Get KopTalk kicked off PayPal

by Rupert Insider


Veteran readers of this blog will know that we managed to get KopTalk kicked off News Now (NN) on January 5th 2007. That was a major blow to KT and a boost to other LFC sites and even to the mainstream media which had been squeezed out of NN by KT’s dominance of its “Football-Liverpool” section. Now we would like to get Koptalk kicked out of PayPal. But we need the help of all LFC fans.

We hope it won’t take the same time in the case of PayPal but we should be prepared. PayPal is much larger than NN and much more automated. It will be more difficult for us to enter into personal correspondence. That’s why we need as many as possible to lodge a complaint.Once again a blog reader has suggested the initiative. I will call him “Barry Insider”.

Its important to stress that this is not a campaign for the sake of it – but because we believe KopTalk has used PayPal to defraud LFC fans and others.

Oldham uses PayPal to collect for unregistered charities, to sell fake memorabilia, to sell copyrighted and licensed material for which it has no licenses, to sell membership in a fraudulent “Insider” service in one form or another and he uses it to sell goods and services without VAT and to illegally sell or raffle tickets to games. He used it for four years to collect deposits on a book he did not write and then, rather than refund the depositors, he requires them to request refunds which he pays without interest.

He uses PayPal to sell his false claims that his site is for the “mature” when it is administered by teenagers, and claims that one of the members is an owner of LFC and others are VIPs, when that is not true, and that KopTalk and/or its news is LFC “official” or close to the club, when it is a pariah site shunned by the club.

He sells soft porn on his site and linked to another porn site he owns. He makes objectionable references to child pornography and paedophilia and similar topics that are out of context in a football site especially one which sells memberships to children and which is moderated by children.

In addition we have evidence that Oldham has developed a system of fooling members into paying twice for memberships, or he overcharges them and charges for memberships that have expired or they never had. He uses it to collect stakes in illegal gambling schemes, and also stakes in competitions which are not transparent.

He has a history of fraud on the internet including his sale of illegal satellite TV cards which he did not deliver and he carried out this fraud under an assumed name.

In this post I am merely announcing our intention and seeking comment, advice and other feedback.

In a day or two I will post a guide from Barry on how to complain and a page on the blog that summaries the issues. You will be able to link to it when you make your complaint.

In the meantime I would urge you to read PayPal’s Pal’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and spot for yourself where KopTalk may be in breach.


11 Responses to “Get KopTalk kicked off PayPal”

  1. Yosamite Says:

    Been a long time lurker on this site and while I never signed up to Koptalk I do remember seeing it back in the day long before this blog existed.

    I just considered it like one of those Premium phone numbers you see on teletext that grab you with sensational headlines and tell you 10 minutes into the call and it’s all much ado about nothing, gave it a miss and found several of the other credible sites.

    Ihave followed this site from its beginning and am amazed that this guy is still in business. I’ve never done anything to help though so would love to help out. I look forward to your guide

  2. red from oz Says:

    keep turning the screws on this prick.
    while i`m here i just want to bring to your attention that the website about our new stadium has 4 LFC sites they have links to on their front page.
    1.this is anfield
    More Free publicity for that scumbag.
    also i know this is only a minor issue but the new zealand site advertised on this blog is still providing a link to cunt talk. i have sent several emails to them but they have been ignored.
    keep up the good work.

  3. red from oz Says:

    here`s the link for the new stadium site promoting koptalk.

  4. Didihno Says:

    Don’t hold your breath if you take that road.
    A big long speel about how ‘unfair/morally corrupt/ripping off poor Liverpool fans’ Oldham has been will be met with complete apathy.

    Paypal are a corporate giant and can hide behind a book of disclaimers and legal firewalls that would astound you.
    I have first hand experience of their completely unethical but totally legal business practices after being ripped off on ebay a couple of times, and losing my appeals on disgustingly unfair but completely legal business practices. They are under no obligation to stop Oldham from selling fake merch or collecting for fake charities. The burden of proof of this lies elsewhere. Just because it says they will not allow the sale of fake merch on their site (and launder the money through paypal) it does not mean that they are under any legal obligation to do so. I believe a class action may have to be brought against them before anything is done. Too much money flowing through for the authorities to care, don’t you know.

    If I were the Blog I would instead focus on Oldhams PROVEN frauds, his use of paypal to double dip accounts, and his links to pornography. Then I would write this in a letter (even better a solicitors letter) and have it delivered by registered post. Emails can and will be ignored.

    In this letter poiint out what you know you can prove and what you will do with the information if Paypal do not act. i.e. you will take it to the press. Paypal are only afraid of bad publicity these days. Even at that, its more of a discomfort than fear.

    Hope this helps and keep up the good work.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    red from oz
    I have just sent a letter to erik the editor .

    As for the new zealand site – it does not ever register on the ALEXA stats – so KT does not benefit from it. I wonder if it has anything to do with the KT poster Dave 100(?) who wrote in breathlessly to Oldham two or three times about how he tricks the NZ PM and others in interviews on national channels by weairng the KT pin to advertise it surreptitiously.

    Could you post a link to that NZ site. I may or may not have written.

    Meanwhile all the letter writing from contributors to the HK and Malaysian and Singapore sites are having an effect. HK has virtually disappeared off the radar as a source of hits for KT and Malaysia and Singapore has halved.

    I noticed the other day that KT’s hits from the UK was down to 28%. South African was a distance second and the rest of it was made up of tiny samples from other countries.

  6. rupertinsider Says:


    I’m told by Barry that this site was banned from PayPal for streaming porn when a number of people complained.

    Your comments are appreciated and from my own limited reading on the subject seem spot on. News Now was profiting from Oldham’s practices which is one of the reasons it did not ban him for years even though they admitted us they had lots of complaints. They profited from all the hits they got from his fake headlines and from the special fee he paid them to give his site high priority and his “rivals” low priority.

    They thought they had solved it by allowing the blog on with KT. We got more hits than Oldham even though our subject matter was not really appropriate for News Now. But what did NN care, they were getting all his genuine hits, all his false hits, and all our hits.

    It was only when one of us sent them a letter warning them that we would now publish the matter in certain influential media outlets, that they cancelled Koptalk (and us).l

    I think PayPal also will tend to want to preserve the profits they make from KT transactions. But if we make it
    more costly for them, by the volume of complaints, and, as you say, if we contribute to the already substantial body of negative media coverage, then perhaps they will find it more profitable to de-list KT. Its also possible that if we can get to a human at PayPal they might actually believe in their terms of service and act from pure motive!

    I did sugest to Barry that one of our well reasoned letters aimed at a senior executive might be effective if we can find someone who will actually open and read it.

    We don’t have a solicitor – we make no revenues of any kind on this blog and work for free. If there is a solicitor in the house who would like to volunteer please write in. We could also use the formal complaints procedure, at least to be able to say that we did.

  7. Didihno Says:

    I’m afraid that I have no legal background and am speaking only from experience.

    Following both avenues would seem the best course of action. I have already said that Oldhams porn links were the ultimate opportunity to kill him off.
    Lets hope for the sake of the cause that you do get a ‘human’ in paypal who will read and think, and then act.

  8. red from oz Says:

    here`s the link to the NZ site
    and their email address

  9. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Looks like the link on the NZ site is old, as it is to the koptalkinsider site.

    And he’s still claiming to have GG as member…

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    GG office has known since Friday that he has not removed his false claim.

  11. Flagpole Corner Says:

    just a thought about how to take down koptalk via paypal, it’s possible that he can be done under the trade descrption act for false advertising. pretty sure that applies to websites being operated via uk IP addys.

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