other sites and welcoming new refugees from his site virtually every day.

Only in the looking-glass world of the Koptalk Kult the bullies never quit – he banned them to make it a safer environment for his new lurkers if and when they arrived.

And he repeats his other lie – that now the bullies are gone KopTalk is more mature – administered and moderated as it is by his daugher (14) his step-brother (17) and his cousin (17) all of whom are unwaged but all dependent on treats and hand-outs from him.

And to explain the suspicious blip in new members in the last six days of May, he says it’s normal for this time of the year.

No its not. He did not have such a blip last year or the year before or the year before that or ever.

He also said he signs new members every day – which is also untrue. There are many days in every month when he signs none. But in May he managed to record new members every day even when he and his sidekick was hanging around La Manga, and the whole crew were supposedly in the stadium in Athens and then swanning it up with Mike Jefferies and Steve McManaman and other players – unless he was lying about that. I suppose it could be a multiple choice lie system – chose which of the incompatible lies you like best.


You have to wonder why he was advertising KT as the No. 1 LFC site last year and all the years before, and as “a big happy family”, if it was swamped with bullies. Or is that what made it one big family and the No. 1 site? I’m confused.

He’s right about one thing though, he really appreciates the support of any stranger who sends him £30 for information they could get in pure unadulterated form for free from any of the 60 other LFC sites, the Liverpool Echo or any news aggregator.


68 Responses to “Today's Koptalk response to the blog”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    Looks like “you lot are sad” had to stop posting when his mam came home.

    I find it funny that one of Oldham’s favourite lines is “If you can prove it send it to the police” and that’s what this faceache member is now saying.

    He’s not the first either. “If you can prove it send him to the police,” has been said quite a lot.

    This child posting tonight thinks that sending Dunk to jail is what this blog is all about. It’s not about that for me.

    If Dunk admits tonight that he has no insider information, lists all the money he collected “For Lauren” and how much actually got “To Lauren”, admits he never actually wrote that book, admits he’s never met the players and staff he’s often claimed to have done, admits Gerrard and Fowler and the others were never KT members, admits that he hasn’t given all the money he’s “pledged” to good causes and boasted about, admits he’s the real person behind “Informer” and others, etc etc etc – AND offers refunds to all who would not have joined or donated had they known, it will be a start towards ending my involvement in this blog.

    He’d also have to give back all those LFC domains he stole. Tell the truth about how he got to meet Tom Hicks for minutes not hours (probably still an interesting story but not the one he told). Tell the truth about how GG’s short-lived membership of KT came about.

    We’d also expect the truth about the forged signatures on the signed footballs and shirts. The ticket touting (£1600 for two FA Cup final tickets!) What he did to Robbie Fowler. His lies about Peter Crouch. His deliberate and calculated decision to take money two or three times from members without their knowledge.

    I’d want him to admit about the lies he told to get a licence from the Premier League for photos, including admitting the lie to the Premier League. If he’d not lied LFC would have got the money instead of the Premier League. Then I’d want him to admit to not actually paying for the photos he uses – the licence only covers the rights to use the photos, not the purchase cost of each photo.

    Threats to “rip his face off” when talking about me don’t bother me really (he couldn’t rip the top off his yoghurt if he ate such things), but he should admit that he never discussed us with a hitman for £500.

    Then he needs to admit he never did receive a threat (well before this blog existed) to rape his then 8-year-old daughter. And at the same time he should admit that nobody ever threatened his family – or provide proof so we can help track down those that did. Admit there were no sickly-doctored photos sent to him. And when he’s done that he can explain his “joke” about sleeping with his daughter’s then 12-year-old friends and his comments that he has to sleep with underage girls because he has no chance with girls of his own age.

    Then there’s his farcical lies about Melwood. Not the bits that he claims to have contacts at every level from cleaning lady up to Rafa (when in reality the only people at Melwood who know him are those who know him as the fat bastard who stands on wheelie bins and doesn’t get anywhere near passing through that gates). I’m actually talking about his ongoing claims he has a house in West Derby overlooking Melwood. And that he bought it, or was about to buy it, from Chris Waddle. Yes – Chris Waddle.

    He should also admit he wasn’t looking at opening an LFC themed hotel. Admit he is split from his wife, and that his myspace shags were another fantasy. Admit he’s not a property magnate. Admit he’s not getting his van kitted out with multiple pcs and satellite equipment, plus a bed for Steve.

    I want him to admit the real reasons he’s been scathing on and off of Rick Parry, George Gillett, Tom Hicks, Ian Cotton, Chris Bascombe and others. I know why, he knows why, let’s hear him admit it.

    Although he’s already admitted to being a S*n reader I’d like to hear him admit it properly without at the same time lying that loads of Liverpool fans read it. They don’t. Not once they know about the boycott. Anyone who knows about the boycott and supports Liverpool boycotts the S*n.

    I’d like him to admit he doesn’t use his own season ticket, and admit who he sells it to and for how much. And before the club takes it off him, he can tell them what he’s been doing with it and hand it over, with a donation of the profit he’s made on it since around 2001.

    After spending 8 years varying from being skint and unwaged as the Koptalk editor, only taking money to cover the site’s running costs, to being mega-rich thanks to his profits from Koptalk, I’d like him to finally own up the truth. He clearly was taking money from Koptalk for personal use – how much? Nobody begrudges him making HONEST money from Koptalk, but a lot of it was ill-gotten. And he kept lying about being unwaged.

    That’s off the top of my head. Apologies and refunds, without the use of weasel words or the usual skating around the issue, and I’ll think about walking away from this blog.

    The real clincher though, for me, is that Oldham gets the hell away from our club. We’ve enough shit to deal with thanks to Michel and Willie in the UEFA bullshittery department, we don’t need Oldham attacking our club and fans too.

    There is proof of just about all of those things on here, and where there’s no proof there is a list of facts and contradictions which leaves questions that need to be answered. So get reading “You lot are sad”. (By the way, what do you know about The S*n?)

  2. Bubba Zee Says:

    Dear ‘You lot are sad!’ – you claim to be a Liverpool fan but you don’t think reading the S*n’s wrong?

    You claim to be a Liverpool fan but you attack the blog and defend a grossly overweight, pie-van-chasing, wanna-be-paedophile that rips off true Liverpool fans? You even go so far to say ‘good for him – if he’s doing well then he deserves it’.

    In the extremely unlikely event that you are ‘for real’ then you are VERY sad.

    More likely you’re picking one of either Dunk’s or Smoove’s pubes out from your teeth as you prepare your next infantile ‘but I don’t care’ prefaced posts.

    ps if Smoove IS Smoove then Dunk is Slim and RichT is a stud.

  3. Johnnyk Says:

    What a dick this guy is.Go to any other forum and it is stacked with ex-koptalkers.You hav’nt got a clue what you are raving about.You are barking up the wrong tree here

  4. jon Says:

    In response to “You lot are sad!”:

    Some things for you to ponder.

    1. You have stumbled across a free site run entirely by volunteers which has been set up to monitor and scrutinise where possible the activities of Duncan Oldham, a man from the North East of England who runs a subscription-based web site focusing on Liverpool Football Club. It is the only Liverpool fan site that operates on such a business model, and a quick search on Google should confirm this for you. The first thing to ask yourself is; “why would these people want to bring this poor chap down – haven’t they got better things to do?” If this is what you were thinking already then good, we’re on the same wavelength. And the answer to that is yes, I would guess that most if not all of the contributors here have many things that could better occupy their time. So the question remains – why do it? And this also raises a second question – is any of it true?

    2. To explain why so many people give up their time to bring this man down, it’s probably best that you read the blog for yourself. There’s a lot to read – I believe you made this point earlier, and not all of it will interest you. In fact I doubt any of it will interest you to a significant extent, after all you are supposedly an LFC fan so I presume you arrived here looking for some transfer speculation or other club news. This site isn’t about that. It’s true that we’re all fans, and this is one of the motivations for stopping Oldham doing what he’s doing – we don’t like our club being used as a vehicle to con people out of often significant amounts of money, which is exactly what he does. We acknowledge our fellow Reds by providing links to some fantastic sites in the sidebar – there’s loads of them, you can join all of them for free, and you’ll get informed, lively, and up-to-the-minute debate wherever you decide to hang your hat (or scarf).

    3. “You still haven’t answered my question – how do I know if any of what you’ve written is true?” That, my friend, is the million dollar question. Hopefully you’re thinking “if it’s true then where’s the proof?” Or maybe you’re thinking “this is a load of bollocks”. Maybe you’re thinking both. If you’re thinking it’s a load of rubbish because nothing can be proved, or worse, that the site is indeed founded on a flimsy tissue of lies and fabrication, then the authors and contributors are in for one hell of a libel case, and there will be nothing to show for all that hard work (count the number of articles and comments) except a criminal record and a hefty wad of legal fees. As you may know, one of the defences to libel in tort law is ‘truth’, and in the event that it could be shown that any of the claims made here are true then there would be no case to answer. Mr Oldham may also be aware of this, which could be why to date he has been strangely reluctant to challenge any of the statements made on this site, a status quo which I for one am confident is set to continue indefinitely.

    So, we’ve established that this site could be in trouble if it can be shown that none of what is written here is true. That’s the legal side of things out of the way, but what of the battle for ‘hearts and minds’ – what if you, you yourself, still don’t believe a word of it? You’ve kindly offered to take Oldham down personally, or words to that effect (excuse me if I have misquoted you), but I presume you’re only going to do this once someone has revealed to you, in clear terms, exactly what he’s done wrong, so that you can present your case to the police and the matter can be closed. Whilst your offer of pro bono advocacy is laudable, jurisprudence in the UK does not work in such a linear fashion. It is a long, drawn out process, requiring a great deal of research, evidence, proof, man hours, effort, and resources. That is what you see here: the results of the work of many people who are united in their wish to see a man of dubious moral character receive the sort of justice that we believe, and belief is the operative word, that he deserves. Why do we believe it? Because we have witnessed the lies, distortions, mistruths, and deceptions that he has practiced for a long time, some of us as former members of his site who have read the blog and have been convinced of his failings, others as interested onlookers. We do this because we believe in the good name of our club, and that the people who run this site have the interests of LFC, and of innocent fans who may fall victim to Oldham’s scams, at heart, and that people who prey on the naivety of others should be subject to the most intense form of scrutiny. You can take it or leave it. My guess is that you’ll leave it, content in the knowledge that you’ve found something you don’t really understand, having wound up a few people who do, intentionally or otherwise, in the process, and that you’ll forget about this site in a matter of days, if you haven’t already. That’s fine: you must feel free to come and go as you wish, and you’ll notice that each time you do, your comments aren’t amended in any way, even though the site administrators are perfectly capable of doing so. Read the blog again, using the links at the top as a guide, and look at some of the things Oldham has done in the past. Make up your own mind – that after all is the beauty of a democracy. In a way your visit here has vindicated the existence of the site – you’ve stumbled across it, read a few bits, raised a few points, and if you do go to his site you’ll do so with your eyes open if nothing else. For that I think you can congratulate us on raising your awareness, and yourself for having the curiosity to do some research in the first place. It’s people like you that we’ve been trying to reach.

  5. Steve O Says:

    You know II, for him to admit all that he could write that book.

  6. dataimaginary Says:

    jon – that’s an absolutely fabulous expostion of the role of the blog and the motivations of its contributors.

    Unfortunately, judging by the content, and naive forumulation of his/her arguments, I doubt whether the person its aimed at is capable of absorbing that quantity of writing.

    Lets not waste it though, Rupe, I’d make it a sticky as it very effectively deals with all the arguments that Duncan’s little helpers repeat ad nauseum on here. We could even entitle it “You lot are sad!”.

  7. jon Says:

    Cheers! That’s made my day.

  8. corbylpfc Says:

    ha ha ha ha it seems that “you lot are sad/d*nk” got scared and ran off! pussy boy ,stay of this blog you little kraptalk muppet !

  9. Tubby Says:

    @You Lot Are Sad

    For someone so ready to accuse others of being sad, you are one sad fucking pathetic clown.

    Juts how does Oldham’s arse taste you leech? You sound like a relative.

  10. red from oz Says:

    @you lot are sad
    this blog has prevented oldham from scamming countless liverpool fans out of money. me being one of them.
    if you were a real liverpool fan you would applaud that.
    the blog was also responsible for koptalk removing
    “the sun ,we love it” advertisements from their site.
    real liverpool fans would applaud that too.

    “Its time to put up or shut up. Give me the proof and i will put him in jail. Simple as!”
    if you actually took the time to read the blog you would see the proof. instead you have a quick scan of it and come on here thinking you know everything. so have a proper read of the blog or piss off with your uninformed drivel.

  11. Warren Says:

    Lol @ YouLotAreSad

    ‘Its time to put up or shut up. Give me the proof and i will put him in jail. Simple as!’

    ‘Show the proof that will stand up in court and i will personally take the man down myself. If you can’t then carry!’

    Who are you? Rumpole of the bailey?
    What a strange fellow you are.

  12. blast from past Says:

    I thought these might make a few people laugh. Vintage Dunkie talking about “those bastards” and a claim he could get an email put straight into the hands of any player – assuming they weren’t on loan. And if they didn’t have their own website.

    A lot of that sounds like Duncan Mitty’s blog!

  13. Come Insider Says:

    “….What’s sadder a blog where contributors spend time watching a fraudlent web site, or a guy who spends time watching the blog watching the web site?….”

    ha hah hahahaaaaaaaaa 🙂

    class mate 🙂

  14. vincent (melbourne) Says:

    look i’m sorry to all those but i read “you lot are sad ” last post then scooted down here.
    well if he’s not dunc or a close relo i think he should pay the 30 pounds membership fee and join his fellow dickheads . in fact why not pay him a bonus 200 pounds cause a fool and his money are soon parted. but the people who are new to the web or who are in foreign lands who don’t have the luxury of word of mouth. and who don’t know about other sites shouldn’t be ripped off. y.l.a.s. where are your’e morals? even at the best of your argument “then put him in gaol” Yes in your country it is spelt GAOL you idiot. doesn’t rate, as even if his deeds are not worthy of gaol (jail dickhead) they are not moral. lets see how loud you squeal next time you are ripped off.

  15. amused Says:

    Hey Vincent, good to see another Melbourne person on here – did you catch the final in the Celtic Club?

  16. vincent (melbourne) Says:

    to amused,
    no sorry. i couldn’t get out of bed at 2.30 am so i just rolled out at 4 .30 to lie on the couch. i still haven’t got over it and i am still in denial. refusing to believe that the game even existed. a bit like the old russians when somebody they didn’t like was eliminated they scrubbed his picture out of all the photos.
    apart from the sadness hope you had a good time there at the celtic club.

  17. echykr Says:

    I second dataimaginary’s motion to to sticky jon’s excellent exposition and title it “You Lot Are Sad”, named after that know-it-all dickhead above who just refuses to read this blog and yet insists for proof when its all around here.

    Interestingly, has anyone noticed that he’s now completely disappeared now that his flawed arguments have been scrutinized and smashed to bits by every sane LFC fan here? He can seriously go to hell and jack off at his favourite page 3 S*n girls.

  18. TK Says:

    So Israeli E.T. lookalike Yossi Benayoun phones home to his Mamma and asks how she is. “Yossi, my boy” she replies, “things are bad back home. Your father has been taken hostage and they are threatening to behead him. The house was pelted last night by a stone throwing mob and your sister was gang raped on her way home from the synagogue.” Mamma Benayoun sobs down the phone before continuing, “Yossi, why in the name of Abram did you move us to Liverpool?”

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