Koptalk "Insider": LFC's shop

by Rupert Insider



A few weeks ago, in reply to a question, Oldham said that KopTalk had closed its own “shop” because, he said, of the “thousands” of items he shipped, there were always a small percentage (ahem!) of customers who would send it back or otherwise complain. It was not worth the hassle.

Two or three weeks ago, he suddenly developed an intense new interest in LFC’s shop. He offered a shopping service. KopTalk members could send him their orders and money. He would physically go the club shop in Liverpool, buy the stuff and mail it to them wherever they were in the world. And all this would be done as a free service – no mark-up, no service charge, no profit of any kind.

When you consider that he would need to travel all the way from Wallsend and back for each purchase (180 miles in each direction) or take a five hour flight from his foreign property where, one week before, he had declared he would be moving perhaps for good or perhaps only for the summer, it was a remarkably public-spirited offer.

When people wrote in with niggling questions about how would they know what postage money to send, he brushed them aside saying, essentially, where there’s a will there’s a way.

It was clear that he had not thought it through – it was not a serious offer. He just wanted to raise the topic of the club’s shop, the problems people were having with it and his unique made-in-KopTalk solution.

And that’s the last we heard of the shop – until yesterday. Yesterday he claimed that, in Dallas, Tom Hicks had introduced him to the man who would take responsibility for the club shop and marketing. So more Insider information unique to KopTalk!


There’s always a reason in his madness. We got a clue yesterday from the announcement by a number of the genuine LFC sites working together. HERE

They had been in discussions with the owners some weeks ago and had formed an independent survey to inform them on matters of concern to LFC supporters. And one of the first issues they would deal with was the inefficiencies of the club shop and online store.

Ah! That’s it. Oldham’s has spent three months’ claiming to be the confidant of the owners, alone of all LFC sites, selling memberships on the basis that he had exclusive Insider information about their ideas on every aspect of the club.

But he knew a few weeks ago that the other sites were organising with the cooperation of the owners, and that he and his site were excluded. So he wanted to stick his oar in. But he didn’t want to explain why – didn’t want to mention the initiative of the genuine LFC sites which would surely be of interest to the members of KopTalk. He might want them to be captive cultees of KopTalk, closed off from the world, but perhaps they want to be part of the large family of LFC supporters on the net whose first loyalty is to the club.

Oldham’s history with the club’s shop is rocky. He has made many false claims about his relationship with it – sometimes claiming to be its agent, while at the same time competing with it on price and postage. There are suggestions in the archives that he has been reprimanded by the club. We know that he benefits competitively in price from either not collecting for VAT or not passing it on to the government.

If you are interested in this subject I’ve attached a number of links to the KopTalk archives that deal with his relationship with the shop and his sale of goods an services. It was put together by lfc_ Michael and Outside Insider, who have done a lot of valuable archive research for the blog. But first, I’ve provide links to the blog’s articles on Oldham’s sale of fake LFC memorabilia.

KopTalk Fake Memorabilia

Fake and Missing Memorabilia

LFC Players Signatures- Fake or Real?

Gerrard, Kuyt, Alonso – do you recognise the signatures?

Fake LFC Shirts for Charity

Fake memorabilia

Kuyt no doubt!

Selection of KT’s archives on the shop.

by lfc_ Michael and Outside Insider

KopTalk sold official LFC merchandise from November 1999 onwards. Sometimes the LFC goods were sold directly from KT, at others through the Kitbag and Soccer Village sites.

Although this is not the most serious of Oldham’s sins, it is clear that he used the audience his deceitful claims of “insider” contacts brought him to take business away from the shop on the official LFC site. He repeatedly stated that his prices were cheaper than the official site’s. It seems very likely that his failure to pay VAT, or indeed to declare any of his income from KT, gave him an advantage over the official site. His “free worldwide postage” sales pitch was obviously aimed primarily at overseas fans.

It would also appear that the club may have contacted Oldham about his merchandise selling some time in 2000, as his Kop Talk Shop pages began to carry the following message (albeit in very small print and hidden away at the bottom of the page): “THIS SITE IS BY NO MEANS CONNECTED TO LIVERPOOL F.C”

This is a good example of how a mild warning to Oldham will only result in him paying heed to it for the briefest of periods, because by 2001 he was carrying this statement in place of the previous disclaimer: BY BUYING OFFICIAL LFC MERCHANDISE VIA US, YOU WILL BE SUPPORTING THE CLUB – ONLY BUY OFFICIAL!!”


Feb 2006 – FOWLER HANDED ’11’

Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler has been allocated the number 11 shirt. His previous numbers 9 (Cisse) and Carragher (23) were not available. Order your official LFC kit via our supplier and receive FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE –>>

links to: http://web.archive.org/web/20051226044927/www.soccervillage.co.uk/koptalkmerchandise.htm


Dec 2005 – selling shirts, still with Soccer Village

contact details are still: J. Collins Telephone U.K.: 01785-282981 Unit 31 Telephone Non U.K. 00441785-282981 Ladford Covert Seighford E-Mail: sales@soccervillage.co.uk

current (May 2007) www.soccervillage.co.uk still lists KT but the link is now broken



July 2002 – NB: critical off his former affiliate Kitbag

Order the new home kit – FREE worldwide postage!!

You can now order the new LFC home shirt via Kop Talk and receive FREE postage to any location in the world, not just the UK!! FACT: We offer a better deal than Kitbag, the official site and all others!

Don’t pay for postage via the official Liverpool FC website (even though they’re very nice Reds like us!) Get free postage thanks to Kop Talk!

Same official kit – Same official Premier League lettering and numbers – Same official Premiership badges but also 50p cheaper than via official site

Price your order up on the official site and then go HERE and we guarantee our supplier will do you a better deal.


HERE link = http://web.archive.org/web/20021011112248/www.soccervillage.co.uk/koptalkshop.html

sells shirts and training wear



archived from Oct 2002 to Sep 2005 – KT shirts are sold from here – always with the free postage offer


(also archived Oct 2002-Sep 2005)



J. COLLINS Telephone U.K.: 01785-282981 UNIT 31 Telephone Non U.K. 00441785-282981 LADFORD COVERT SEIGHFORD E-Mail: sales@soccervillage.co.uk STAFFORD ST18 9QL

No sign of any signed shirts on any pages


2002 – www.liverpool-fc.net continues redirecting to KT home page, now affiliated with FootyMad

There is no link to a KT shop visible on the KT home page or the KT site map.



May 2001 – selling shirts: “FREE POSTAGE WORLD-WIDE” – links to:


the www.koptalk.co.uk/shopping/shirts.html pages are archived until July 2001


April 2001 – archived www.liverpool-fc.net pages start redirecting to KT home page

There is a link to a KT Shop in top right of home page but this just leads back to www.liverpool-fc.net, which then redirects to KT home page again.




Still linking to Kitbag for shirts + other sponsored links for other LFC goods



Dec 2000 – links to Kitbag and other sites


Aug 2000: “THIS SITE IS BY NO MEANS CONNECTED TO LIVERPOOL F.C” (small note at bottom of page)

“OFFICIAL SHIRTS” link now leads to www.kitbag.com/stores rather than the old KT shirts page

BUT archived www.koptalk.co.uk/shopping/shirts.html pages, eg http://web.archive.org/web/20001018100013/http://www.koptalk.co.uk/shopping/shirts.html, are still selling shirts directly from KT. Seems both were running in parallel, or Oldham had forgotten to take the old KT shirts page down.


http://web.archive.org/web/20000621085749/http://www.liverpool-fc.net/ – links to:


June 2000 – selling shirts directly from KT: “Official Liverpool F.C. shirts with FREE postage to anywhere in the world
Same shirts, same lettering, same numbers, same badges, better deal.





March-May 2000 – selling shirts directly from KT: “Official Liverpool F.C. shirts with FREE postage anywhere in the world

All shirts are OFFICIAL Liverpool Football Club merchandise.”

links for CD’s BOOKS VIDEOS & DVD’s GAMES are actually sponsored links to separate sites



All shirts are OFFICIAL Liverpool Football Club merchandise.”

Jan 2000 – selling shirts directly from KT: “(The Kop Talk shop is still under design, until it is complete you can order shirts by following the instructions on this temporary page)

All shirts are OFFICIAL Liverpool Football Club merchandise.”



Nov 1999 – KT Shop:
“I will be making a 5% donation to to the Hillsborough Families Support Group from any profit raised from your call revenue.

Very soon you will be able to purchase OFFICIAL Liverpool F.C. shirts even with your favourite players name and number on the back if you wish. Not only that but for the first 7 days, I’m offering FREE postage to any where in the world on any shirts purchased. After that, Liverpool fans outside Europe will only have to pay £3.00 postage (some clubs charge £20 postage on top of the price of the shirt) after I negotiated a brilliant deal. Keep checking back for details.”



15-Oct-1999: Secure online sales of official shirts with free postage

I am pleased to announce that OFFICIAL Liverpool F.C. shirts will soon be available for purchase from the Kop Talk Online Store.



Oct 1999-July 2001 – selling shirts directly from KT (at www.koptalk.co.uk/shopping/shirts.html)


Treat yourself, a friend or maybe a relative to the latest OFFICIAL Liverpool home shirt.

To order, send a note detailing requirements, include a cheque, postal order, international cheque or money order made payable to ” D. Oldham ” for the required amount and send to :

Kop Talk Shop, P.O. Box 145, Scarborough YO11-1YD.

All shirts are OFFICIAL Liverpool Football Club merchandise.


NOTE: He exploited the Hillsborough dead to promote his shop, just as he did for his non-existent book which was supposed to “expose” the club they loved. He claimed he would donate 5% of his sales from the shop and a “donation” for every book sold. But we have never seen an accounting of any donation he made. If anyone is connected with HJC they might want to check back to see if they ever did get 5% of his sales from 2002 to 2006. Perhaps they don’t want his money – but they still have a case for putting in claim or ordering him to cease and desist from exploiting their good name.


12 Responses to “Koptalk "Insider": LFC's shop”

  1. Flagpole Corner Says:

    i’m growing tired of this madman and his antics.
    is there any chance that the inevitable process of him killing himself be sped up somehow?

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    Re: the announcement about other sites working together, someone’s posted about it on his site:

    #187059 – 5 minutes 58 seconds ago Official fan survey from the owners
    bowden bowden
    KopTalk Member
    Registered: 26/01/06
    Posts: 619
    For some reason Koptalk hasnt been included. But here are the email addresses to write yr comments:

    Independent LFC Fans’ Survey

    By LFC Fans’ Survey
    Date: 1/6/2007

    In the two weeks running up to the final in Athens, discussion amongst the owners and admins of a number of fanzines and websites led to the idea of launching an independently-run fans’ survey.

    The intention of the survey would be to gather ideas on a range of fan issues and then inform the club on how the fans feel it could improve in these areas.

    The idea isn’t for this to be an ongoing project with specific long term aims, but more a snapshot of the current state of the club’s “customer interaction”, hopefully leading to the opening of a dialogue with the new owners. They can then carry the ideas forward themselves and hopefully introduce improvements which benefit us all.

    To conduct the survey we’ve created a number of email addresses where ideas, problems and issues can be sent. We will then collate them, publish a summary of the views we receive on all the participating sites and make the results presentable to the club.

    The initial focus, based purely on time, will be the loyalty card system. What we’d like is for fans to put some thoughts on how they would like “loyalty” operated – everyone is aware of the furore over the way tickets were allocated for the final in Athens and we feel this is our chance to speak with the club to get a system the majority of fans think is clear and fair, and hopefully get it in place for next season. You may feel the current system is fine, or you may want major changes – we are sure there’ll be lots of different ideas sent to us. And we don’t want to restrict this just to the way the final tickets were allocated, but for it to also encompass the whole issue of loyalty across all the competitions through the season, so your views and ideas are welcome.

    Email us with your views on the loyalty scheme to:


    The events in Athens has inevitably generated much discussion amongst fans – as such rather than dealing with this ourselves, we thought it worth pointing fans in the direction of the Football Supporters Federation who are investigating the ticketing shambles and are requesting individual accounts from fans. We’d urge everyone with strong views on what went on to get in touch:


    email: athens2007[spamprevention]fsf.org.uk

    They’ve also told us they’re thinking about organising a meeting in 2/3 weeks time in Liverpool on the Athens issue and will get in contact with more information when it is available.

    Moving on from there, as well as the loyalty issue we also want to collate ideas (personal examples would be great) of how the club can improve in other areas. For example fans often find the club shop is short of items; maybe you unhappy about the way the ticket office sells tickets by phone/online; do you get frustrated when seeing tickets advertised by agencies or touts?; or perhaps you have an idea on how the club can improve its matchday facilities such as reducing the queues for a beer at halftime.

    Contact us with your thoughts via these email addresses:

    Ticket Office: lfc.to.issues[spamprevention][spamprevention].com

    Club Shop: lfc.shop[spamprevention][spamprevention].com

    Online Store: lfc.online.shop[spamprevention][spamprevention].com

    Matchday: lfc.matchday[spamprevention][spamprevention].com

    Miscellaneous: lfc.misc.issues[spamprevention][spamprevention].com

    The [spamprevention] refers to ” @ ” and to “gmail” – both are banned words on Koptalk due to Dunk’s paranoia.

    The poster also said “Don’t forget to mention you came from Koptalk”. I’d recommend not boasting about that to be honest!

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    What an eloquent statement of the paranoid hostility between Oldham and LFC sites.

    24 x 7 censorship is not enough he’s also knobbled their ability to contact the outside world.

  4. bigfooty Says:

    You know the really sad thing is that Dunk would do a better job of running our club’s online shop. That is how shit our current one is imo.

  5. Raftastic Says:

    Your parents should’ve explained what the word NO means mrFoot in the mouth.

    Obvious retard that you are.

  6. just looking Says:

    Just had a look at some of the web archives link….there is photos of his wedding still there!!!….some really mad stuff which I remember…..it used to be a half decent site

  7. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Starter for 10….His site wasn’t asked because
    a) Everyone else is jealous of his success and he refuses to tow (sic) the official line?
    b) Everyone else despises the fat fuck and knows he is a S*n-supporting thief who should be in nick?
    Answers on a postcard …

  8. Flagpole Corner Says:

    goes to show how valued his site is amongst the independent LFC forum community doesn’t it?

    good work insider

  9. lfc_michael Says:

    Good work, Outsider Insider. 😉

  10. zimbo Says:

    “NOTE: He exploited the 96 men and boys to promote his shop, just as he did for his non-existent book which was supposed to “expose” the club they loved.”

    As I’m sure you’re aware, some of the victims of Hillsborough were female. Could this possibly be amended?


  11. rupertinsider Says:


    I never knew there were females. Care to explain?

    In the meantime I have adjusted that line.

  12. zimbo Says:

    I think that, in total, 6 female Liverpool supporters died at Hillsborough (including the 2 daughters of Trevor Hicks, the focus of Granada’s ‘Hillsborough’ dramatisation).

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