Koptalk Outsider Service

by Rupert Insider

In terms of status with the club and among LFC supporters who frequent the net Koptalk is not not even on the charts.

It’s a pariah site – an outsider.

Yesterday it was excluded again from a joint effort by genuine LFC sites representing tens of thousands of supporters from all over the world.

Unlike Oldham, they actually have been in discussions with the owners of the club.

“Independent LFC Fans’ Survey

In the two weeks running up to the final in Athens, discussion amongst the owners and admins of a number of fanzines and websites led to the idea of launching an independently-run fans’ survey.”

But you are best reading their own explanation HERE.

(Thanks to data_imaginary for the link).

In October last year, Koptalk was excluded from another important “family event” among LFC supporters who frequent the net.

The Official Site conducted a poll of the “100 Players who Shook the Kop”


They invited the votes of all their members as well as journalists, pundits, former players and Rafa Benitez and Rick Parry. The results were published on Friday 6th October, 2006.

Two days before the results they published the views of the representatives of unofficial supporter sites.

You can read them here:


Koptalk was noticeable by its absence from the list.

But readers of this blog would take that for granted.

As ever Oldham was quick with a self-serving explanation.

“I’m glad I don’t p*ss in the same pot. I prefer to remain 100% unofficial and I’m happy to distance myself from the agendas. I’m happy that KOPTALK continues to have the balls to be impartial and the fact that doesn’t make you popular doesn’t concern me one bit. We’ll never toe-the-line or say things that others want to say, with or without the incentives that have previously been offered.”

Impartial? Well he may have a point there. A few weeks later he declared he was impartial about LFC or about which team won or lost. He couldn’t care less, he said, if Anfield was knocked down and an ASDA supermarket built on it. He then said his site and football was merely a business.

Duncan Oldham constantly boasts that KopTalk.com – the website of which he is the sole owner – is ten years old, the No.1 LFC site, award-winning and an “Insider” at LFC.Each of those four claims is a lie.

His site is, at best, nine years old. It has never won a genuine award. In terms of traffic, it is about 12th or 14th among the unofficial sites, according to weighted Alexa stats, and has only a small fraction of the official site’s traffic.

In terms of status with the club and among LFC supporters who frequent the net Koptalk is not not even on the charts.

It’s a pariah site – an outsider

The truth is he is a unique form of parasite that attaches to no other football club in Britain or Europe. Unique measures should be taken to deal with him.

To see earlier posts about his exclusion from the LFC Poll, “100 Players who Shook the Kop” go HERE, and HERE


One Response to “Koptalk Outsider Service”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    Must be great to spend his days with no friends to go and visit or be visited by, and only his two main cultees, teenagers Steve and Katie to talk to. His wife’s booted him out. The nearest he has to a friend is the oddball Smoove from New York. He can’t go to a game at Anfield because he’s frightened to death about what might happen if he’s spotted. He couldn’t go to Athens for the same reason.

    His poor remaining trusting members are probably wondering how they missed all the photos and videos he took of himself in Athens – unaware (yet) that they don’t exist because Dunk stayed at home with mummy.

    And it’s only a matter of time before members ask themselves why Koptalk wasn’t on that list of all the main LFC sites looking to get action for fellow fans. All that co-operation and the willingness to acknowledge each other, with one very notable absence – the site run by the Newcastle United season ticket holder, the anti-LFC Koptalk.com.

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