Duncan Mitty needs a good blogging.

by Rupert Insider


(Photo: Duncan Mitty the sad ******)

I’ve just been reading that Duncan Mitty guy’s blog. If I wasn’t so busy I’d write a blog on him.

Can you believe this?


…….. I’d never, ever exploit my children in any way and you can see the latest video of my daughter saying as much, beamed down direct from my own satellite station: MiTV, every half hour……..

I continually ask them to stop publishing facts on their blog as it’s harming my income stream. Can you ask them for me, obviously I know who they are and where they live but I’d prefer you to do it for me as my mum is dead busy at the moment……

In a recent meeting with a certain Mr BBG Deluded Bullshit he was telling me how he thought the UN was run as a joke. For more, sign up to the Gold Blog 4.3. He doesn’t rate Mr Clownberger and I’ve had enough DIRECT feedback from my own deluded mind (not a third party hallucination) to determine he could be retained in the same capacity or asked to move on. If it isn’t the former it will most likely be the latter but my source at the UN says it will almost certainly be one of the two options on the table at the moment.

Talking of options on the table, me mam has just brought me some deep fried cream cakes and extra whipped cream. Yum. Thanks mam……

Sign up for the latest Hot Mr BBG Deluded Bullshit Action at the Gold Blog 4.3. Only £30 per year or £60 if I can cram in two PayPal subscriptions. See all my latest fun-packed, KFC-eating holiday videos spending your money 24/7 99.9% of the time.”

To read more of the same go HERE


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